1. That’s not how many they want, that’s how many they hope they can get with all the pushback going on :/

  2. If we have to fight so hard for so little, if they threaten to bring the ducking army in for what doesn't even amount to table scraps, we need to demand more.

  3. I thought they wanted 15, but the house is basically saying that'll they vote to force them to work, but later vote to maybe give them 7 days.

  4. From what I hear, they only have 3 days, can only be in the middle of the week, and they have to call it in advance. Oh, and that’s not paid sick leave, that’s just sick leave.

  5. Craziest thing is I was in a thread earlier where they were saying all they’re actually asking for is UNPAID sick days. They were saying as it is now, they use a point system where any day called out counts as a number of points lost and they can use that to fire. One example was Christmas and thanksgiving being 10 points each.

  6. I heard it was 15 (although this comment thread tells me otherwise), but even then these guys more or less keep our economic logistics alive. 15 days paid leave is absurdly reasonable.

  7. Sometimes I find the US so interesting. My country is not even near on development and we don’t have “sick days”, the way that it works is that you gotta have a doctors note to get a sick day, if is less than 2 days is up to your employer if they will pay it (and more than likely they will unless they’re big assholes) if is more than 3 days then there’s a government thing that you pay with your taxes that you fill a claim and the doctor fills a form and they pay like the 70% of your wage for that time. You could be out of work for 2-3 months and with the paper work they will pay you a good amount of your salary.

  8. Let's just go crazy and guarantee 14 days of paid sick leave for all working adults in the US. You know, since we're all people, who get sick now and then?

  9. That would be crazy... I mean, you've seen how they treat our veterans, right? To treat a citizen like a human being? Pure insanity.

  10. What are you some kind of communist?! PTO is stealing and shouldn't be a thing at all because it cuts into corporate profits. Go to work sick and make things less safe for everyone like a good little slave.

  11. 7?!! Just 7?!! That job is incredibly hard, it takes a serious toll on your body and is extremely dangerous. SEVEN DAYS SICK LEAVE IS ALL THEY ARE ASKING FOR?!! And they won't give ot to them?!!!

  12. The rail unions went as low as 4 and the companies wouldn’t even give them one. 7 is more than they were willing to settle for before this.

  13. From what I've heard, they aren't even asking for as many as 7, that's Bernie's stipulation. I think what I read earlier said the Union was fighting for 4

  14. They were asking for 13 days and dropped it to 4. They even dropped the paid part. Warren Buffet and the rest of these oligarchs can shove it. Let them strike, it will suck for the rest of it but they will lose an enormous amount of money. This isn't even close to right, Biden has the Senate they could easily just pass giving them 20 days paid sick leave or w/E number they want. It would cost the railway pennies, the point is not to budge an inch or else you actually prove you have leverage and the system isn't for the ppl. That's what they are trying to prove here.

  15. That’s a whole week of no working!! S/ seriously though, this shit is just so pathetic. How can our govt be so fucking dense?

  16. I load trucks for a major shipping company, often working around 12 hours a day. We don't get any paid sick leave, just up to two weeks of PTO that has to be used for vacation, sick, and anything else if you want to actually still get paid. I say "up to" two weeks of PTO because we only earn it an hour at a time, and it's only an hour of PTO for every 40 hours we work. It's absurd.

  17. Last I heard they were only asking for sick days in general whether they were paid or not. I'm not certain on the validity of the paid vs unpaid but if it's that latter that makes this whole situation even worse.

  18. Because I don't take sick days, I could literally make every week a three day weekend if I wanted next school year. I that's not including all the other breaks I get. I mean, teaching is tough, but these dudes also work their asses way more physically than I do.

  19. I work at a nuclear power plant and only get 5 days sick time. Yeah they squashed our union vote. I hope the rail workers get a proper amount of sick leave.

  20. If 1 guy getting sick grinds everything to a halt, why not require every position be acheduled for at least three people. Seems important.

  21. I can't believe this is what the hold up is. Not insane pay increases or the like. They are asking for paid sick days, something required by law in many industrialized countries and we can't grant them 7 paid sick days to avoid major issues. Truly baffling.

  22. Uk is just as capitalist and free as america. I get 28 days paid vacation, min 3 days PAID off before required sick note from a doctor, if ill you are expected to take the day off. And when it comes to sick leave its “reasonable” time off. You can also apply for statutory sick pay after a week (its a pittance) so the company after a certain point doesn’t have to pay u but keeps your job open(its not indefinite but a decent chink of time). And you cant be fired for taking too many sick days.

  23. From what I've read, it's not about paid sick days - it's about being able to take sick days when they need them (i.e. "I'm sick, I need this sick day today") without getting penalized.

  24. They can absolutely afford to hire more staff. They just don’t want to. They were profitable several years ago and have since laid off more than 1/3 of rail workers and pocketed the increased profits. The rail companies are all monopolies so they don’t have to worry about service disruptions interfering with profits. Although there are several different rail companies, each one services a different geographical area so each functions as a monopoly.

  25. These rail companies have sliced their workforces in half over the last couple of decades in order to extract more profit and pump up their stock prices with buybacks.

  26. That’s really what it all comes down to, for all of us. Investors make a considerable amount less and the working people make quite a bit more. Every ecosystem needs a balance and the predators are wiping everything out.

  27. Anyone remember when Cruz read Green Eggs and Ham as a filibuster against Obamacare? You know the thing that helped give healthcare to millions?

  28. I do. I also remember when Trump called his wife ugly and implied his dad helped kill Kennedy. I ALSO remember when Cruz simped for Trump like crazy in the years following that. What an amazing individual!

  29. Yeah Ted is great at theater. He would have made a much better wrestler or stage lead than statesman(wannabe statesman?) but nope, he chose to be the greedy,dgaf asshole always seizing more and more power over other humans.

  30. How about 21. And if you don't use them by the end of the year they become vacation days, aka preventative sick days. Until we remove a couple of heads, the corporate oligarchs are going to keep treating us like disposable bags of meat.

  31. All this for 7 days of paid sick leave. Today I am absolutely eternally grateful for the collective labor agreements negotiated by unions in Western Europe. What a privilege.

  32. I can't get over how little that even is. One flu a year and you're already fucked. And diseases spread like wildfire on public transport. This shit is inhumane

  33. Yep. I'm Colombian, where workers have rights, had to live in the US for 5 years, and now I live in Germany. I don't think any amount of money would make me go back, those 5 years without basic human rights were awful and left me traumatized.

  34. Yep, good. It is not about money the time off restrictions are brutal and entirely caused by corporate greed.

  35. I work for a company that gives me 14 sick days AND 18 vacation days, every year. If I don't use those days, they are added to my compensation for when I leave the job. Unionize. You deserve what other countries consider the bare minimum.

  36. Finally a democratic senator blocking their own party’s legislation that I can get behind. Bernie still fighting the good fights

  37. These people's jobs are so crucial that they got Republicans and Democrats to agree on legislation to keep them working.

  38. If the oligarch-owned-government makes it illegal for workers to collectively bargain, the workers should all immediately quit.

  39. They're all beholden to corporations. Our gov has been captured by special interests. Just look how every billionaire hates Bernie.

  40. The US needs to stop acting like a desperate, Gilded Age, banana republic. The economy will not fall apart if people have sick leave! And maternity leave, for that matter! I eagerly await the new, pro-union economic reset. Goodbye, Reaganomics.

  41. Meanwhile 10 sick days is the legal minimum for all full time workers regardless of profession or industry in almost every other first world country.

  42. The unions were originally asking for 15 and have come all the way down to 4. And even then the companies are refusing to give any.

  43. the difference between leftism and liberalism in being demonstrated in this with Bernie supporting unions and Biden supporting corporations continuing to profit off another persons labor.

  44. He'd never get anything done without support. The president isn't god. He'd be fighting constantly to do anything at all.

  45. They have zero right now. Zero. They're trying to get literally anything, anything at all, and Biden + everyone else would rather they shut the fuck up and go home instead of giving them one red cent.

  46. On top of those 7 sick days, what about getting rid of that points system I've read about in some other thread? Such a thing doesn't help in proper operations of the rail system, nor does it help in regards to employee performance.

  47. Not super relevant any more, since Bernie is unlikely to run for president again, but keep in mind when people say he “doesn’t get anything done” this is why. He’s essentially the only reasonable human being in a room of 99 comic book villains who would personally piss on a railroad worker to save the owner class 5 bucks.

  48. From zero days seven would feel huge to us. The tentative agreement allows for 3, that are not sick days rather scheduled dr visits. We have to schedule them on tu/we/th only and give a months or more notice.

  49. JFC, they want the bare minimum of decency from their bosses but their bosses just call up the government to try the ‘ol forced labor method. Heavens to Betsy. 7 paid days off for people whose jobs, if not done, could bring this country to a standstill. Fucking Democrats, do better. Listen to Bernie at the very fucking least.

  50. Rail workers get treated like shit, honestly they should absolutely lock down the entire grid system and constipate the USA until they get decent wages, sick pay, and vacations.

  51. Every day I'm glad I live in a place with near unlimited paid sick days and 5 weeks paid vacation a year, and not in the US...

  52. Here's a spooky thought for you my friends: Bernie Sanders is 70+ years old. Who the fuck stands up against corporate America when he's gone?

  53. We literally have one politician who wants what's best for the average American, and he's basically presented to society as a fringe loon.

  54. Do it Bernie. If they won’t improve the lives of Americans, we can flush the economy down the toilet and build it back to better suit the needs of American citizens. Not wall street pockets.

  55. Biden and Congress are pressuring the workers to give in instead of pressuring the railroad barons to concede to the union demands? They're not asking for outrageous things. They just would rather not die on the job or be forced to work when they're sick.

  56. 7 (unpaid) sick days for the people who LITERALLY RUN THE ECONOMY. Imagine every train crossing you’ve sat at, watching the crossbars flash and the clangers keep a rhythm. Think of every inconvenient time you’ve gotten caught by a train. Think of how ubiquitous trains are in your everyday life.

  57. Absolutely absurd the situation with sick leave for the rail workers. They bust their asses and can't get a single day. I worked for a company while I was in college that offered no sick time. It was hell. Honestly Bernie, it's time to start pushing for legislation to have a national minimum amount of sick time companies can offer.

  58. It is not the responsibility of individuals to ensure US infrastructure, it’s the responsibility of corporations to fulfill their role and adequately manage the people performing the necessary duties. The clear hypocrisy of executives needing extensive compensation plans, not wages that can be taxed, yet workers must be compelled to work because other people would be inconvenienced if they aren’t treated like slaves? Capitalism is fascism and the mask is falling off hard with this brute force federal union busting.

  59. Wow … only 7. They deserve so much more. And if they strike the nation loses $2 billion a day I think they should strike and get what they deserve and shit on these politicians who say differently. These are hard-working people, and they’re being treated terribly.

  60. Railroads make money hand over fist, and they can't give their employees SEVEN DAYS a year in sick leave? I'll be railroad execs get more than that in their compensation packages for sitting around & pushing papers while others do the grunt work. Bastards.

  61. Sometimes it seems that Sanders is the only member of Congress that is not deep into some corporations back pocket. Glad to see American workers have at least one guy that will fight for them. 7 sick days is a no-brainer, just do it already.

  62. She's not a senator though. She's only 1/435th of the house of representatives, and Bernie is only 1/100th of the senate. Unfortunately, there are not nearly enough progressives or socialists in the legislature to prevent this from passing. Labor rights about to take another loss. The only chance this has of ending as a win for workers is if the unions decide to break the law and go on strike anyways regardless of the government trying to force them to work, followed by a general strike in solidarity with the unions.

  63. Our economy's turned into a rubix cube, solve one thing and it effects 10 others. Globalization, consolidation, automation and inflation.......gotta work just to BE in debt, let alone work for an actual living

  64. I’ve been a locomotive engineer for 19 years. Just hearing support in here from so many makes me really happy. Thank you all.

  65. That's insane. I have enough sick and vacation combined to take roughly a month off per year. Kudos to Sen. Sanders for having the courage to break from the President on this.

  66. I guess when Biden said: " No one’s standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally change " he really meant it. Who would have known?

  67. I had cancer last year, zero sick days, I had to use my PTO plus take 8 weeks unpaid time off to recover. A few years before that, I had spinal fusion surgery and was supposed to take 6 weeks off. I took 2 weeks off and went back to work because I couldn't afford to take more time off.

  68. Somewhere else I read the union originally wanted 14 days of paid vacation. This would have cost the industry $650 million per year. Last year the profits were $100 Billion.

  69. They aren't even asking for paid sick days. They are asking for UNPAID sick days!!! Their requests are meager and they still can't get them passed.

  70. I thought Biden fixed all of this during a 9pm phone call??? Amtrak Joe?! Amtrak Joe, where’d you go? We miss you so.. Seems like forever since you’ve been gone..

  71. I had a Hillary Clinton fan unmatch me on a dating app the other day because I liked Bernie. She hated him. Still fucking with my brain.

  72. They’d never let Bernie be president because he makes too much sense. All of these companies rushing to get to a billion dollars to not have a decent work life balance. Not treat their staff decently and under employ. They are looking for prestige

  73. they want seven days? FUCKING SEVEN? Barely one and a half weeks, if I'm rounding upwards?

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