Kyle Rittenhouse thinks he’s Jesus.

  1. At some point he's going to have to cause more trouble to stay relevant. Either he fades from the public eye or he'll end up in prison or dead. At worst, he's a nobody riding off of his 15 seconds of fame in lectures or something. He's not electable, he's not employable, he's not getting accepted by any colleges, his romantic prospects are ruined, and his reputation is ruined. It's going to be a shit life for Kyle. He'll probably end up working for a gun activism group and hating life.

  2. Whatever gave you that idea? His posing in a bar at age 17, throwing white supremacist hand signs and wearing a "free as fuck" t-shirt when he was bonded out.

  3. Never forget it took 10 years for the nazis to rise to power and hitler went to jail for awhile. This shit is not over by any means

  4. Love the part of the Bible where Jesus was persecuted for bringing a weapon of war to a place of unrest and killing 2 people after they threw a plastic bag at him

  5. As someone who is actually religious, the Republican party is abhorrent. The difference between turning the other cheek vs murdering people to "protect businesses" couldn't be any bigger.

  6. After a casual conversation with a group of Republican campaign consultants, I have realized that I am actually very religious, but exclusively in a way that appeals to core MAGA voters. Currently doing some deep introspection to figure out which part of the rural South I now identify strongly with.

  7. He skimmed through the bible until he found a verse that he can use and/or misconstrue for personal gain. Its not that he's playing religious, he is religious and this is what religious people do. Then he will gloss over and ignore everything counter to that in that same bible. Like the fact that Jesus told Peter to put his sword away because he who lives by it dies by it. Or Matthew chapter 23 which describes modern Christianity in a nutshell; but its directed at the people who got Jesus killed.

  8. Interesting, but I have another theory. Sometimes, and just hear me out here, if the world hates you it just means you’re a big ‘ol piece of shit.

  9. It has become an accepted, universal trait among the right wing that no matter how heinous the crime, no matter how wrong or illegal you have been, to play the victim card. The victim card is often played with the Jesus card, which is seldom denounced by the religious establishment.

  10. "But how is it to your credit if you receive a beating for doing wrong and endure it? But if you suffer for doing good and you endure it, this is commendable before God" (1 Peter 2:20).

  11. For those in the right wing cult, the more hate they receive from civilized, normal society, the more effective and righteous they believe they are.

  12. My favorite part of the Bible is when Jesus antagonizes the Pharisees, murders them, and then tries to grift off it. Truly inspiring stuff 🙏

  13. Yeah or the part where some other guy tries to overturn the tables of the moneychangers and Jesus shoots him. Bible rocks, badass book

  14. He is technical grifting, though. How many thousands of years has he inspired spiritual leaders to fleece parishioners of their finances?

  15. The difference being that Jesus was hated for a message of love and acceptance. Much like Kyle hates liberals and leftists. Also, Jesus never killed anyone.

  16. Apparently theres an infancy gospel that was left out of the Bible because it didnt represent Jesus the same way as the rest of the religious text (plenty of other gospels that were ommitted for continuity sake) and in this text it says

  17. It's fucking stupid this kid traveled to another state, killed a guy, cried about it, got away with it, and is now riding first class on the right wing grift train.

  18. And all the conservatives said he was justified and "Look he's got PTSD, I've seen soldiers break down exactly the same way" when he was on the stand.

  19. The straight line from killer to messiah complex. Helped along by all the Republican trash sucking his dick to play to the hateful base.

  20. Imagine if he'd just read the words of Jesus "Put your sword back in its place, for all who draw the sword will die by the sword"

  21. Talk about “woke” and being a “victim”. Is there a single Republican media personality that doesn’t spend their entire day describing how they are woke and a victim?

  22. They hated Jesus because of his compassion and love for all, even those who society deemed as outcasts, evil, and unwanted. People hate you because you killed people and committed multiple serious crimes that you got away with.

  23. At first I was thinking that anyone who uses this verse when they are persecuted for living by Biblical morals/beliefs doesn't necessarily mean that they think that they are Jesus, just that He was persecuted first.

  24. “And the Lord said unto thee, take this AR-15 I’ve bestowed upon you and use it to protect private business. Taketh the lives of those downtrodden and looking for equality, for thine glory be yours, now and forever”

  25. I'm agnostic I'm not familiar with the trials and tribulations of Jesus but I'm pretty sure he didn't cap two people in the street to protect an empty car lot.

  26. Jesus famously believed you should pick up a sword to head to a protest you have no business being in so that you could self-defend a few people to death.

  27. Did Jesus kill someone, especially in a way that could've been totally prevented if he wasn't such a militant incel with a face that a mother could punch? I must've missed that part.

  28. Its like that one story from the bible where jesus arrives at the temple and sees everyone being greedy and sinful...

  29. I don't get why people idolize this fool. He put himself in a dangerous environment resulting in 2 deaths and he was lucky enough to not die himself. If he had saved someone I'd almost understand but he just protected himself in a situation he had no business being in.

  30. Stop giving him more publicity let the dude fall into obscurity and let him destroy his own life which he will undoubtedly do.

  31. I hate the kid, but he doesn't think he's Jesus. His Tweet doesn't suggest that at all. The terrible part, actually, is that this passage was about persecution so he believes he is being persecuted based on his faith.

  32. I’m shocked he isn’t changing his name and growing a beard or something. I’d leave all social media and just start over if I was him

  33. Would Jesus have asked him mom to drive him an hour away and shoot people to protect himself? That’s the real question

  34. Why is it that it is only after somebody commits horrific acts that suddenly they begin quoting the bible as a self-defense?

  35. Omg i cant stand this religious bullshit anymore…its fucking 2022 and there was no man who turn water into wine (Unfortunatelly) and was born from the virgin (thats funny).

  36. Just like clockwork. If you want to have a hope on running any red ticket in your future, the status quo right now is Religion. Do literally anything, but use “Jesus” as your safety net. Why is this so dystopian? Somethings going on…

  37. Can someone point me to the part of the Bible where Jesus crossed borders as a minor with a rifle, instigated terror and shot dead two human beings? And then after he developed a pity me complex and grifted donations from gun loving Republicans?

  38. Joshua crossed the border into Judea and killed every man, woman, and child in city after city he conquered, to quote the bible “if it breathed it died” so maybe he stopped reading at that part?

  39. He’s not saying he’s Christ. He’s saying the world hates him because of his stance with Christ. And I’m sure I’ll take a beating (verbally) because it sounds like I’m defending him but also because I believe in Christ as well.

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