Must Be A Different Constitution

  1. They read the Declaration of Independance each year. I vaguely remember them getting backlash from the Republicans because they thought they were insulting them

  2. I remember that! NPR tweeted out the Declaration of Independence sentence by sentence, and Republicans assumed they were inciting a civil war. Because NPR is left leaning. (Except that it's not, but don't let reality burst your fragile little bubble)

  3. RIGHT THO! I can't believe how far I had to scroll for this comment. It's a testament to the fact that this performative nonsense seems impressive to an alarmingly significant portion of the population. The constitution, including amendments, is all of 30-ish pages long and available for free on the web.

  4. It's also not especially complicated, contrary to how lawyers like to portray it. It was intentionally written in language that people of the day could read and understand.

  5. "'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...' well that's a weird thing for a bunch of evangelical Christians to say... is this a prank? Did McConnell put you up to this? Come on guys quit messing around"

  6. No see that's in the Bill of Rights, not the original Constitution proper. I know that one also includes their favorite amendment but it can be conveniently omitted.

  7. Ex-catholic opion. It is funny how they want a "christian" country but they only want the name and not the values of Jesus. Yet they wonder why more people are leaving churches.

  8. Exactly. I fucking LOVE asking a religious person to name anything ( a hobby or activity) and then I replace the word religion with that and ask them if they think that means all laws SHOULD be based on (previous thing)

  9. That's the point, the point is to grind government to a halt, then go to their constituents and say "See, government doesn't work! It can't solve our problems!" Then the constituents give them the okay to de-fund the government and to lessen regulations on the donor's businesses. All under the guise of small government. But don't worry, there'll always be plenty of money to force their twisted Christianity upon you!

  10. They very, utter last thing the GOP is interested in doing is governing. They now solely exist to funnel money to the donor class and get on fox as much as possible to make it easier to sell themselves to billionaires. The next time the current GOP tries to tackle and actual American problem will be their first.

  11. No I think its actually very essential that every Replublican be present for the reading of the entire constitution. Can we have some sort of report be required after they hear the whole thing for the first time?

  12. That was my first thought, but it might work out for the best since the majority of those reps need the Constitution read to them like a bunch of toddlers who can’t read for themselves.

  13. Hey look. They're kicking off two years of performative nonsense with performative nonsense. Can't wait to see all the stuff they refuse to do so they can drag fauci in for endless hearings

  14. This could also be to try to find loopholes and ways to circumvent it. The dems should participate and remind the reps of each article they have violated over the last 25 years.

  15. Like the fact that the First Amendment has nothing to do with Twitter, Facebook, etc. terms of service. Or that the "shall not be infringed" in the Second is conditioned upon the belief that, "A well regulated Militia" is "necessary to the security of a free State" something that has been demonstrably proven false for a very long time.

  16. Remember when they lost their minds when NPR tweeted the declaration of independence in 2017? Maybe they're just warning the base not to freak out

  17. No. They won't even hear most of it. This is purely performative. The seats will mostly be empty most of the time, an the members in the seats will be on their phones.

  18. To be honest, it's probably important to read it remind and remind the GOP what's in the Constitution because they clearly have never read it.

  19. “And that takes care of Amendment 12. Everyone is getting bored so let’s speed this up and skip to 14…”

  20. What a wonderful waste of time and money from the party of fiscal responsibility. Fuck everyone who voted for this shit.

  21. I want to know if they'll read the 3/5ths Compromise, 13th Amendment Loophole, or the whole 1st Amendment addressing the separation of church and State.

  22. (it is because they have no idea what to do except own libs and Brandon) The GOP doesn't govern, they give tax cuts and sit back, maybe start a war if it feels right.

  23. They'll defer inflation onto the next president then blame the next president for the issues they pushed off onto them. I'm pretty sure that the SOP of the GOP

  24. Why, there’s nothing they can do as long as any Democrats are in office. If only people voted only for Republicans, certainly they could do everything they wanted to fix this great country which is at death’s door, but also the greatest and perfectest nation ever. Miraculously, the country will recover as soon as their president is installed, democratically of course.

  25. And at the end (closer to beginning) they will go.. hmm… you know what. We DO hate the constitution lolz

  26. Weird, I've watched alot of the live stream debates where they definitely read the constitution 😂 must be talking points to "sound patriotic" so people don't find out that they are the least patriotic party for America and have sold their souls to corporations

  27. There will be a floor show with strippers and beer when they read the 2nd Amendment. Maybe a drone flyover, a balloon drop, and fireworks. Boebert will do a keg stand. MTG will have an eagle fly out of her cooch.

  28. Those Republicans are in for a surprise when they actually read the constitution. It's not going to say what they think it will.

  29. Didn't NPR tweet the declaration of independence one July 4th, and the Republicans lost their shit over it being woke communist liberal propaganda?

  30. Are they gonna read the treason part that clearly states what Trump did is infact a capital crime? Or hey that's high expectations, what about the part that ensures the motherfucking post office?

  31. Empty political theater is the only thing the GOP has left since they've effectively accomplished their economic objectives.

  32. And as soon as they finish they will go right back to ignoring it. For them the Constitution is like the Bible. They don’t care what it says, only what they want it to mean.

  33. They did the same thing in 2011, but skipped the parts of the Constitution that made slavery legal, probably because they knew old GOP white men announcing African-Americans are only 3/5 of a person too easy to mock.

  34. Does that include the articles? So they will fire Dejoy for violation of article 1 denying or delaying delivery of parcels?

  35. No please do it. Read every amendment out loud. Pay extra attention to the establishment clause so we can finally stop trying to integrate church and state.

  36. “…and then we will proceed to ignore it and use it to wipe the shit from our hateful, ignorant mouths.”

  37. I'm not American and I don't intend to cause offence, but I find it deeply weird how obsessed certain Americans are with their Constitution, which was written at a time when the world was very, very different.

  38. You know why nobody reads the Constitution? Because it's boring. It doesn't have the majesty of the Declaration of Independence. It's just a long list of procedural instructions. It's important, sure - but anyone who says they read the Constitution just for fun is lying through their teeth. And I'm a politics geek, so I'm exactly the kind of person who ought to get excited by reading the Constitution.

  39. You must understand: they don't care about the constitution, they just say anything that makes liberals acquiesce to them.

  40. Make sure you spend some time on Amendment 14, Section 3, it will help explain why some of the new members will not be seated and some of the existing members will be removed.

  41. The constitution that says explicitly that no law will respect any religion? You know like it says in the first sentence of the first amendment? Hey, maybe conservatives will finally shut the fuck up about America being a Christian nation.

  42. I remember when NPR tweeted the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 2017 and the MAGA crowd freaked out and called it propaganda.

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