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  1. Probably a dumb question, but does Twitter actually have any sort of holdings in the EU? Curious how the EU laws would be applicable to a US company without holdings, and it seems odd to me that an online based company would need any holdings in the EU.

  2. Same but doesn’t feel that great when I still have an average of 5 Musk tweets per DAY in my fucking Reddit feed and on the front page. I don’t really have any respect left for people using Twitter and complaining.

  3. I made one about 8 years ago for the sole purpose of asking my local ISP a question. A year later I logged in for another random need, and my account had been compromised by a bot apparently. The display pic was a scantily dressed female and it was spamming bot messages all day. I self reported my account, and they deleted the account and banned my IP address so i can't even make a new account if I wanted lol.

  4. Man I thought Cory booker was a rising star. Then he goes out of his way to write a goddamn letter for Elizabeth Holmes and fucks up his whole reputation. (For me anyway)

  5. I'm from NJ and it disappointed me to see his name as one of the politicians who called for leniency for the sentence of Theranos fraudster Holmes. that and accepting so much from pharma for his campaigns. he's far from the worst politicians, but he's not that guardian angel most people paints him to be.

  6. I deactivated my account when he started firing everyone, and I was glad I did when I saw his Hardcore ultimatum. He’s a real shit head and it’s not difficult to avoid supporting any of his ventures.

  7. Agreed. And for that, I won’t support a single one of his ventures ever again. EDIT: I never have supported any of his businesses so gold star and a cookie for me 👏

  8. I shouldn’t have to scroll this far down to find out that it’s fake, and I shouldn’t have to doubt whether “this is fake” is the actual lie.

  9. Why did I have to scroll this far down to find out it’s fake? Are we not better than them when we’re upvoting bullshit like this? 2/3rd of those who see this post are going to take it as fact and there’s nothing we can do about it except hope the mods do something. Hey OP, Screw you if you’re reading this.

  10. Ngl, I genuinely didn't notice the satire/fake tag and believed it. After the things he has actually said and done, this one didn't feel fake at all. And the blue check mark means official right?..right?

  11. He is seriously trying to crash and burn Twitter to the ground. Does he have so much money he doesn’t care or just saudi funded so don’t care

  12. You are right. What I don’t understand is why. He has about $30bn in loans against his Tesla stock invested, and if Twitter dies then that is lost.

  13. I understand why it is so hard to believe that he's just so bad at running things and so he must be doing it on purpose, but that's not it. He's just bad at this, and fell down the right-wing rabbit hole and believes falsehoods about how to fix things.

  14. If he can tank twitter hard enough, he can declare it bankrupt, and presumably write off the debt he amassed in order to acquire the platform. That’s my vague theory anyhow

  15. I honestly can't tell if any this shit is real anymore.. Are we seriously all collectively watching as the richest man who ever lived throws a temper tantrum? What the actual fuck!?

  16. We’ll this post was faked so there’s that. Not that it matters, countless people have treated it like it’s real. The flair doesn’t make a difference either

  17. No, fuck that. I should be able to freely criticize the direction he’s taking the company without jUsT dELeTiNg tHe aPp.

  18. I'm not gonna give up following some of my favorite creatives just because a megalomaniacal billionaire is on a power trip.

  19. Even if this tweet turns out to be fake, the dude still has no fucking clue how markets work. Twitter needs the users more than the users need Twitter. It's not like he's selling baby formula or home heating oil.

  20. Funny you should say that. I’ve been kinda thinking of a Model 3 (more for the charging network than anything else), but now there’s no fucking way…

  21. May I ask what “started the process” means? When I see people say that I just assume it’s lip service and they haven’t actually done anything and probably won’t.

  22. Had to scroll too far to see this because I'm gullible as hell and I'd assume that the majority of people that saw this post assumed that that tweet was real because you never know with Elon these days

  23. Any political cause (for example: "hate Musk") does NOT do itself any favors, by posting childish confusing fakes and similar worthless time wasting material.

  24. “I never had a twitter therefore it is irrelevant” very cool my man. twitter was an excellent source of info. lots of journos, politicans, comedians, scientists, etc. posting daily stuff you couldn’t find in an article anywhere. it was like a giant community blog and despite all its shortcomings will (and should) be missed.

  25. It used to be a reliable source of independent journalism and a communication outlet for brands and governments before Elon took over

  26. I really like my mastodon. It doesn't push viral toots, so my feed's not full of drama mongering and "zingers". Just people saying stuff and cats.

  27. Personally I think people are more addicted to watching the self proclaimed genius lose an ungodly amount of money.

  28. You know what? Now I want him to fail. It wasn’t even about that before. I honestly thought “hey he came on a little strong but maybe he will get it together?”. No. Keep doing you Elon. We’re all babies, and you’re about to lose 44 billion dollars because you don’t understand the First Amendment.

  29. In all fairness, I don't even have a Twitter and I'm addicted to this drama, reading it up over here everyday lol

  30. Behold Mr Free Speech upset and pissy that folks are engaging in speech he doesn’t like and trying to bully them into leaving.

  31. Soooo if everyone starts giving 0 stars to Twitter in the app store, how many will it take before the app is removed? Asking for a friend

  32. So annoying. Communities were built in Twitter and then this asshole comes along and just melts it down. I can't even tell if this is fake considering the real tweets I've seen from him. He's one of those things that's ruined the uncanny divide for me.

  33. This is by far the most hilarious, absurd, and chaotic downfall of a human being that I’ve ever seen.

  34. This guy doesn’t realise most of us use reddit to get the filtered twitter drama directly without having to scroll through other BS

  35. Delete the app, sell your Tsla stock, and replace your teslas with EVs that aren’t built by companies run by fascist activists.

  36. As much as I hate Elon Musk and Donald Trump, he’s right that most of the people who say they’re going to leave Twitter are not going to leave Twitter.

  37. I know it's fake, but deleting the "app" won't delete your account, you can still access it on PCs or browsers within your mobile devices.

  38. Tried getting banned by Elon but it didn’t work… deactivated my account deleted the app. Won’t be returning. Really wanted to go out in a blaze but whatever. Can’t stand this prick anymore.

  39. Really sad seeing so many people treat this as real even though the post is under satire. This literally puts so much wind in the sails of his fans. So many people patting themselves on their back for deleting Twitter (good move) over this actually fake tweet 😂😂😂😂😂

  40. I moved all my art shit to Tumblr and Itaku, and I've been using Reddit for social media since 2021, so I mean, I really don't need Twitter. Can probably just delete the app at this point.

  41. It's too bad the "Satire/Fake Tweet" flair doesn't appear with the post in the feed, because I imagine many people won't realize this is fake, despite being plausible.

  42. Either this Tweet has been deleted or it's fake because he doesn't have anything like that on his profile. You guys are totally obsessed with Musk. Simply, if you don't like the way Twitter is doing, delete it and don't use it.

  43. This post is everything you ever need to know about people on reddit, lol. They're so trained hy mainstream media to be mad at people that media says they should be mad at. They don't even fact check.. they just see something like this and go "SEE WE WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG ELON IS A BAD PERSON"

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