Hey young people, thank you for saving democracy yesterday

  1. That demographic is also prime child bearing age, and losing their right to medical decisions is important.

  2. Didn’t help? Do you not read? It’s come out that the Covid policies, as expressed by liberals darling media, had more negative effects than any intended good. Masks did not work to prevent the spread of an aerosol virus but did irreparable developmental damage to children.

  3. Exactly, a big thank you from this Gen-Xer. And take heart. We're not just fighting for ourselves. Future generations will benefit from the choices we, even if I don't live to see it.

  4. As an old guy, let me Echo with this guy says, he is absolutely spot-on. I have always voted and it didn't always turn out the way I wanted to but I keep participating anyway. You kids will get there, Trust me.

  5. Old guy here. We really f'ing appreciate all the young voters who showed up and absolutely killed it. Like holy hell. Keep engaged, keep informed. It will be your world soon enough.

  6. Given that we now have a member of Gen-Z in congress, we’re on track to getting rid of those old white guys too!!

  7. Only 27% under 30 showed up. That’s a tad more than 1 in 4. That’s pathetic in this day and age, with all that’s at stake, with how staying informed is so easy, with how much easier voting has become.

  8. I think it should be expected that a majority of young voters go democrat. Or at least agree on certain ideas that the left is proposing cause the right has gone completely crazy.

  9. The right are batshit and violent as hell, too. And if you won't march to their drummer, they'd march you up to the wall, if they could.

  10. LGBTQ alone is probably enough to push Gen Z towards democrat. "These guys are homo/transphobic" is already a dealbreaker XD

  11. Yes, but a good number showed up. Those that do always vote dem. But midterms often have horrible turnout amounts.

  12. I tried in my state but it wasn't meant to be, hopefully we can start to make changes at home as well as federally soon

  13. God I hope Gen Z learns from the folly of the specific type of Baby Boomers who believed in helping others when they were young only to warp into selfish assholes once they became property owners...

  14. I made a post about it earlier today but it suddenly got removed. Everyone in the comments were being super negative about it too. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  15. As a gen z dude that's not legally able to vote, thank you gen z for getting out there and voting for a better future

  16. Democrats need to nominate another Obama. Generally, a younger, well spoken, charismatic leader that engages with the youth and throws out a few memes like Fetterman but is running on substance like climate change, voting rights, healthcare and fucking up the loops holes of the 1%.

  17. While I'm delighted that the GOP got their collective asses handed to them, mostly because they're currently anti-science, and only care about creating liberal tears for food (to a complete lack of policy) - I really do hope that we as a country get back to a balance.

  18. Hey, DNC, don’t screw with the young voters who just saved your asses. Don’t pull another 2016 on us. And start grooming the field for 2024 (the entire field, not just the White House candidates) TODAY. Again, a replay of 2016 (3 candidates in total for the Democratic nomination, after 8 years of a successful Democratic presidency) will indicate that the Party has no interest in the will of the voters.

  19. The 18-29 age group had a lower showing than normal. This info that keeps going around just shows exit polls, and says that those who voted, tended to (heavily) lean dem. But with such a small turnout, there was no saving going on.

  20. Apparently the gen Z voter suppression attempts (like not allowing students in college to vote as residing at the college they attend and do, in fact, reside at) didn't work as well as Republicans hoped. How long before red states start introducing bills that all ballots must be printed in cursive?

  21. Losing a race isn't failure, showing up and having your voice heard is seen in the final numbers and helps get dem campaigning resources to your area.

  22. Having grown up fearing school shooting since kindergarten the choice was obvious. One side wants to protect us while the other side wants more weaponry for the domestic terrorist

  23. Genxer here. I voted with you Gen Z. Keep being excited. Keep being involved. You are the future. Candidates need to finally wake up and ask the future generations what direction they want their country to go. Age limits should be in place. Most of these old leaders have no care what the future holds, they will all be dead so what do they care? I think most of them don't even care they are leaving a poisoned planet in almost every way. For several years I voted Republican. Because many of my friends were also Republicans. Then when I saw them act like they did during Obama years, then act like complete assholes to climate activists, then put up an immoral reality television star to run for highest office, that the Republicans were no longer a party I could ever vote for. They have not earned the working class or youth vote. I do believe the party is split now and will having trouble ever winning another national election. I will never vote red again. They betrayed us with the Supreme Court. Just a bunch of self serving assholes who forgot most people want separation of church and state.

  24. The youngin's that voted we're largely liberal, but so few actually turned out to vote. So, pats on the back, but only for one in five people ages 18-29.

  25. Just in time for democrats to forget about us for two years. Oh, I voted, and not for the authoritarians because that’s the only rational option. But voters like me only matter when it’s convenient

  26. We only matter when convenient right now because we've litterally done nothing influential with our vote (due to low turnout from either apathy or being too young) until the last couple years, and now focus is being put on our generation. This isn't that complicated.

  27. If we’re actually the majority now I have a lot more hope for decent presidential candidates actually getting through the primaries in the future

  28. As long as all those youngsters, will again vote in 2 years, we might even be able to slowly build an actual more stable tomorrow.

  29. To the gen Zers and other millennials that voted thank you to those that stayed home and didn't vote go vote in the next election and vote in every election change can happen, but it starts at the local and state level. I had hope here in Texas that we could get some of the Republicans out of office, but it wasn't to be.

  30. I love how every 2 years 28 year olds are “young” but when I try to get the $3 kids meal I’m an “adult”

  31. I’m a older millennial and my son turned 18 a few days before the election. We are in Kansas 😒 but we did our due diligence. We had a conversation before we even went in. He got a round of applause at the polling place since it was his first time. It was great!!! Keep pushing the next generation to vote. Their vote really does count! Lord know this generation loves to be heard!! And I mean that in a positive way.

  32. But see how they saved us from ruin.. We are thankful for them.. I love youth generation work.. Now its good to stay like this..

  33. Maybe it wasn’t a Red Wave but Republicans still took control of the House and will probably get the Senate as well, so while it’s great that R’s didn’t sweep the nation, it doesn’t feel like much of a victory…

  34. Thank you, young people! I’ve been saying all along in the lead up to this election, that our only hope was the young to vote in droves to add to our numbers (small Gen X) and send a message that we won’t tolerate the hate and anti-democratic stance of the far right. Well done, you!

  35. Young people don’t possess the life experience to make sound decisions, that’s how we ended up here. They voted for their own demise but too inexperienced to know that.

  36. Thank you -from those of us who started out in our late teens & early 20s as progressive liberals, and most of us are probably still there, we're just older and we know a few more things than our younger counterparts.

  37. Hey, watch it! I'm old, my siblings are old, most of my friends are old, and we're horrified by Republicons. We didn't grow up with any of the shit they're tring to pull. We certainly didn't vote for any. "Old" meaning well over 60.

  38. From a 70 year old Boomer that was very involved in the movement for civil rights and freedoms and opposing crooked politicians I had become disheartened that everything we had fought and protested and risked ourselves for was being lost. I felt as though it was lost. Looking at all of these young people standing up and making their voices heard, regardless of how the results are, brings me so much joy and peace. Thank you to all. You will save the future.

  39. Yeah it was no surprise what Gen Z was gonna vote for, pretty much everyone was already well aware that Gen Z is completely plagued with half witted degenerates.

  40. Degenerates with twice your education and 4 times your access to information. This is what happens when young adults have access to information that doesn’t come from parents trying to brainwash them.

  41. God I hate my generation. Sadly part of GEN Z and probably one of the only few ones who voted RED. "LEts VoTe dEmmY SO We GEt FreE GovMEnt MonEy" newsflash where you think that moneys coming from.... Our pockets 😂. Thank God the suicide rate is so high in my generation. Waste of air and resources is all I see.

  42. It's getting a little odd seeing this headline so much when it's talking about exit polling as if the includes all voters. Younger generations tend to vote less, and vote by mail more often. Voting by mail means you aren't in exit polls, so you aren't even counted.

  43. More like killed us all. Feelings over the countries integrity. This should be an interesting turn out, I'm gen z BTW lol. Hate my generation with a passion

  44. And the rest of us hate you. You ain’t special, if you crave fascism that much go and gargle putin’s dick in Moscow.

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