How to destroy an entire political group in one tweet

  1. I thought they believed the responsibilities should apply to everyone without government to force it--no wait, I think I'm thinking of anarchists.

  2. And overconfident in their abilities. If they ever manage to escape the house and have to rely on their abilities, you find them a week later starving, filthy and crying for some food, a hot bath, and a cozy bed.

  3. Actually that doesnt work with the cat annology since house cats are good hunters that can actually survive on their own unlike dogs. (I mean if you have a realy fat cat maybe that couldnt survive but in general they can)

  4. House cats are incredible hunters and consistently endanger species in areas they were brought to by humans. Iirc house cats are the most successful hunters amongst felines

  5. They also cough up shit all over the floor and use your nice leather couch as a scratching post even though you gave them their little corner full of scratching carpet and toys they’ll never find as entertaining as an empty box.

  6. In my own words how would I describe a socialist. Hamsters they are caged in with everything provided by a someone who has complete dominance over the aspects of their life from eating drinking where they can go and their life could end on the government say so.

  7. Sounds more like a socialist to me. Having everything provided for them with no idea nor care about where it comes from.

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