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  1. I’ve never in my life seen some tag something and use a backslash. This shit is beyond parody, I’m surprised they didn’t put a period at the end

  2. You know how all of those woke kids are always writing 666 on things because they totally acknowledge and celebrate the existence of the devil.

  3. I'm not in the Church of Satan or the Satanic Temple, but I question that either uses the 666 symbol. Inverted pentagram, yes.

  4. Isn't that what happened to that GOP building that got "tagged by antifa" like they went out of their way to skip painting the areas that were hard to clean?

  5. “I immediately thought that someone had chosen to deface the building and attempt to make it appear that it was leftist radicals that had done it by writing BLM and Antifa,” Chip Sharpe, a member of the church, said. “It looked to me like they were trying to say, ‘OK, this was put here by us antifa BLM nuts,’ I don’t think I would have believed that antifa or BLM, whatever that organization is, would have anything to do with it anyway.”

  6. This as bad as an old man that found his driveway tagged with "Blacks Rule!". Turns out he tagged his own property and tried making it a hate crime.

  7. The '666' kinda gives it away. It's like someone is really reaching to portray the vandal as someone who's just "generally into bad things... like BLM, Antifa, and Satan..." Heck, I'm surprised they didn't also include like, "Also, I eat babies! Oh, and... uh... here's a poorly-drawn swastika!"

  8. Yeah, this looks like every catch phrase a 14 year old white nationalist conservative could think of to commit a crime and get brown people in trouble.

  9. First, I want to note that the vandal was quite careful not to get any paint on the windows, nor did they break them. They just made some easily-cleanable observations that they clearly translated down to the language spoken by the local conservative community. There’s no other explanation.

  10. I live in Chicago where there’s a huge BLM movement and a fuck ton of graffiti everywhere and i can say with confidence that BLM supporters aren’t spray painting this everywhere.

  11. Lots of folks picture left-wing-blue-state-weed-loving hippies when it comes to California, but on up to NorCal towards Humboldt is where it starts getting very red again. With the rural agriculture life up there, you'll find just as many rednecks as you will liberal-minded folk, and they can be very racist and nasty.

  12. My thoughts when I saw this picture, "tell me a white maga supporter did this without telling me a white maga supporter did this."

  13. Interesting use of two colors. The red used for violent or satanic rhetoric, and the black used for well....racist reasons.

  14. I’m thinking of that old white guy who vandalized his own driveway and tried to make it look like black people had done it but the vandalism was just dumb enough it was obviously fake.

  15. Anyone who doesn't worship Trump is an anti-fascist Satanist who believes "black lives matter"! Wok-up, sheple.

  16. Seems like it wasn't the churches themselves that did it, one of the churches was quoted in the article as basically saying that they could tell easily some rando wanted to make it look like it was done by Antifa or BLM but failed at it.

  17. the Goyim Defense League was distributing Nazi propaganda in nearby neighborhoods during that same time, it’s highly likely it was one of them

  18. It's funny to us, but the right literally believes "antifa are the real fascists." Simultaneously, they also probably believe antifa are communists. It doesn't have to make sense, it just needs to make them angry.

  19. This is what Republicans do when they try to pretend they're under attack by the vicious Democrats. Because they believe "vicious Democrats" are an actual thing because Fox News tells them it's a thing. It's not.

  20. Ah yes the 666 and the anarchist A pearlclutching bit from the 80s but absolutely nothing about rage against the forced-birth machine or systemic child abuse on only one easily power-washable piece of plastic siding? totally legit.

  21. This seriously looks like something the christo-fascists did to themselves to stoke up fear and hate. All I have to go on is what is written. What is written looks like Trump did it

  22. Even the people at the church this was targeted at were all 'false flag is false'. This is the sloppiest shit I've seen in a while.

  23. They didn't do it to themselves. They did it to a Unitarian Church (and others). Practically guaranteed there are antifa and blm bumper stickers in the parking lot on a Sunday morning. This is an accusation.

  24. Did someone just decide to write as many scary words as their little Fox News warped brains could muster up?

  25. It’s almost like Fox News painted a building. All Conservative triggers words, The only thing they left out was take their guns.

  26. The religious nuts are getting better. I think this is the first time they've had an "Anarchy A" that actually looked almost correct (poor guys just can't handle spraying outside the lines, even if they created the line)

  27. Hmmm…. As much as some people are stupid and do spray their weird beliefs on random walls, I feel this may be a Republicunt who did this. Just a feeling.

  28. It’s so dumb, I almost think it’s kids — just being dumb MAGA kids. Doesn’t it look kinda like a high school bleachers/snack bar type of effort?

  29. If you're going to vandalize, at least be coherent enough for others to understand your "message".

  30. Biggest give away are the wok-up and the 666, only missing would be "Biden rules!" or "vaccines are better than god".

  31. A trump supporter tagged this to try to frame BLM and antifa. You can tell by the spelling mistakes that trumpians are known for

  32. There is about -10% chance that this is done by "BLM ANTIFA".. They are usually far more creative, and also.. knows grammar.

  33. I’d bet my last dollar that a right winger did this. They want to keep division and discord alive. It’s their MO

  34. The vandal will be Billy-bob and have zero ties to any left-wing groups but claim it was inspired, the churches will forgive him and not press charges, and he'll get community service to clean up the mess. He'll then be so overwhelmed with a Christian love that he'll be posting about his newfound love of Trump and thank the lord these good people saved him from Biden's temptation.

  35. Republican forgery. They made sure to hit all the “points” lol love the “666” on there for extra seed effect. Considering that’s not the number of the beast, your dealing with some “super geniuses” here.. which naturally falls towards chumpers anyways. Sad and pathetic losers.. like the whole party

  36. Weird that the pastor was buying red and black spray paint, for a totally unrelated project, just hours prior. /s

  37. Gotta love it when the right wing has their little MAGGATS go and spray fake antifa and BLM "graffiti" so they can attack the libs some more. Childish.

  38. Republicans talk about “false flag” operations, from the left, all the time. Of course they are going to act on it. They can’t understand why we won’t take the bait and act like them. They ARE deplorable for their hypocrisy, their inability to see their own lies, their inability to have any self awareness whatsoever.

  39. Does anyone else think this is false flag? I mean they did the GOP thing of "lump everything we don't like in one package."

  40. Humboldt resident here: The spelling is also on par with the conserves here. I’m just surprised they didn’t throw anything about pro-immigration:pro-vaccinations/pro-choice in there. Missed opportunity I guess. Maybe they were trying to not be obvious. LOL

  41. Isn’t it funny how these “vandalisms” never break anything expensive, and they always paint on the spots that are nice and easy to wash off/paint over?

  42. Humboldt County is an interesting place. Humboldt State is a bunch of lovely progressive vegans and hippies. Arcata is retired hippies. Eureka is retired Juggalos. McKinleyville… well we didn’t call it McKKKinleyville for nothing. I already can tell who wrote this.

  43. How very polite of those antifa protestors to avoid getting any paint on the difficult to clean and expensive to replace windows.

  44. As much as they project what they are actually doing onto the left, and as much as they tried to blame BLM and Antifa for rioting and looting, plus the 666 and the misspelling, it just has to be a false flag.

  45. They got the anarchy A a little closer this time but god damn do people not realize they are making an anarchy symbol with perfect symmetry.

  46. This was 100% done by someone from one of these churches. It’s pretty obvious. The wording is more like how some white bread Fox News listener thinks “antifa’s” talk, than how any anarchist types actually do.

  47. You always have a remember that some people do this stuff to make statement they don’t actually believe in and want to scare the community. Not saying it was or was not antifa supporters or was or was not someone pretending.

  48. I go to school in the area and received an email yesterday notifying us that a few programs at my school (like gender study and Critical race studies) received an abundance of hate mail with homophobic and misogynistic messages, and all contained the same book with other negative content. My bet is the people who sent those packages are also the ones that defaced the churches.

  49. Sure glad the satanic, woke, anarchist leftist vandals were considerate enough to avoided the windows and doors so it could be be easily fixed with $20 and a paint brush. Almost like whoever did this cared about the church or whomever would be doing the repairs.

  50. They really need to make these insurance fraud penalties more harsh. You already know the entire police department is on the "case"

  51. Guaranteed this was fake just like all the cops who claim people wrote pig on their Starbucks order or spit in their food.

  52. I understand the Antifa BLM Kill MAGA/PIGS 666 as that’s obviously our secret liberal Illuminati password to access the Oprah orgies in gender neutral bathrooms at Target.

  53. This is so stupid it is clearly Trumpsters trying to look like lefties gone wild. The absolute level of ignorance it can only be a Trump supporter.

  54. Normally I wouldn’t go false flag but this looks like what a conservative who reads about liberals on Facebook would create

  55. This is an obvious false flag operation done by conservatives to get attention and play the victim.

  56. Haha last time I saw something remotely like this it was a Trumper who defaced his own house and then proceeded to set his garage unfire. He went on to report it to the cops saying it was the radical left/antifa but after investigating he got busted. Hilarious what idiots do.

  57. Looks like a typical false flag to me, nobody is going to do this and sign their legitimate group, this has twisted maga all over it.

  58. This is so damn fake. 666, Anarchy, Antifa, BLM . . . pick a theme, my guy . . . my dude said "KILL MAGA! Oh oh right /PIGS" (Yeah yeah that looks right) . . .

  59. This would be like if someone spraypainted “global warming rulz” on a bunch of trees and then tried to pass it off as conservative radical vandalism.

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