Wtf are they mad about now?

  1. You would think if you are dumb enough to think redrawing the hurricane path with a sharpie worked, you might draw it so it misses the country. America last I guess.

  2. This is the reason! Biden didn't scare away the Hurricane by threatening to nuke it. Damn Democrats, they can't even use a sharpie to show the hurricane which path to take. Don't worry Floridians we'll be there in couple of months and throw paper towels at you to clean up the mess you made. You should of prayed harder. GOOD JOB BROWNIE!

  3. For the last two years it’s been so great that the amount of theatricality around maps, objects, and general photo opportunities has gone way down. It’s just so awesome not to have our president drawing with a sharpie or pulling the horn on a semi like a maniac. Oh yeah, making that one kid mow the White House lawn with a push mower!

  4. They mad about nothing. This clown just trying to rally the GOP base around some fake ass drama. "We won't forget" The way Texas didn't forget Ted's trip to Cancun? Hahaha!

  5. That describes the entire Republican party. Get your people all riled up about something that isn’t happening, and take their money. Rinse. Repeat. They R’s seem to love it.

  6. Im not on Twitter, and I could be wrong but this seems like a bot. Republican outrage is literally a Mad Lib of “(current news story) caused/not fixed/ruined by Democrats”.

  7. Literally. My states USAR task force was staging down there several days ago. Power company in my area sent out 400 people, local tree service company lots are empty because they're all headed down there. Roughly 900 miles from us and I'm sure people are coming from much farther than that. But no one is helping apparently.

  8. Bunch of free loading commies. Can't bootstrap themselves and need daddy Biden to pick up the slack.

  9. He also forgot his state has 2 Republican Senators and a Republican governor. He's mad at the wrong group of people as is usual with delusional crazy people.

  10. Well yeah. Don’t you know thoughts and prayers do more good than disaster relief or any other action that might have a mitigating effect?

  11. Biden signed the emergency declaration as soon as it was requested. Unlike tRump the President didn't even whine about the governor not being nice to him or make him beg for it.

  12. They have nothing to be mad about, Biden sent help before it was even requested by the state, he was ahead of the ball on this. This is unlike the former guy who waited until help was requested before even considering doing something and if the governor was someone who didn't suck up to him he delayed responding, and delayed even longer and even tried to not send help at all if the governor was someone who was actively against him.

  13. I am not denying he didnt do this but which state was is that requested aid from Trump but trump threw a bitch fit and delayed aid because the gov was "mean" to him?

  14. Fuck your feelings. How’s that? You will be helped because Biden is not a sociopathic asshole like your people are. Need paper towels? Call Trump. Cretin.

  15. Biden hasn’t personally called the dictator of Florida so his servants are mad he hasn’t paid tribute to their king according to the dictator of Florida.

  16. When I watched the press conference I’m pretty sure DeSantis said Biden called and talked to him and said FL will have whatever help we need. I was honestly surprised he was giving Biden credit for it.

  17. Bot trying to keep the outrage stoked. In a few hours/days the MAGA universe will firmly believe democrats caused the hurricane/didn’t stop it when they could have/ are responsible for the not up to code buildings being damaged/ are responsible for the fact they didn’t have insurance.

  18. I can't believe I had to scroll so far to see someone point out that it's a bot tweet. This is the BS that's so hard to combat. It's rage bait and it works every time.

  19. DeSantis declared a state of emergency a few days ago, and Biden approved the opening of federal funding almost immediately afterward. What’s so hard to understand…

  20. There seems to be an effort with fringe right wing accounts on Twitter to create a narrative that Biden is fucking over Florida. I flipped through a bunch of hurricane Ian posts today on trending tags just seeing what was going on down there and saw a bunch of posts about how Biden was refusing to talk to Desantis out of spite then of course I read the first news story about it and it casually mentions Biden and Desantis talked the night before the hurricane even made landfall.

  21. Just another false narrative to magnify divisions. If their base reads this tweet they'll just assume that dems have been trashing Florida. No need for facts or reality.

  22. That is what ignorance does to people. It is very common that right wingers are completely out of touch what their "enemies" are really doing. Happens here too, our right wingers don't really know what their OWN party did in the last government. And they are absolutely clueless how THEIR lives have been affected positively. They just don't know, they never take time to find out and just believe firmly that since it is the "enemy" in power, they HAVE TO BE failing. That is their belief, that is one part of the lunacy, why they are so dedicated to the cause:

  23. Let me guess, Florida will get all that sweet, sweet federal aid they vote against in Washington, paid for by the blue states, while they waste their own money on shipping immigrants to Massachusetts.

  24. DeSantis declared a state of emergency a few days ago, and Biden approved the opening of federal funding almost immediately afterward. What’s so hard to understand…

  25. But, Biden gave them funding for the hurricane... Even though DeSantis voted no against relief funding for Hurricane Sandy. Because, you know, it didn't directly affect them.

  26. Right wing social media doesn’t need to be accurate, truthful, or based in reality. It just needs lots of bots like this one to spread the message and it creates a tribalistic response from the morons they’re targeting.

  27. Dawg, I’m literally a firefighter in the thick of it right now. Guy granted aid no issue. This red blooded American is a fuckin dweeb. I hate desantis and was surprised at how he even acknowledged the president’s approval of aid. Fuck this little moose knuckle. ALSO… THE STORM ISNT OVER! IM STILL STUCK AT THE STATION WHILE MY WIFE IS AT HER MOMS WITH OUR ANIMALS. What else can you get outside of aid at the ready as soon as the storm clears?

  28. How did democrats cause this? Literally they care about climate change, they want to support funding for infrastructure, they designate fed funds for public works. I legitimately don’t understand who could possibly be mad at Dems for this.

  29. I personally saw numerous miles of convoys of various utility and debris removal trucks from other states headed down here.

  30. Lol Florida continually votes in an idiot who wants "small" government and to make his own rules and then wants Federal help. I hope all their trailers float away.

  31. Didn’t DeSantis just say that the President issued a disaster declaration PRIOR to the hurricane making landfall, and thanked him for doing so?

  32. What AREN’T they mad about anymore? It’s like they stub their toe and of course it’s Biden’s fault. Bunch of snowflakes.

  33. Biden should throw some paper towels at them and leave, while the First Lady wears a “fuck Ron desantis” jacket. Also, Florida has deport migrants from texas to Massachusetts for a political stunt money, surely they can afford to pay for their hurricane damages.

  34. Clearly, this hurricane was classified as a category 4 or 5 and Biden could have declassified it to like a cat 1 just by thinking about it-but chose not to. /s

  35. What is Biden supposed to do, call Thor and ask him politely to not interfere in American soil which will make him take his storm and thunders back? Tf

  36. In just what alternative universe are these people living? Federal resources have already been mobilized and are just waiting until the storm has safely passed.

  37. Desantis was literally just on the news talking about how Biden is already helping them with relief efforts? Bunch of dumb bitches

  38. I’m in Florida. We feel plenty supported. Also, we’re used to it, so it doesn’t really matter who is in office.

  39. They are mad because they don't understand FEMA, how a natural disaster is declared by the government, or how right-wing news outlets straight lie to them.These fuckwits are told that the federal government abandoned them and instead of doing even the basic cursory search for info, they just eat that shit up and jump on their outrage machines to rage against the left and the Dems like the sheeple that they fucking are. I wish they'd all be given one brain cell so they would have two to rub together. It wouldn't help, but at least they'd have something fun and entertaining to do.

  40. Biden called the mayor of Tampa, and a few other cities in the path of the storm, directly instead of calling DeSantis and folks are super worked up about it

  41. Hurricanes happen every year. Everyone knows this. Yet they still choose to build and rebuild in the same spots just to see it get destroyed over and over again. I don't care about Florida either because if you're too stupid to live there, thhen you kind of deserve it.

  42. Probably mad that first responders wouldn’t do helicopter rescues in winds that are faster than their helicopter’s max speed.

  43. They don’t even know what they are mad about at this point. They are just told they are supposed to be mad so they be mad.

  44. Username is name + number/hash so that is 100% a bot. Russian, Chinese, etc., take your pick of hateful state actor that loves to stir up shit in the USA.

  45. TBH they should have let Florida 'figure it out on their own' like DeSantis did when it came to providing aid to the northeast after Sandy. He made a big, smirking production about how Florida wouldnt be helping the libs in the NE.

  46. Biden could singlehandedly cure fuckin cancer and the MAGAts would still hate him...and you can't even tell them how much Biden is doing because they've already made up their minds. Like "BITCH your fucking governor came out and thanked the president what the literal fuck are you babbling about?"

  47. You mean the state that's let itself fall under a fascist governor and completely rejected anything involving POTUS or the dems under the guise of socialism/communism is now mad because they don't get any of that democrat socialism/communism from the POTUS? Oh well, anyway.

  48. I think this us like the "martha vineyard deportation" bullshit. They dont have anything to actually pin on the democrats because the dems did what any sane human would do in these kind a situations so instead republicans just manufacture outrage...just make it up like crt and kosher space lazers. Their insane assholes but its sadly effective amongst morons.

  49. Too bad. Was hoping Biden was gonna fly down there and passive aggressive toss rolls of paper towels at people that lost everything.

  50. Can't really do anything during the storm now can we? I'm know people and funds are coming. No Democrats will vote nay on the funds to help afterwards like De Santis, Paul and Cruz have done Calm the fuck down and stop reading the propaganda.

  51. Florida man living down to all his expectations. He probably thinks Biden should have just drawn a Sharpie line to guide the hurricane away from land.

  52. Shouldn’t Florida just stfu and take its punishment from god for human trafficking all those people to Martha’s Vineyard?

  53. The real anger should be at how they consistently shit on any liberal state in a natural disaster but then manufacture this BS outrage when its their state at risk even as the "liberal" president is helping. He just isn't tweeting up a storm to get attention for him doing his job.

  54. Maybe be pissed at the guy who wasted millions on a cruel political troll and couldn’t be bothered to use his campaign funds to help the state he’s in charge of

  55. Biden committed to helping before the storm even hit. DeSantis actually thanked him and the admin for being proactive. Looks like Gary is just an out of touch loser.

  56. Gary was expecting Biden to throw paper towels into a crowd. You know… like a real leader.

  57. @Gary84700786: @POTUS @ TheDemocrats approved state of emergency funds for #Florida and #Floridians #HurricaneIan 2 or 3 days ago! What do you WANT—@Joe Biden to toss rolls of paper towels to people?

  58. What’s the difference between a group of toddlers of republicans? One has dried snot and boogers covering their noses, shirtsleeves, and hands from crying over everything the other is just a group of toddlers.

  59. The fact FEMA was already there is hateful? The fact he approved Desantis’s emergency request virtually immediately is hateful? His press conference where he said helping Florida in the wake of this hurricane is a top priority is hateful? I really don’t understand the manufactured outrage happening in this party. What did he want him to do, nuke the hurricane?

  60. Biden didn’t even try to reroute the hurricane with a marker. Or try to nuke it. They’re mad because they know he won’t be in the back of a truck throwing out paper towels like he’s Oprah.

  61. Hey garyultramagadumbfuck, the hurricane is still hitting Florida. All the plans, materials, and resources are in place and will be arriving as soon as its safe for your rescuers to act.

  62. I distinctly remember how the Republican-controlled Congress was slow to pass a relief bill after Hurricane Sandy hit New York and New Jersey just before the 2012 election. The Senate finally passed a bill in late December, but the House decided to adjourn until January. They didn't put a bill on Obama's desk to sign until January 28, 2013. It was a double standard compared to how quickly southern red states get bailed out each and every time a hurricane tears them a new asshole.

  63. “I see again the hurricanes are starting, They’re starting again in Florida . I said, you gotta clean your seafloors, you gotta clean your reefs — there are many, many years of sand and broken corals and they’re like, like, so brittle , you touch them and a hurricane starts.

  64. Obviously Gary wanted paper towels more than the considerable aid that the current Democratic administration will provide to Florida -despite their governor's prior votes against sending aid to other States in the aftermath of natural disasters.

  65. I guaran-damn-tee that once these asshats finally accept that climate change is real and at their doorstep just like Florida is experiencing now, the first they'll do is blame Liberals (read: those who have been screaming about its reality and dangers for decades).

  66. I live in Poinciana FL now and was watching De Santas pre-Hurricane news confrence. He talked on and on about being ready but just glossed over the fact that FEMA was already set up. Couple of hrs later the right wing folks across the street were whining that Biden had not called to help FL yet. I told them about FEMA already set up and ready to go but they said that was not enough. Whining, mindless trolls. All of them.

  67. Democrats: Hey we need to do something about Climate change or costal states are going to suffer. Republicans: No!!! Florida: (this post.)

  68. Since DeSantis voted against assistance for people who were affected by Hurricane Sandy years ago, we should pay him back by denying assistance to Florida

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