Oh no, not Crisp Rice!

  1. Same. I’m a store brand girl for most products. These people are probably just sharing food from their own homes.

  2. Same. It tastes exactly the same as Rice Krispies and costs less. There's a decent chance it's even made in the same factory.

  3. I would wager that wealthy people buy crisp rice more than poor people. Or possibly there is no correlation. Why would anyone spend more for the same thing?

  4. They have name brand cereal. There are Apple Jacks and Froot Loops there, along with actual Kellogg’s pop tarts. But they have to point out the one type that is not name brand? Tastes good. Some generic cereals are actually better than the name brand ones.

  5. You know if they had spent more on the food, then they would have been outraged by that. They decided from the start that they were going to be outraged regardless of what happened. Reality doesnt matter to these people.

  6. Plus it came at a time only a week before a category 4 hurricane is about to hit his state. I live in Florida and I can assure you it's bad, we've got millions of predicted power outages which all require funding and workers to fix...

  7. I also feel like the media that has been reporting about how "rich" Martha's Vineyard is, is purposefully omitting the fact that this is the off season, and that most of the locals are NOT rich. To local residents on the island (the ones that were there to help), "Crisp Rice" is normal cereal for people on a budget.

  8. Idaho should talk they are just distracting from the fact they’ve banned birth control and made it a felony for anyone to talk about abortion or womens anatomy in all universities coming soon to every day life if we let it edit clarified

  9. Verily, I say unto thee, know the names of thine divine spirits of cereal and mirth by their blessed, onomatopoeiatic chorus: Snap, Crackle, and Pop!

  10. All I'm seeing here is they fed the people DeSantis lured under false pretenses (a.k.a. kidnapped) and trafficked to their community while finding solutions. Good job, Martha's Vineyard. You were more "Christian" in this situation than DeSantis or anyone cheering him on were.

  11. It's just amazing to see them desperate to claw any perceived victory from this debacle where they (rightly) look like absolute monsters and the people of Martha's Vineyard banding together to support these folks. The contrast is so stark, and this is the best they have: "ThEy GaVe 'eM bAd RiCe KrIsPiEs"

  12. And found a humane solution to their plight within 24ish hrs. Hence the "kicked out" version of story, because there was no way the idiots flying them to MV could have done that.

  13. The people aren’t even affluent. The majority of people that actually live on the vineyard are working class Americans. They did what they could to take care of people that were trafficked there. Unreal the propaganda these media outlets are constantly putting out

  14. And the majority of people at the Vineyard right now are full-time residents and the crazy wealthy ones have left already…not everyone who lives there is rich and they still have poorer residents.

  15. The goal of any non-profit should be to reduce overhead and cut costs in order to maximize the number of people helped. So I would be more upset if they had unnecessarily bought the over-priced name brand.

  16. Probably the same people that complained about Obama's Dijon mustard. They can find something to complain about in both directions.

  17. They are being clothed, feed and housed. Who gives one fuck that it’s Crisp Rice instead of Rice Krispies except for the bigots who supported their forced migration to Martha’s Vineyard?

  18. RW Media is so desperate to create the narrative that the migrants were treated badly by Martha’s Vineyard residents.

  19. If they were only Bounty paper towels, you know, the Quicker Picker Upper, they might have just stopped all that flooding by quickly picking up that water. But Trump threw the cheap knockoff and man, it just broke apart at the first mention of humidity.

  20. Also it's usually easier to obtain in bulk. When you have to feed a lot of people on short notice you're not going to be picky about what you're getting, just if you can get enough in the time frame you've got.

  21. Jesus fucking Christ. I lived on the vineyard for 30 years. The money leaves by labor day. The people who cared for these poor disoriented, shat upon souls are just average folks. The non- affluent. The year round community on MV is one of the most generous and kindest I have ever been a part of and the big money summer people are pushing them off the island.

  22. I assume that since it's an island, everything has to be flown/ferried over, which costs extra... So is it surprising they have a generic version of a pretty simple cereal? I'd bet there are a lot of off-brands at their grocery stores. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  23. Martha’s Vineyard isn’t even the most affluent town in Massachusetts, let alone the entire US. Especially the people who live there year round. And if we want to get even more technical it’s not even a town, it’s an island. There are 6 different towns on Martha’s Vineyard.

  24. Just wrote out a whole angry comment about this lol. That description of MV makes me distrust everything else in the headline.

  25. Tbh it's like the Hamptons in New York, the Berkshires in Massachusetts, the Poconos in Pennsylvania, or the Oranges in New Jersey. Most people just assume that it's like a spread out town or something.

  26. The state of Florida paid over $12k each for these migrants to be flown there and you think the people in the wrong are the residents who Fed them...?

  27. I love the fact that the picture has mini packs of Apple Jack, Fruit Loops and Corn Pops which are far more expensive per weight which the poster completely ignores. I’m guessing the people in Martha’s Vineyard just got together as much food as possible to feed people. Also, you assume the people in Martha’s Vineyard don’t buy the cheaper version themselves. It is essentially the same thing.

  28. Looks like the residents of Martha’s Vineyard stepped up and did the Christian thing compared to that scumbag DeSantis who trafficked them out of Fl through false pretenses solely as a cruel publicity stunt.

  29. That mofo went to Texas and rounded up folks there. He even admits he doesn’t have an immigration problem. On top of that ask him how looking away while he allows corporations to hire undocumented workers. And the only reason this is still happening is cuz people from Florida are too stupid to realize their hypocrisy

  30. Don't forget, "Martha's Vineyard, the most affluent town in the US." 1. not a town, 2. not the most affluent in the US. It's almost like they're intentionally publishing untruths. But a newspaper wouldn't do that, would they?

  31. Maybe not paying more for the same product is just good consumer sense. It's a real 'low success' kind of mentality to think because you CAN pay more for something that you SHOULD pay more for something...

  32. That's probably what they had on hand. Do you really think they just went out and shopped for generic brands because rice krispies were too good for migrants?

  33. I think the kicker is that this faux "outrage" is from... The Idaho Tribune. Seriously. With all the bullshit happening IN Idaho this week, they're "concerned" what brand breakfast cereal is being served to illegally-trafficked asylum seekers by their unexpected hosts? They should stick to their basics and go back to lying on Facebook.

  34. I believe that is the point, the smokescreen. They see that people are aware of what they are doing and reacting badly (and rightly so) and rather than backing down or anything like that, they go "Uh, uh, hey, look over there! The IllEgAlS were given store brand cereal, not name brand! tHE HoRRor!"

  35. Ah yes, Idaho, where there are probably more militia members and white nationalists per capita than any other state. Can’t wait to get their take on this.

  36. Wtf is with this “most affluent town” bullshit I see everywhere?? Rich people spend the summer on this island. Everyone else lives there year round and are normal people. Is everyone stupid enough to think that the people who cook restaurant food for rich people, wait on rich people in shops and do landscaping for rich people make six figures??

  37. So they fed them instead of lying to them and shipping them across the country based on lies. I think you're pissed about the wrong thing here

  38. Not to mention, but if they took all the money they spent to fly them to Martha's Vineyard. They could have given them all bus tickets to wherever they wanted in the US, and a pocket full of money to get them started!

  39. There isn’t a problem. Right wingers are trying to manufacture one. Ron Desantis was hoping that the migrants would have been treated badly by Martha’s Vineyard residents but they were treated with compassion. So this is the best that conservatives can come up with.

  40. Well there you go. They used off brand cereal when they fed migrants after receiving no advanced warning. They’re basically hitler and I will now vote for republicans every election until I die… I’m radicalized and this did it.

  41. So they are getting more value for their unexpected guests by not being idiots who pay more for a brand name when a perfectly acceptable substitute exists (except for whiney spoiled brats who demand to see Snap Crackle and Pop printed on the box).

  42. Martha’s Vineyard - and much of the cape - is working class off season. I love these Republicans who have never left their town in the South or Midwest fabricating stories about a state they’ve never been too.

  43. Watching a Republicant feign concern for The Ladies, The Blacks, The 'Mexicans', etc. is like watching a poodle walk on her hind legs; you're so impressed that she can overcome her instincts and conditioning in order to do it at all that you may overlook the fact that the results are unconvincing. Bravo!

  44. Rich people often buy the generic brands. A friend of my mother’s was incredible wealthy, and she fed her family hot dogs and mac-n-cheese. The fancy food was only if they were having a party and trying to impress.

  45. I can't decide between making a joke about how buying crisp rice is why they're rich, or pointing out that literally every other cereal on that table is brand-name.

  46. Duh, the reason Martha’s Vineyard residents are so rich is because they make coffee at home and buy the store brand cereals.

  47. We can't get a good supply of "rice crispys" in Canada, the guy at the store said it was a manufacturing issue so it's probably the same problem in the US.

  48. Aren’t these the same assholes that say people are poor because they waste money on name brands? They should be crowing about rich people eating store brand crispies!

  49. This is amazing. This is the perfect example of republican gaslighting and hypocrisy. DeSantis lied to these people and trafficked them for attempted political gain even though they weren't even in the state the he governs, wasted $12 million in public funds doing it, but none of that matters because the people who housed and fed these immigrants without any hesitation or notice whatsoever didn't give them name brand cereal...

  50. "Residents of Martha's Vinyard used chartered coach busses to help DeSantis migrants, the significantly cheaper version of private limos"

  51. Yeah, that's probably because you can get crisp rice in bulk bags that could feed a family for two months. They are practically the same cereal as rice crispies.

  52. They're the exact same cereal until they get sorted into different boxes and one suddenly becomes 10x more expensive

  53. Why is the Idaho Tribune not praising the fact that the people of Martha’s Vineyard fed the migrants meals and not criticizing the person that illegally relocated them by luring them with fake promises of places to live and jobs?

  54. Desantis could have fed them Filet mignon for a year straight but instead he spent $12M to put them on a private jet and fly them away

  55. They’re really reaching here. Headlines to validate uneducated, right-wing, hillbilly America. I grew up wealthy and my parents ALWAYS had knock off junk food (chips/cereal etc.) in the house because they were educated enough to know that crisp rice and rice crispies came from the same manufacturers. Soooooooo I think we all know by now that if someone tries to argue this point for their precious political party … then they are in fact certified retards. Confident stupid people are a special kind of dumbass.

  56. "Residents of Florida, a haven for wealthy retirees, shipped poor people out of their state rather than offer them the most basic of needs."

  57. no no, he shipped them out of texas not florida, his voter friends in south florida would lose their collective minds if they had been shipped from here

  58. You don't have to be extravagant when you have money. I'm comfortable in my finances but i still purchase the lower cost options. Store brands for life. Most people don't get rich by accident.

  59. On top of everything else. it's a vacation island in the off season. If the DeMoulas is out of Rice Crispies its not like you huffily stomp a couple blocks to the Safeway to get it there.

  60. Just a FYI, the Idaho Tribune is not a real journalistic website. It's run by one guy that's a far-right christofascist.

  61. What? Who cares? They were taken care of unlike the inhuman governors of Texas and Florida. WE help them, republicans use them as tools just as they did things like separate immigrant children from their parents, putting immigrant babies in cages...the pro-life states are really pro-death! We should let Mexico keep Texas.

  62. It’s like the cartoon I saw posted a few days ago. Republicans drill a hole in the boat and then complain Democrats aren’t doing a good enough removing the water.

  63. All the rich people have gone home. Only the the people who live there year round are there. They are not the rich. Rich have moved on to a much warmer place.

  64. I used to have strong opinions on Rice Krispies. It's one of the few things that really made a big difference between name brand and store brand. Then relatively recently, rice krispies started tasting like store brand and I stopped buying it.

  65. .in my experience, folks who are well off, or at least comfortable, can be some of the tightest cheapskates when it comes to buying groceries. they don’t need to “buy the best” to bolster their self image

  66. I wonder what the generous and humble DeSantis fed them on their $12M flight? Name brand cereal? BoTh SiDeS aRe tHe SaMe.

  67. was this what the idaho tribune considered the newsworthy article ? not how disgusting it was that they were flown off at great cost to taxpayers… basically kidnapping and transporting them to another state, but the cost of their breakfast ? that they weren’t served a name brand ? this is what you considered the relevant story ?

  68. Lol and what!? I shop at Costco when I want to feed 8 people, let alone a whole flight worth of wrongfully displaced people.

  69. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't many people there relatively poor themselves? I know a lot of celebrities and famous people live there, but that doesn't account for the average people there, the ones who *actually* live and work on the island.

  70. That writer was clearly phoning it in who fucking cares what they were fed, at least they were fed something reasonable which is more than said governor would have done

  71. Residents of Florida, one of the most populous states in the US, fed the migrants absolutely nothing and shipped them off against their will.

  72. Well obviously if they didn’t buy the identical yet significantly more expensive brand name cereal, they must be hypocrites.

  73. And? Where is the point? THEY FED THEM. Its something DeSantis cant. Because he is a greedy bastard who only care about himself.

  74. Who cares, at least they were nice enough to feed the people… I make great money and eat the knock off version of frosted flakes. I get more for less 😂😂😂

  75. A lot of people retain wealth by spending wisely. Most off brand stuff has the exact same supplier as the name brands, so why spend more for a picture on the box? That’s literally child like thinking. These MF’s are trying to shame off brand products.

  76. If this isn't grasping at straws, I don't know what is. Imagine the only ammunition you have is to ridicule charitable people for using bargain brand items. Who greenlit this shit? I'm embarrassed for them.

  77. The seasonal residents of Martha’s Vineyard are wealthy af. The year round residents, who clean the houses, keep the landscaping neat for those random weekend getaways, make the food, etc. are middle class workers.

  78. Hey you know what they didn’t do? Lie to them and ship them to another state under false pretenses to score pool it’s Al points with their ignorant, racist base.

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