1. It's weird for the life of me I can't sleep with a TV on and my dad is the same way, despite being pretty old at 76 and some health issues and owning a old man chair hes in all the time, even late on a Sunday he will NEVER fall asleep in it , ever.

  2. Country boy here, so we had to drive to the “city” to do back to school clothes shopping. It reality is was like a 30 minute drive. But my grandparents lived there so we would always stop in to visit after. And of course, I would always wear my new shoes out of the store, cause you know, they made me go fast. And my grandpa would always compliment my new “ground grabbers”.

  3. I too remember the sales clerk asking me when I was a small child if I wanted them in the box or to wear them home Wear them home HELL YES! I also remember some king of toy that would come out of a Buster Brown brand toy machine at the shoe store but I can't dredge that memory clearly.

  4. We would do our back to school shopping and then my sister and I would dress our little brother up in our new clothes and make HIM do the fashion show.

  5. My bf insists on a fashion show when I buy new clothes. It’s like he gets an exclusive peek at me in them before the rest of our town does. It’s super sweet and endearing.

  6. My wife and I do this to each other, be it fashion shows or snack exhibitions. She shows me her new dress, I show her the latest in oreo flavor technology.

  7. Haha, my dad is like the opposite of this. He would insist on coming every time someone was buying new clothes to make sure we didn't 'embarrass' him. He would complain about my outfit, clothes, the pattern on my pajamas, my schoolbag, my room's aesthetic, my handwriting, my makeup – literally everything. Even my mom couldn't escape his criticism, lol. Well he wasn't mean about it or anything, just refused to pass along his fashion sense to his kids. Ever since I moved out my closet has been full of regrets.

  8. We did this exactly. In hindsight, it was a nice way to stretch the specialness of getting new clothes when we didn't have a lot of money for that kind of thing.

  9. Awe I do this with my girl, she's so lucky (we both are) her Dad is the best! Gives her all the encouragement like she's on the runway!

  10. Not just clothes, my daughter would do unboxings, explain the purpose and how she got the best deal on every purchase.

  11. I was always enthusiastic about their clothing choices because I wanted them to feel good about their appearances. Also, when they started thrift store shopping for their own clothes I became even more supportive. They both reject “fast fashion” and make great sustainable choices. They’re awesome kids!

  12. My sisters definitely did that. Often, they’d involve the dog, who always was a good sport a lot being forced to wear silly clothes.

  13. I'm the dad now, but my daughter is older and likes really expensive clothes, so it is usually only like two outfits now.

  14. Nah usually my sperm donor couldn't be bothered with anything regarding us kids unless it boosted his own ego or ended in punishing us in some way. My favorite days were when we all got spanked because one of my siblings told a fib or something like that. Matter of fact pretty sure I got my tide tanned one time because I was being shy and my sperm donor said that I was being "disrespectful".

  15. I'm that dad, and I request the fashion show whenever my kids come back from shopping with my wife. "I love it! OooLala, I like that!"

  16. It was an event for the whole family! I’d make sure everyone was sitting down and paying attention to me before starting my fashion show.

  17. Nope, I do not remember that because it never happened. I hated new clothes as a kid, and I still do.

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