My response is: You're a tool.

  1. Real Alpha ass [email protected]@as dont flex nuts, cuz real alpha ass [email protected]@as know they got em

  2. I like a sit down wee occasionally, I’m not gonna lie. But I don’t ever feel the need to disrobe an entire half of my body to take a slash.

  3. Just another interchangeable piece of the far-right media attack machine, out to grift what he can before the music stops.

  4. Interesting and quite a coincidence: My pronouns are She/Her/Would cut my own throat rather than f*ck Nick Adams.

  5. It’s funny, every time some dude declares himself to be Alpha I imagine him bent over saying “Give it to me hard, Daddy.”

  6. Some dude who made himself a happy little home inside Trump's rectum. He spends all day posting North Korea level pro-trump nonsense. I so badly wanted to believe he's a grandmaster troll, but all evidence points the other direction.

  7. As this clown types this, he's simultaneously jerking off to any picture of Trump. Probably the Rambo one, cuz they're both alpha males, lol.

  8. Hey Nicholas Adamopoulos. Remember that time your own political party suspended you because they thought you were an embarrassment….

  9. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with soy boys. Every samurai who ever lived was a tofu-eating soy boy, and so were all the fighting monks of the Shaolin temple.

  10. A real alpha male is nurturing and takes care of their people. Where's your fanny pack of cheesy crackers Adams? 🤔 no snacks then? I guess he's just a douche.

  11. I like that the alpha shit came from a study done on captive wolves and folks still use it like it is translatable to wild wolves, much less humans.

  12. One time my neighbor decided to go on a rant about how straight he was reaching a point of lunacy, so I jokingly said, “Me thinks thou protest too much,” and he started flipping out.

  13. So getting on the pronoun train but confused about what pronouns are? Think he/him would suffice. Over compensating much

  14. This reminds me of a story about a young guy in the military who told everyone at his first unit that his nickname was "Italian Stallion".

  15. In practice: “I was hanging out with Nick Adams yesterday and Alpha told me that lately people have been making fun of Male for a stupid tweet Alpha made. Alpha looked like Alpha had been crying.

  16. Study about “alpha” wolves was found to be crap. He’s claiming to be something that’s as made up as his morals while giving a stump speech.

  17. I try to respect people's pronouns, even though I mess up a bunch, but I'll definitely use bitch (derogatory) over alpha every time now because I'm an ally

  18. The more you shout that you’re an “alpha”, the less you are one. And if that’s your goal, then I feel sorry for you.

  19. I think people have severely misunderstood what alpha means. Alpha nowadays seems to be this bitchy tendency to walk on other peoples emotions and then criticize them for getting hurt or offended. An actual alpha is a creature that provides steady, unquestionable leadership, provides for the pack/herd, (at their own expense,) defeats challenges that endanger th wellbeing of their community, and generally lads. These bitches on the right call themselves “alphas” but what they really are is just small, uncaring assholes.

  20. Haha after that post about how much everyone should be admiring trumps tennis game. It's funny to claim alpha when when this dude clearly had Trumps D in his mouth.

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