Marjorie Taylor Greene's tweet compared Biden to Hitler.

  1. Just trying to hijack the top comment to point out that people shouldn’t be paying attention to her - we should be paying attention to the upcoming elections and the ridiculous MAGA group that is running for Secretary of State across the nation. I feel like MTG is just running the distraction for all of the other unhinged lunatics so they can get elected while being slightly under the radar.

  2. I was going to say the same thing. It's absolutely disrespectful of the marines and the Corps itself.

  3. I’m so excited to go see jaws in imax this weekend! I didn’t know MTG was hosting the event! I’ll be sure to weary my tin foil hat to deflect the Jewish space lasers that might be targeting her!

  4. Didn't she almost win the Kentucky Derby though? I think that is how the sponsorship was realized and the projection was initiated. That's what I heard from some very smart people. That's what they say.

  5. Honestly, I feel bad for anyone who has to deal with her as a friend, family member, or even neighbor. At least we can tune her out of our minds, but the people around her have to listen to her bullshit 24/7.

  6. This ludicrous bitch makes it her goal to spout some of her idiotic nonsense every day as a way to distract from the piss poor job she does as a ''politician'' although it does draw more attention to the piss poor job she does of being a human

  7. She wants so badly to be AOC but she lacks the charisma, wit, intelligence, education, and professionalism. She's a professional 4chan troll masquerading as a congresswoman.

  8. And so she can call her cousin will call their cousin who will call her sister’s cousins uncle’s brother and his family… you know her “constituents” and they’ll all justa giggle about this here tweet and sing woooooooooooeeeee into the sunset on donkey while praying like tiny infant baby Jesus.

  9. Distract, deny, obfuscate. As long as you derail every conversation and avoid the issues at all costs, nobody will have time to see you have no plan.

  10. She literally spends her entire time in office shitting on Biden and crying about Democrats. She is literally a professional troll and complainer. Wtf do we pay her for!?! A real attack on America is constantly undermining everything implemented or created to actively help the population. What the fuck does want? Like fr. I am so sick of seeing her name and her face appear everywhere. Why tf should we give a flying fuck about this absolute waste of space in congress? Who tf votes for this bitch!?!

  11. I love how this swamp-donkey and the rest of her MAGA morons say they support and honor the troops and then literally posts an image of swastikas over the head of US Marines. Couple that with the fact that she’s got Biden cosplaying as her favorite bedtime hero and you’ve truly got proof this pile of shit needs to put down the crack pipe.

  12. Swamp-donkey is funny. But so is President Butterbeans. Although the delicious mushiness of butterbeans doesn’t really describe Hitler, so I’m declaring swamp-donkey the winner.

  13. Yep, if Republicans start believing that Biden is a Nazi pedo then they'll vote for him in droves as they love that shit.

  14. has anyone checked to see if even gravity is real anymore? I'm just sayin, they live in such a fantasy I'm not sure physics apply.

  15. Ex friend who went full magat would routinely say that antifa are the real fascists when he would go out and fight them

  16. Had a conservative Redditor railing in some more political subreddits the other day (actually one of them was white people Twitter) about how you can’t say anything without being a Nazi, everyone’s throwing the word around. It’s just causing division among people. It takes away from the atrocities. It demonizes the common citizen. Etc.

  17. Every fucking day I open Reddit I see some shit from this dumb fucking cunt. I cannot escape her fucking stupidity. She’s plastered across too many subs. Please vote her the fuck out so I can retain some sanity. I live in GA and am fucking embarrassed by this useless fucking cunt. I’m so tired of being subjected to the stupid shit that falls out of her face asshole she calls a mouth.

  18. lots of stupid ass "christian values over the well being of the people" individuals in office. Been dealing with Noem or Garden Gnome as i call her in Sd. shes got a following similar to ex president and (hopefully) soon prison resident, Chester the Cheeto. fucking unreal people will take what they say and run with it without thinking. Cant wait to vote the stupid, hypocrites out. Absolutely embarrassing these people think at the end of the day "ive done good" nah you done booked yourself a one way ticket to fuck-land where you done fucked yourself and the people you work for you dumb sack of shit.

  19. She literally calls herself a CHRISTIAN NATIONALIST. You know who else calls themselves christian nationalist.... drum roll.... the KKK and Neo-Nazis. This woman is fucking redacted.

  20. Maybe if THAT "half of the country" would stop trying to overthrow democracy, they wouldn't have anything to worry about.

  21. It's not half tho lol, many people don't vote. Less than a quarter of the country voted for trump and I guarantee less than half of those who did are die hard MAGA cultists

  22. You just made me realize how often they use "half the country" to make it sound like her platform has a large following when it's really just the vocal minority

  23. Report her on twitter for posting imagery.. maybe we will get lucky and the swamp slut will be banned for a bit

  24. Whats interesting is that in my country if you post something like that it will count as "glorifying the NS regime" and you will go to prison.

  25. Someone needs to get a cat into the White House named President Butterbeans. Like the cat at Downing Street who's the official mouser of the British government.

  26. I think(?) she's implying the whole speech in front of banners setup was supposed to invoke Hitler?? And not just how every American president gives speeches? I could also be way overthinking it and you could be right on the money.

  27. W was kind of like Hitler. It’s easy now to see him as a sweet idiot who likes to paint and hangs out with famous lesbians...but Jesus Christ, the patriot act getting shoved through after 9/11 was a little too close to the whole reichstag incident for my tastes.

  28. It’s amazing how McCarthy demands an apology from Biden on his characterization of the MAGA crowd, but they demonize Biden and the Dems with constant lies and insults. Fuck ‘em. Let’s go after the fascists and call them out for their crap.

  29. Exactly. No matter what we say or do they will spread their hate and lies. No matter how nice or polite we are to them, they will not stop trying to enslave and kill us.

  30. If they aren't accusing everyone else of being Nazis, or whining about how x is exactly how Nazi Germany started, or comparing themselves to the victims of Nazis...

  31. they got nothing on Dems these days. They cant make any rational attacks because its clear they are on the shit end of the stick. They went crazy for pizza gate the other day because Biden choked on a spicy jalapeño. Literally just sound pathetic these days

  32. Conservative reddit going full on wooosh saying that Dems are "jerkin themselves off on this" and "insulting people calling them fascists" yet conveniently ignoring that (some) Republicans have called for the death of gay people, limited rights, banned books, called for a theocracy, have the mind of "either we win or it was rigged," or oh, I dunno, ACTIVELY HAD A FORMER PRESIDENT SELL INFORMATION ON CIA OPERATIVES TO.FOREIGN NATIONS.

  33. We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate. George Jean Nathan said it best when he stated, “Bad officials are elected by good citizens who don’t vote.”

  34. I wish the pond scum would evenly spread across the surface so I could see less of it. There's too many clumped up in my area... flags and Maga assholes everywhere.

  35. It’s a terrifying realization that the only reason this piece of trash has gotten anywhere is because half the country is absolute trash like her. I had a friend that couldn’t acknowledge that regardless of any political alignment they have with this semi sentient fecal matter and her other half Boebert are an absolute cancer of stupidity.

  36. How is an American politician allowed to stay in her job for this? let alone all the other things she has done, In the UK or Europe this would be a sackable offence, many things she has said or done would be. American politics really looks broken..

  37. What kind of fucking shithole would have this moron as an actual elected official? THIS PERSON IS PART OF THE GOVERNMENT!

  38. What the fuck is wrong with her? Like seriously, she needs to really jump on the whole mental health aspect her party is trying to promote vs actual gun solutions.

  39. I wouldn't say half the pop, it seems that Trump's been consistently hemorrhaging followers for a while, especially after Jan 6, leaving the more radicals to be the more core audience now

  40. Meanwhile, her almighty King shares qualities from several dictators and has probably the closest personality and matches more points of similarities to an actual dictator (yes, there are studies on this) than any other President.

  41. Republicans have neo-nazis voting for them and I still remember when the cpac stage was this close to being a Swastika

  42. Marjorie really shouldn't compare Biden to Hitler because she might inadvertently get all her supporters to vote for him.

  43. I’ll take president butter beans over trump and his pussy grabbing lying a$$. He’s still doing lock her up but he’s the one who took classified documents home to play with.

  44. If Biden was anything like Hitler, maga republicans would be lining up to vote for him. That’s how you know MTG is full of shit.

  45. Look who’s using photo shop, and projecting. You would really benefit from some, dank as hell chronic. Loosen the top button, and take the stick out Marge.

  46. I am so confused by this woman she is so delusional and her priviagle has blinded her to remember she can be quiet sometimes.

  47. That red was chosen as the perfect troll moment. At this point I’m convinced. He knew what it would look like and said eh I’ll have some popcorn tonight

  48. Is it weird that Biden with the Hitler ‘stache doesn’t look half bad? Like most people (Hitler included) look goofy with it but somehow goofy ol joe pulls it off?

  49. When the fuck did Alex Trebek come back? And the answer is "This political party self destructed, and was subsequently outlawed, after morphing into a death cult, starting the 2nd Civil War, and giving rise to the United States current parliamentary political system."

  50. If he really was a nazi, republican support would be through the roof. Anti jew, anti gay and Trans, a fascist, a nation ONLY for white christians?

  51. Sorry but what the fuck is wrong with this bitch? (Rhetorical) How the fuck is there anyone who votes for this fucking horrendous piece of shit?

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