Worshipping Putins recruitment technique is certainly a choice.

  1. Russia is also signing a decree to increase their military personnel because nobody is joining willingly and a ton of their troops are dying in the Ukraine invasion. Seems like a dumb thing to view as a success by Russia.

  2. Speaking as a veteran, if we treated our troops better, we might get more people to join. Involuntary extensions on enlistments should be illegal. Command turning a blind eye to sexual harassment and rape is a problem too. Not to mention the poor treatment veterans get. Blanket denial of ailments like cancers and other illnesses from Agent Orange, burn pits, and Gulf War Syndrome is blatant disregard for the health of vets. Ignoring PTSD and the suicides it causes adds another layer of abuse.

  3. My uncle died from exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam (draftee). Clung on until the mid 1980s when the cancer took him down. All he got from the army was a refusal to even admit they had ultimately killed him.

  4. Veteran too. The kids these days are seeing how veterans get treated and are expecting to come back broken. I mean they just watched Republican Senators fist bump over screwing veterans. I mean with people like Qbert and frozen dinner princeling Fucker Carlson pumping this "Patriotic" bullshit with one hand and planning an insurrection with the other, is it any wonder people don't want to join?

  5. The increased visibility of the militaries problems is probably the biggest recruitment killer, maybe the leadership should work on fixing this.

  6. Facts, I’ve got some fucking gnarly hip problems from being in and the VA is like “thank you it’ll be two years to get your not-service related letter.”

  7. Both my mom and my dad are military vets; one of my younger brothers is currently in the Army. My mom had to fight ten years to get her VA benefits. My dad still hasn't gotten any and they've both been out since the late 90s.

  8. Also I read recently that active duty people and their families are having trouble securing affordable housing. It's like WTF. And why are active duty families needing food banks? It's ridiculous.

  9. My dad was in the army for 21 years. When I considered ROTC to help offset college costs, my mom secretly pulled me aside and told me to research sexual assault rates for women in the military. I stopped considering anything military related after that.

  10. I went in healthy as a horse, came out with knee problems. Oddly enough they deemed that it wasn’t due to service. Ok 6 years of manual labor and 2 deployments definitely didn’t destroy my knee, it was definitely playing wow and drinking in my off time that did it.

  11. Absolutely. Hearing Republicans complain about recruitment problems is just yet another example of their hypocrisy. People considering joining the army hopefully pay attention to how veterans are treated, and I really hope they pay attention to how many Republicans vote against better healthcare for veterans.

  12. What she calls “wokeness” is actually unit cohesion. We don’t want our troops fighting each other… what a concept.

  13. The poorest, most racist counties in Western Colorado. It's insane. They have actual problems that need addressing, but then vote in this absolute moron. The drought has gotten so bad that they had to round up a lot of the wild horses in Moffat County (some of the last in the country) and sell them at auction. Otherwise there isn't enough water for the livestock. Not to mention the affects the wolf reintroduction will have on their hunting economy. Do you think she's done anything to fix these problems? The worst part is, they couldn't care less. Just barrelling towards economic irrelevance while the rest of the state moves forward. Can't wait til the water on their ranches runs completely dry and their cattle all die, then maybe they'll pay attention to who they vote for.

  14. But not those nonbinary or gay people. Don't want them serving their country because of my delicate feelings. /sarcasm

  15. It's worse, in a different way. The decree is to size the armed forces from slightly less than 2 million to slightly more than 2 million. The actual size of Russian armed forces is less than 1 million. They're short a million and they're trying to make it bigger by decree but no actual mobilization.

  16. Could u just imagine the absolute hissy fit the republicans would have if sleepy Joe started a war that killed 100,000 American troops in less than a year? I thought they were gonna meltdown over the 13 lost in the Afghanistan withdrawal.

  17. I mean how much time did she serve in the military? 🤔 until then she does she can fuck the right off with that recruitment propaganda BS of people not joining. Now that she just got her GED last year she is too old to join one of the branches, but hey your not too geriatric for the reserves. Lets see her enlist. But until then keep talking your bullshit you dumb hillbilly.

  18. She likely would “fail” the asvab and wouldn’t be accepted. Too bad we don’t have a test like that in congress.

  19. Chicken hawks are the worst kind of hawks. The guys that put their money where their mouth is at least walk their talk.

  20. Most of the cowards look down on the military, but pretend to love the military. Don't be surprised to see Republican party try to reinstate the draft. People aren't joining because it's not worth it. They see all the broken veterans from twenty years of bullshit. I'm a veteran and do not encourage young people to join. Get a trade, join a union, but do not join the military.

  21. That’s what they’re going for. Struck down Roe to get more live babies to conscript into dead soldiers.

  22. I have never heard anyone use the term "woke" except politicians and other people trying to complain about this "movement".

  23. Yeah the recruiting problems have nothing to do with all the law suits from on base housing making people sick, or that fact that people are realizing theyre goin to die in the name of profit

  24. Or that the young adults hitting 18-20 years old now have grown up with their parents having fought in two endless wars kept going because no one wanted to be the ones to call it and bring the troops home.

  25. Yes, and he totally doesn't have to do this because his super masculin army gets their testosteron dripping asses kicked by a bunch of ukrainian farmers and grannys with molotows.

  26. Still always laugh about the right wing panic over that russian recruitment ad a few years ago. They were so convinced that russians were only recruiting the biggest baddest men who would crush the femanized west.

  27. She's young enough to go. I'm a veteran and she's exactly the type of person I was in with....GED, know everything about anything but never left her hometown, lots of opinions on what others are doing wrong. Sign up lady. Do it for the country.

  28. As a woman vet, if “woke” means seriously addressing Sexual Assaults, better work environments, better health care while deployed, and decent living quarters, then I’m all for it.

  29. The beauty of “woke” is that it doesn’t mean anything at all. It’s a word bereft of meaning. As a consequence, anyone can read whatever they want into it.

  30. Hell, being woke will make many more people join. Being cared for should be a given while risking life and limb for our country.

  31. If Slowboert wasn't a traitorous coward, she could carry her ass to the recruiting station and enlist.

  32. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever heard anyone except these people say “woke” and boy do they say it a lot.

  33. So, just to recap, the folks on the right hate law enforcement, hate the FBI, hate the government, and now hate our military, but are the patriotic party? I'm a bit confused.

  34. Pfft the military is kicking people out left and right despite lack of manning, claiming they have too many. Also, cutting benefits and making it less appealing to stay in. They now think families should only have 75% of housing covered because the spouse can work... When there is literally no option to sustain a career or reliable childcare options.

  35. I have a feeling Putin isn't asking for volunteers, he's basically taking people off the streets and "bang" they are in the army now.

  36. We don't use untrained Cannon fodder conscripts, so we've actually got this problem. See, since we can't just throw warm bodies into uniforms if a war breaks out, we keep an army that's big enough to fight the war where it is, until we can get more people trained. That takes a lotta people. :)

  37. Wonder if she knows or cares that Putin basically Shanghaiing students from universities! Or right off the street. You have a medical problem...tough, here's a rifle and a bus ride to the front. She's so concerned about recruitment here, why not join up! She'd be more use that way!

  38. I thought there'd be an outcry several months ago when Ted Cruz praised the Russian army and said our military was too woke. I thought with the military bases down there, they'd run Cruz out of Texas.

  39. We should have no problem recruiting from the masses of right wing freedom loving gun enthusiasts. Finding one that can actually run a mile might be problem though.

  40. As the resident authority on such matters, I can say that this tweet contains entirely too many words just to say "omg I heart Putin and I want to kiss him right on his big manly face".

  41. In all seriousness, it should be a wake-up call to actual Americans (and by that, I mean people who actually care about and respect the principals on which our country was founded) about how much these people worship Putin. I am not even sure anymore where Putin ends and Trump begins .......

  42. I’m not either. We for darned sure better be paying attention because-can you imagine what Ben Franklin or James Madison would think of what we did with this nation that they so brilliantly put together and the best we can do is her? Edit and there is not enough time to bring up Trump with regard to our founding fathers. My God.

  43. Or maybe it’s a problem with involuntary extension of deployment, or the sexual assault/harassment epidemic in the services, or maybe it’s the complete lack of shits given for veterans regarding their health, housing, and welfare, or maybe it’s the remnants of the “don’t ask don’t tell” culture which is still very much alive despite that they got rid of the policy, or maybe it’s the fact that they are constantly shipping our soldiers off to die as cannon fodder in foreign wars every time a congressman wants to stamp his dickprint on an oil field.

  44. So she is praising the tactics a communist leader is using to recruit (forced conscription) people to fight in an invasion. So she approves of Communism?

  45. When are people going to realize that this idiot isn’t fit to be in any kind of political office. It’s incredibly embarrassing that his idiot speaks for anybody.

  46. I can see two reasons why numbers are down. My father was a Vietnam vet and he did not want his kids to join the military because of his horrible experiences. The kids now and even a couple years ago have parents who were in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and have probably done the same thing. Let them know that war is not glorifying it’s horrifying. The other reason is we are not an actual wars anymore. And there is a lot of people who no longer feel they have to fight for their country. for some background I was a freshman in college when September 11 happened. I never joined out of high school because of what my father told me, however my drive to do something about what was going on and being in war overcame my father‘s pleads not to. I ended up doing 14 years as EOD, and ended up getting out due to TBI, PTSD and injuries physically. I think back on it and I hated all of it while also missing every second of it. if given another chance I think I would go right back in a heartbeat. I even considered going to Ukraine and helping fight with my medical experiences now and my military training from then, but I am a 41-year-old married man with four kids those days are just gone

  47. The absolute gall of this trash person to pretend to have an informed opinion on anything besides how to make it big by being a trash person. What? Is she talking about? She doesn’t even know. She made it up, thought she was brilliant and here we are. She

  48. Woke has become one of those words that is used so much that it no longer means anything when I hear it. These fucking people find the tiniest niche and just absolutely beat it to death.

  49. Let me break this down. I was in the army infantry for 9 years. I got out as an E6. I was stationed in Hawaii the entire time as a duty station. I spent 4 of those years overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan

  50. Colorado should be so proud… Hey Lauren, your hired to actually DO something. I don’t see snarky or quips posted online is actually doing your job.

  51. This woman is really, actually a fair-and-square, voted-in Representative in the US House of Representatives. Sometimes I feel like that kid in the video from several years back, "Is this real life?"

  52. I’m currently an Officer in the Army. We are having retention and recruitment issues because the army barely pays a living wage if you are junior enlisted. If you’re an officer, have fun working 12-14 hour days almost every day and eliminating your quality of life. Not to mention the sexual assault statistics, on-post housing issues, and rent skyrocketing outside of duty stations.

  53. How about you just provide genuine care for veterans instead of sounding troops out to suffer only to come home and get fucked over for the rest of their life.

  54. Russia's millitary, famously no problems. Putin made a decree that he wants more troops, so he'll just got more troops, eh? So we should just make a decree that there should be more troops.

  55. Love how being asleep mentally/socially is a point of pride for them. Getting easier and easier to tell who the shitty ones are! Takes away all the guess work and disappointing emotional investments

  56. People will fight for what they believe in and if they don’t believe in what their nation stands for, well, you end up with this. Wokeness has nothing to do with it, they aren’t singing up because they don’t want to die for shitty corporate interests or to kill peasants in poor countries who are rebelling because you dicked around in their politics

  57. We also have teacher recruitment problems, nursing recruitment problems, and police recruitment problems. Shut up MAGA.

  58. "I don't understand why more people don't want to enlist after we cut funding to the Healthcare and other benefits they'll need after they're done"

  59. It's also stupid because if the performance of the Russian military in Ukraine is anything to go by, I'll take the "woke" US military any time.

  60. Maybe everyone sees how how our veterans get treated after they’re no longer serving. Like how it can come down to having to vote twice to get a bill passed that gives them healthcare.

  61. Probably more the fact we realized we wasted 20 years in afganistan killing poor people just to be in the same exact place 20 years later

  62. I was medically disqualified over scars on my ear drums, never gave me a hearing test, and because I took ADHD meds in college. They have a shit ton of rules and qualifications that are out of date.

  63. Two things; one: based upon what we've seen so far in the Ukraine, the Russian army poses no credible threat to NATO, and US could whip them into bloody pulp is short order. This nonsense about "woke" being a threat to our readiness is absurd.

  64. 6 American servicemen can outperform 40 Russian conscripts any day of the week. You don't win wars with numbers, it's not 'Risk'. You win wars with tiny robots dropping $500K in bombs per minute.

  65. Maybe is because your people keep voting NO on anything that helps the veterans and the generation getting to military age CAN SEE THEIR FUTURE BEFORE THEY CAN EVEN ENLIST.

  66. Not sure why conservatives respect Russia out of nowhere these days. Pretty much the antithesis of American liberty since 1945 but I guess if it means sticking to the libs anything is on the table.

  67. Go sign up then Lauren— aren’t you the person that took pics on Xmas with guns? So go sign up. Or are you only good at working your mouth

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