Find me a atheist this blasphemous

  1. "Saying unto them, It is written, My house is the den of thieves: but ye have made it a house of prayer."

  2. I mean he technically did expose us to a lot of crime and corruption. Committed by him and his cronies, of course. But we are all exposed to it I guess.

  3. The only thing he exposed was that the swamp still has a few standards that he couldn't live up to. Corruption? He hired his kids!

  4. That was my question as well. I don't deny that there's probably a lot of corruption in our government, and with that comes law breaking activity.

  5. He exposed TONS of crime and corruption. There have been 34 people from the Trump campaign and presidency that have faced over 100 charges. If it wasn't for Trump these people would be walking free! Suck it libs!

  6. I don't understand it at all. He's the embodiment of so many sins: greed, lust, hate, adultery, divorce just to name a few. He never reads the Bible, he couldn't name his favorite verse, he never goes to church, he had peaceful protesters tear gassed so he could do a photo op in front of a church he had never entered holding a Bible upside down.

  7. Because that's the person they want to be worshipping. They want a religion whose high priest is an enabler of their desires, that will chastise anything they don't like.

  8. Because, the Christians who talk about how Christian they are, don't abide by even one of the commandments. He validates their ignorance and hypocracy

  9. If one were to believe in the Anti-Christ? The Great Deceiver who will convince the faithful to worship all that is the opposite of Christ? Well... there you go.

  10. Left the church awhile ago but isn’t there something in the Bible about worshiping a person claiming to be Jesus or Christ like, that is in fact not Jesus? This is giving off those vibes.

  11. Former fundie here. They don’t give a rat’s ass about his character. He’s a brick through the window of a progressive world that moves forward without them. What they care about is advancing the Christian nationalist agenda: down with the gays, no abortions, guns and God, no critical race theory & etc. I think they missed the warning about trying to achieve the aims of God by merging faith with empire 🤔. Now who was it that warned them about what happens when you try to gain the whole world (for you Bible readers, Matthew 16:26). Must be some dirty hippie that said it.

  12. It's terrible. We refuse to pay our teachers so most find they can make more showing their tits on OnlyFans which working a low paying job out of passion isn't an option with thousands of dollars of student loans it took to get the degree in order to teach.

  13. because it's not Christianity it's the roman state religion, or what we may nowadays call fascism. They want Mithra (a mythical strong man) to come back and kill the bull (jews, communists) to restore the order and glory of the empire (Make America Great Again).

  14. Can anybody name a single piece of corruption he exposed? Like a single thing he brought to light that was corrupt in the government? Anything?

  15. No they can't. And if they did it would be fabricated without any supporting evidence just like the massive voter fraud he has been pushing for almost two years now.

  16. Trump has done a fantastic job of exposing gov't corruption and loopholes. I don't think that anyone had any notion of what kind of horrific abuses could be carried out in the White House before he got there.

  17. Well, actually, he did expose the fact that someone like him could be elected President and essentially do whatever the fuck he wanted as long as enough republicans in the other branches of government enable him. He also exposed how many Republicans are actually Christian nationalist who are not interested in America being a democracy.

  18. I mean...I disagree. He most certainly exposed just how awful Republicans actually can be. I'd considered them awful since Gingrich, but my goodness did the rot come exploding out of the cadaver with Trump.

  19. He really ripped the bandaid off and shed light into all sorts of corruption and good faith gone bad situations that should be rectified. I would have commended the Biden administration and the Democrats more if they'd done everything in their power to fix the things Trump and his Cronies exposed.

  20. What is with these weirdos and all the blood? Shed the blood, cover in blood, bathe in the blood, drink the blood...fucking creepy.

  21. GOP is half grifters pyramid scheme and half christian coocoos. trump is on top of the grifter pyramid scheme, raking in all the dough from the lower level grifters. The christian coocoos were just a bonus.

  22. You do understand that “we’re not gonna let this stand” is a threat to undermine the law? Or in the very least mean “we will abuse our power to actually attack our political rivals.”

  23. Well I mean to my knowledge even if you pray for forgiveness daily you still have to be judged at the gates of heaven so in a sense all forgiveness prayers are just requests for Pre flight security checks

  24. Dear USA. Can't you just give Florida to Trump and his supporters, cut it off from the union so that he can declare himself king of Florida? That's essentially what his supporters want. To make him their bwlevelant eternal king and not bother with this democracy and justice nonsense.

  25. I understand the sentiment, but you do NOT want to let the fanatics have their own legitimate state with a legitimate leader

  26. These people may well be killing Christianity as it has existed for hundreds of years. What even halfway sane individual would want any part of that lunacy?

  27. Non American here, little but confused... When exactly did a corpulent, pussy grabbing, game show host become the second coming of Christ?

  28. Just check out an US televangelist, they all say this crap. They literally say he is the second coming. We have a real mental health problem here.

  29. what crimes and corruption did he expose?!? he made a lotta accusations but i never saw any proof. Meanwhile he was as criminal and corrupt as they came.

  30. Why do they keep saying "when we get the majority" like that will help. Unless they get a President to pardon him they have no power over this. You aren't doing shit for Trump until at least 2025.

  31. An evangelical explained to me that since Trump stacked the SCOTUS with justices that would ban abortion, that is all that matters. All lesser evils are quite okay, as long as he delivered this unto them. Any Qs about White Nationalism, calling for civil unrest, Russian asset activities, all these bounced off this Trump fan with a smile.

  32. To be fair, Trump has exposed a lot of crimes and corruption because they’re all his crimes and corruption and he brags about them.

  33. I look forward to all the copium overdoses and revolutionary LARPing these people will do when Trump is arrested.

  34. Your not going to have a majority. Democrats gonna keep house and senate and perhaps pick up a few. Isn't one of the commandments against idolatry? God will smite you.

  35. Read quit a bit about Jesus in my youth, and about how he felt about the type of guy that is drumpf. Pretty sure Jesus would much prefer that Drumpf be doused in a lighter shade, more viscous type of body fluid.

  36. I can't think of anything else he actually exposed tbh. Like, I'm sure that stuff is there, but he didn't expose any of it from what I can tell

  37. Christianity lasted too long. Martin Luther’s 95 theses should have been “ehh, this shit sucks let’s be pagan again” written 94 more times

  38. What crimes and corruption did he expose? Like I really want to know what they think he’s exposed.

  39. The thing that gets me the most about this whole thing is they elect a guy who has literally hundreds of open court cases against him and has been constantly in litigation for the last 50 years and then act like victims when this clear trend Just kind of continues into higher echelons.

  40. Trump did expose all the crimes and corruption...of the republican party, their followers, and Fox News. Not to mention his own prolific career of crime.

  41. That’s a weird misspelling of “committed”. But these right wing blue checks aren’t great at the intellectual stuff….

  42. So, 3 passports were taken into custody. He claims 1 is expired, I assume 1 is a US passport, where is the other one from? Russia? The ex pres had dual citizenship?

  43. Yeah, go ahead and cover him in blood like that's a totally normal thing. I'm sure that'll save him. Maybe you want a voodoo doll and some chicken feet to put a curse on the deep state. Believing that your superstition is real is probably the single greatest delusion these people hold. 2nd is that Trump actually gives a shit about them.

  44. Are you colonials ok? We've got Boris and he's a shady fat ponce but you lot have got some right fucking radio rental/ patrick swayzie mofo's!

  45. Dear 7lb 6oz baby Jesus, please fuck this man into eternity so my baby doesn’t have to deal with this shit show when he/she is born.

  46. Fun fact, if you look up the signs for the Antichrist, Trump matches most of them. I’m sure this false prophet thing is one of the signs.

  47. When did bathing in blood ever become a positive thing in christianity? That’s some pretty morbid shit right there, even for a murder/suicide cult that wants to bring the entire workd to dust to fulfill their prophecies.

  48. What crime and corruption did he expose exactly (other than his own)? He tried "exposing" Obama several times and ended up shooting himself in the foot each time. I don't even think he's as stupid as much as he is ridiculously overconfident which ends up making him seem incredibly stupid.

  49. Now if I said cover Lauren baubert in the blood of Eostre and protect her, I'd be called a warlock/witch. But nah it's different if it's Jesus xD

  50. We need to stop promoting this woman's tweets. She deserves no attention and at this point I'm sure whoever is posting her tweets are doing it only to get her name out there considering she's running for a seat in the house. She says nothing of value and is no different than any other talking head on the right

  51. She fails to grasp the essence of Trump: he is a lifelong criminal and to this day is engaged in hundreds of schemes. The only thing that keeps him out of jail is his army of mouthbreathing, wall-eyed, delusional, violent supporters who still support him.

  52. Atheists are better Christians than the Christian Right for sure. These people make unironic Satan worshipers blush.

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