1. I’ve taken birth control since 19 for endometriosis, and only have my periods a few times a year. I never keep track. I always make an educated guess when they ask, it’s almost never exact, haha.

  2. Note that while your medical information is protected under HIPAA, law enforcement are allowed access if your doctor believes you are a danger to yourself or others.

  3. yeah, the absolutely will get their hands on that data. expect GOP controlled states to spy on young women.

  4. Even then, they can request your medical information with a subpoena. Departments like Social Security can also request your medical information

  5. Also, HIPAA was originally established based on Roe v Wade. It is a very real possibility that the end goal for the pro birth crowd is ultimately to repeal HIPAA so that certain vulnerable populations can be targeted for other things down the line.

  6. In past 40, I have an adult son. I'm single, but I know I'll never birth any more kids. I have severe endometriosis and fibroid cysts. It's extremely painful every month to the point that I can't get out of bed for two to three days, eat anything and I end up vomiufrom pain. The doctor network I go to is a Catholic owned facility. I've been through scrapings, che.ical castration, various other medications. I need a hysterectomy. But the hospital refuses to allow it because I won't be able to have any more children.

  7. Can you consider medical tourism to a place with good healthcare in Europe? I know people come to Spain to have procedures done privately. Even with the travel / accommodation expenses for some procedures it is still cheaper than out of pocket in the US.

  8. My gf is in the exact same boat. One of her doctors literally said "but having kids is the most beautiful thing a woman can do." Never mind the debilitating frequent pain. I was pretty livid when I heard a doctor say that.

  9. The official stance of the Catholic Church is that pain brings you closer to Jesus so as long as it is not caused by a life-threatening injury, they think pain is good.

  10. Is this in America ? Bc if so insurance networks aren’t Catholic. So while your medical provider is Catholic you can see what other doctors in your area take your insurance for this one procedure. You can opt to have one procedure at a county hospital ( or any really) without disrupting your current care. I’ve worked in the accounting and billing department of a Catholic hospital.

  11. Gosh, I'm so sorry. At 26 I had to have a hysterectomy due to a fibroid growing on my uterus. I was pregnant with my second child at the time, the fibroid weighed just as much as my child when they removed it 6 weeks after giving birth. The pain is real. Thank goodness for doctors who get it. Wishing you the best friend. I wish I had more than that to offer.

  12. My wife was in a similar boat. We have 4 kids but when the need for the hysterectomy finally came due, we had nurses asking us before the procedure “have you thought about what you would want if all of your kids died in a car accident”……. Like, what? I mean that literally too, that was said by a nurse before she went into prep for the OR and backed up by the doctor and second nurse in the room. She almost died because of all the complications that required her to get it, and that was their response?

  13. Another woman died in Poland because she was denied medically necessary abortion. Welcome to the Catholicism where they would rather women die than upset the sky daddy

  14. We have 2 hospital chains here and 1 is Catholic. Things like this are a major reason I’ll never go to the Catholic one, even though it’s in network.

  15. What is F!ed up here is our doctors are being involuntarily conscripted into this political crap. It is a direct assault on all of our lives, not just women.

  16. At first I read this as some Zoomer conspiracy theory shit with respect to a broken healthcare system or something. Then I remembered that healthcare in the USA isn't just some price gouging nightmare, but also that some people can be sent to jail for accessing it. Wooo-eeee what a fucking hellhole.

  17. Same here. I was all ready to defend doctors and call the girl dumb for not being honest for future medical needs. Then I realized the GOP has made it it's business to prosecute women for not having a penis.

  18. I was reading it as the Doctor putting medical issues to just being on her period I forgot for a minute about the whole abortion thing you all have going on.

  19. Yeah I thought this was a weird like conspiracy theory thing and then remembered we are just in an actual nightmare and got very sad.

  20. I started investing in physical planners and wall calendars years ago (for multiple reasons), and it’s such a perk in super dark times situations.

  21. Unfortunately, she's not wrong to be extremely cautious and vigilant about info. I live in a state where they have bounties on information for women who have procedures. A tip line. Unbelievable.

  22. Yep, my wife wonders why I want to move out of the country, I'm like hello... Look at this shit. Most people I know are to busy fighting between left and right sides politically to see that the higher ups are pulling all the strings and we just need to stand up together. It's honestly nasty hearing both sides talk about each other, I wanna fucking go to Switzerland and peace out.

  23. American doctors are still amongst the most trusted professions, rather it's a case of covering your own ass and protecting yourself from charges.

  24. It's a better answer than, "none of your business". The girl gave a good answer, it's regular, nothing to see here move on. If something is out of the ordinary then you have to answer more questions.

  25. I first thought this was a "god fucking damnit the DOCTORS ARE IN THE POCKET OF BUG PHARMA POST" then I realised its a "No wait America is kust fucked in general"

  26. Born just before 9/11, this is the America I've lived my entire life in. My parents still don't get why I'm shocked whenever I hear about a cop being charged with a crime.

  27. I always say idk I don’t keep track so your guess is as good as mine…or idk last month, or the month before that…def in the past 90 days…but maybe 30 idk it’s like a game it’s so irregular. Always has been so I quit caring!

  28. I'm an ER Nurse and I have to ask this question of every biologic woman between the ages of 10-50 because there are so many medications and so many tests that can be harmful to a fetus. I'm more than happy to take a patient at their word but the doctor, the radiology tech, the hospital legal department, all those folks aren't always as understanding and if even one person cries foul we can't move forward. Unless it directly relates to the reason of your visit, I just don't care. All I want is to take as good a care of you as the shitty system I'm stuck with will allow me to and that means following stupid rules that I often don't like or agree with.

  29. That irregularity is actually a really good reason to go to a doctor. It’s so depressing that women cannot be honest with their docs because those records could be used against both patients and docs.

  30. While your doc might reasonably understand if you dont keep track of your exact period dates, if your period tends to skip 1-2 months that raises red flags to check for various hormonal conditions and is considered a risk factor for cancer.

  31. Some remain to ensure that the poor people that are unable to leave still have adequate and factually accurate healthcare.

  32. It's an oversimplification to reduce states to "red vs blue". There are cities in every "red state" that have groups of progressives fighting like hell to take care of their community and make positive change, while there are cities/groups in "blue states" that are causing harm.

  33. Some of these doctors also believe the bullshit the GOP spout and/or are more than willing to force their religious beliefs on others

  34. If we make the argument that healthcare is a human right, how can we also encourage providers to leave red states? Especially the progressive ones.

  35. There aren’t a lot of people who work with the patient populations I work with and I care about my community and city. I work in a niche area in rehab and always have a waiting list. There are a lot of things that would be better in other states for me, but people here need help as well.

  36. People just can't up and leave because they don't like something. Plus there's often many other factors for them staying like proximity to family.

  37. Not like everyone is able to move to a different state... besides there are stil people in red states that need, or are going to need medical, they cant just be abandoned

  38. I live in a solidly red part of Washington state. More doctors are republican and against abortion here than those who are pro. Even getting your tubes tied as a 30+ year old woman is generally not allowed without permission from a husband. So good luck if you are a single gal trying to getting that done around here. Your future husband's rights outweigh yours

  39. Because all states need medical professionals regardless of party politics. And those with adverse conditions to its citizens need medical professionals with good ethics the most.

  40. I thought being in NJ would make having a tubes tied conversation pretty easy, and considering my circumstances. My dr pulled the “but what if you meet someone who might want kids. You might change your mind. You never know”. Hormonal birth control doesn’t work for me and I will not do an implant. In one breath I managed “Ma’am, I am almost 30 years old, unmarried, with two kids by two different men. This birth control has caused me to go what makes me feel so crazy my therapist is having me make sure you note it. My last pregnancy caused PPD so bad I’m lucky to be here and it only gets worse with each pregnancy and I’m a high candidate. My daughters father passed away last year and I will not chance leaving my kids for a what if. I will not leave her alone”. I also said if I met someone who wanted kids I really didn’t care because I’m just done.

  41. My wife is a physician and the medical world is even more fucked than anybody knows. We simply aren't going to have enough doctors, we're not going to have enough nurses, and we're losing medical staff because the medical world is beholden to insurance and big hospital systems that suck the life out of you.

  42. I love my doctor. They’ve stopped asking. Just confirmed that “no way you could be pregnant?” I said “nope” and they were just like , “cool”. No dates, no details.

  43. Also, use a secure messaging app like wickr that doesn't store messages on a server to discuss anything related to your health and use a passcode on your phone.

  44. I say this every time & they still make me take a pregnancy test. they even had me take one while my gf was at an appointment with me. smh

  45. I just said this to my OBGYN. He said- no contraceptives at all? And I said- Nope, my wife would be pretty pissed if I was pregnant. Their immediate response- Oh ok 😳

  46. I have started doing the same. Doctors are already actively talking to me about pregnancy and i’m only 22. I’ve opted from now on I will just answer that it’s not needed for care.

  47. More like Atwood looked at the American Right and thought "what if they got their way?", with some help from actual history.

  48. I can't tell anymore. One month it might be around the 6th, next month it might be around the 15th and the month after that might be 27th (if these sound specific it's because I recently gone through this exact scenario).

  49. It's not the doctors, it's the politicians. A great majority of health professionals do not agree with the current state of society.

  50. The christofacists want to moralize human reproduction and shame women. The old white christian men are becoming the minority and it scares them. However the abortion ban affects minority women disproportionately. So there will be more minority children born and they will become the majority. I don’t think the republicans have done the math on this.

  51. It’s because they want more wage slaves for their corporations and tax payers and consumers. They don’t give a flying fuck about minorities. They want more babies born into poverty so they can eventually profit off them.

  52. 30% of America is holding the rest hostage, and politicians bought by corporate lobbies are doing the rest. The fact that Manchin gutted bidens entire infrastructure bill and wasted everyone's time when he never planned on letting it pass is disgusting.

  53. My doctor got me an appointment for an IUD asap and I wish more doctors were like him. He was so informative and encouraging.

  54. Come to Britain; we have functional gun control, low police brutality rates, no school shootings, free healthcare, less institutional racism, and actual women’s rights.

  55. Please encourage your friends and daughters (if old enough) to vote. People can demand their representatives pass Universal Healthcare with 100% coverage and 100% protected Women's Rights. More people did NOT vote for Trump than voted for him. Think about it. If Independents and non-voters would rise up, they could vote in good candidates.

  56. I just had total septoplasty. In hospital overnight and three weeks out. Now I have a bone like structure sticking out of the Side of my bridge where sunglasses would sit. I went to see the surgeon and he said “ I don’t know what that is!!” I simply said. Well it wasn’t there before the surgery dude and it hurts. He put me on antibiotics. How the hell are those supposed to help a bone?? WTF is wrong with our health car system. How about a fucking MRI or scan, it’s right where the implant is. Can you say malpractice

  57. I grew up in a conservative household, and though I was never very fond of the Republican politicians, I would have been “a right leaning independent.” Trump getting nominated and fanatical support was my wake up call to how terrible the conservatives and the Republicans in particular are. It Made me rethink my limited political outlook, and I will never vote for another Republican. When you have 40% of the nation rallying around a hate-filled bigoted fraudster, it kind of tells you who the real bad guys are. And when you dig deeper you realize how much of their policies are mostly subtle ways to fuck over minorities and poor people.

  58. The problem here is that people in the comments are half right. It's not the Dr's who can't be trusted, but the system they are now in. Its not the Drs fault you can't trust that their notes won't be subpoenaed in the future. If you straight up don't trust the Doctor, get a new one. (yes, I know that's not always that easy. But if you can't trust you doctor, why bother?)

  59. Very difficult in the south, I am trying to find a sane OBGYN who won’t tell me to pray my health issues away and disapproves i have sex outside marriage

  60. Even if the Doctor could be trusted the software provider the Doctor uses can't. All digital record keeping in the US is the most sold and unprotected in modern world.

  61. In a related way, medical intake forms that ask this same date-of-your-last-period question, should be answered with "regular" or something equally innocuous.

  62. it's weird. you're going to end up seeing more women buying female hygiene products in bulk and during irregular times (assuming they can afford), and same for pregnancy tests and plan b pills.

  63. While I believe most doctors do not personally have an agenda, the bigger issue is what hospitals are doing to keep track and if the cops etc come and ask questions with a warrant the doc will have to tell them.

  64. My business partners life insurance quote came back c£30pm more expensive than mine, when I questioned it they told me the doctors file said he had mentioned to a doctor about 6 years ago that he had been drinking more than usual (during a difficult period). He’s totally fine now, normal habits, but by reaching out for some help, he now pays £360 per annum more than me. I’d also be cautious about what I told a doctor.

  65. There are tons of medications and diagnostic procedures that can harm pregnant women or fetuses. So asking the question is box checking several things at once.

  66. From a doctor's perspective, a patient being pregnant/likely to become pregnant can drastically effect the safety of several potentially useful medications and procedures in addition to being associated with several problems that could affect whatever reason they're presenting. Separately, pregnancy itself can benefit from counseling to navigate safely.

  67. I'm appalled by the reversal of Roe but I'm past menopause and I think my OB/GYN always asked that question. I get why young girls would be freaked out by it these days tho.

  68. I'm sure they did. It's only now that the consequences of answering might be jail time that people refuse to answer it.

  69. The problem is not the question itself. The problem is that documentation of things like this can now be used against you in new ways.

  70. The fuck is this amazing? Your country is so broken you can't even trust doctors anymore. Like fuck dude

  71. Ooooh, it's about the abortion ban. I was sure for like a minute there it was just typical anti-intellectual fear mongering but was confused by the amount of upvotes.

  72. That absolutely breaks my heart. As a pediatrician in Texas I work hard to be a trusted, nonjudgmental resource for my patients. I know there are bad people in every profession, but as a physician I feel like we tend to be pretty compassionate.

  73. I really hope at the very least doctors are allowed to inform patients that they’re not obliged to answer before asking the question. Majority of doctors want the best for their patients and would go around abortion laws if it didn’t risk their freedom/job.

  74. To sound non confrontational I usually say “can’t remember off the top of my head, I do track it though and it’a always been a little irregular but within the normal range for me” that’s also the truth since I don’t memorize the dates specifically, I have it on a paper calendar and I don’t carry that around

  75. I never really understood why they needed the date anyway. They can just ask if your period comes around the same time every month. Is there an actual reason they need to know the date? I feel like a lot of questions doctors ask they don't actually need to know.

  76. True.. nowadays all of these bastards will do what ever the State asks to keep their licenses..Do Not Trust Anyone... especially in States that are criminalizing abortion......

  77. It is unfortunate, she should be reminded that all the big brother companies will hand over her data at the drop of a hat so she can be charged with murder…

  78. The other day I went to the doctor to re-up my prescription and the RNA asked. I said, as usual "about three weeks ago" but she decided she needed a date. So I said "Saturday". She told me that wasn't very helpful and I stared at her until she counted back three weeks on the computer calendar and looked at that Saturday's date. You're damned right I'm going to make it difficult to track.

  79. As a medical provider, I hate this. When women come in complaining of generic things abdominal or pelvis related, I have to ask this question to narrow down my differential diagnosis. I'm asking because I seriously need to know when your last one was and what your dlow rate was to establish patterns and levels of normalcy

  80. No no…that girl has a point lol. I’m incredibly horrified to believe it myself, but my experience with doctors has been equitable to someone that would say that. The lions share of them (in my experiences) are just “people that are good at going to school”, which is a horrible way to distinguish “intelligence”, but it’s what we are left with.

  81. due to the truly draconian anti-abortion laws being passed in certain parts of the US and the fact that most of the women who have been arrested due to these laws being turned in by their own doctors or people in the doctors office, it is no longer safe for women to have their doctors know exact dates of their last period since even a miscarriage by a woman who didn't know she was pregnant can be prosecuted under some of these laws. And since pregnancy is counted from last period rather than date of conception the places that allow abortions under the anti-abortion laws make it so that a woman who is by development only 2 weeks along may already be way too far into the pregnancy to have an abortion.

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