Texas Republican party is officially anti-American as Texas GOP platform calls for secession vote

  1. It's just posturing and vote-grabbing, like so much of what the GOP says. Here's an interesting article about why it couldn't happen.

  2. It's so funny, because Texas can't secede without the approval of the US. They lost that option the first time they seceded for the confederacy and then rejoined the union.

  3. The federal government has already decided on that. The supreme court ruled after the civil war that there is not a mechanism for states to legally leave the US. It would require a constitutional amendment

  4. I also think it's funny (in a 'if I don't laugh I'll cry kind of way) that one of their stances was that being gay is an "abnormal lifestyle choice", but then here they say "sexuality or lifestyle choices" where they explicitly separate them as different things.

  5. School shootings won’t be a thing. Texas literally wants to challenge having to provide kids education. They want to be able to set up a world where only the rich can afford to educate their kids and poor kids become locked into labor as a means to survive.

  6. Correct. No more fed funding, no more interstate commerce, no more a LOT of things. It always gives me a chuckle when these Uber red states talk secession because they are absolutely, totally fucked if they actually go through with it. Oh, and no more NGB either. So they would be wholly reliant on state and municipal policing; and if anything got so out of hand that they did need the guard to assist, well, tough shit. Abbot just wants to proclaim himself god emperor of the sovereign nation of Texas. I hope this happens and Mexico decides to take Texas back.

  7. Also how many American companies would ditch them and move out of state because it was no longer economically viable to be situated there? Texit lookin' like Brexit.

  8. And don't forget about the next category 4 or 5 hurricane to rip through Texas, and it will happen. They will be crying for emergency foreign aid from the United States.

  9. No one and it'll be glorious. Just wait until that first time they have to beg California for money directly because there's no federal government to save their red state asses. It's going to hit different when you've got your hand out to the libs you "own". You don't actually think there's a red state in the union that can loan money do you Texans?

  10. The price of everything just skyrocketed bc, well, you're subject to those pesky trade rules and whatnot. Hammering out those rules will take a minute so you might go hungry or thirsty or something else unpleasant, idk.

  11. There's only a few states who could actually survive on their own, and none of them would be arrogant or foolish enough to try it.

  12. It's not about governing, it's about a hand full of rich people trying to rob the state and strip Texans of their rights under the word of God or something.

  13. Hey, if Texas seceded that means Cruz would be ejected from congress since his state would no longer be part of the US

  14. I'm originally from Texas. Leaving the union is discussed all the time by people looking to make a new splash for five seconds. No ssne person even by the standard of my home state, thinks at all about forming their own government. It's like L.B. threatening to sue Muckraker. Please proceed, and we'll happily watch the shit show unfold, but we all know it ain't happening.

  15. Ok. Cut them off from everything government related. All those ppl receiving Social Security? Gotta fill out the reams of paperwork for getting it sent to a foreign country. No more dollars, you have to design, manufacture and back your own currency.

  16. Right? I was wondering, honestly, if there would be any issue with this, because they'd clearly just shoot themselves in both feet (and their children too). Texas would get hit with any export/import taxes and tariffs and not have any global standing.

  17. It would be the best thing that could happen to the United States: two fewer republican senators, no need to worry about the electoral college. Think of the progress that could be made!

  18. Idk - I have little faith the independent republic of texas wouldn't anoint him some sort of king. The idiots keep electing him.

  19. Lots of PR people aren’t sure they want the honor, (or the headache) Give it to Washington DC. They’ve been asking.

  20. Texas won’t secede because it would throw the gop into chaos. They would lose those elector votes and 2 senators, someone higher up will point that out and this will die like always. However, if it’s up for vote I will absolutely vote for it, then move the hell out of here.

  21. Look, everyone thought Brexit was a big joke that noone would go for and they were only going to promise that referendum to appease then silence the nutters, yada yada yada, their economy is ruined.

  22. Idk they might really be dumb enough to shoot themselves in the foot and TBQFH them creating a Gilead peacefully would end better than them staying and continuing to ratfuck the country.

  23. I was just sitting here thinking if the secede the that pretty much guarantees a Democrat win in national elections.

  24. Current Supreme Court precedent, in Texas v. White, holds that the states cannot secede from the union by an act of the state. More recently, in 2006, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia stated, "If there was any constitutional issue resolved by the Civil War, it is that there is no right to secede."

  25. Texas never had the right to secede in their original constitution after being granted statehood. As a territory, it wasn’t a state, and it could be argued that if they didn’t want to become a state, they could just not join the union.

  26. I also don't think that they realize that the military equipment belongs to the feds if they leave. That's all the ships, planes, military weapons and anything else they rely on to defend themselves from each other / mexico

  27. Let them go. Texas is not necessary for America to function and they have already shown how well they do things on their own (see their power grid).

  28. It’s my fucking dream. Kick out Texas and let the south be emptied of the worst of our scum who will flock there. Then we can fix this place.

  29. FL is just going to drown in the coming decades. Secession won’t do anything when those looms end up right back in the states

  30. I live here, not everyone feels this way. I feel like this is a radical element within the GOP and doesn't represent the majority. The problem as I see, people within the GOP currently don't stand up internally. I don't see how this can grow their party. I recently block walked in a local election and remember speaking with a very conservative lady. She said she'd never imagine voting for a Democrat, but this current radical element within the GOP, their attack on schools, has completely turned her away.

  31. Yeah going through all the comments here kinda sucks cuz I physically can’t move and neither can any other poor person stuck in Texas we ain’t just our (really REALLY shitty government) and it’s just disheartening to see a bunch of people condemning everyone who lives here

  32. Could succession be a good thing for the US though? Let them. Avoid a civil war, and potential fascist take over of the federal government, and just let them go.

  33. Would love to see southern states leave. Be fun to take bets on how quickly they will be completely bankrupt and begging for money. Make they go thru the UN for humanitarian aide including for natural disasters. Oh and be nice to add a nice 80 percent tarrifs to anything going to and from the South.

  34. Oh, the benefits if Texas leaves! My one odd thought is that it fixes the electoral college permanently for the Democrats. So that's a plus.

  35. I dream about this. How wonderful it would be to see these dummys destroy themselves over night. All federal services and protections instantly canceled. Thousands of people out of a job. No federal border control, no air ports, no utilities, open the doors of the prisons and walk away.

  36. It’s weird how Texas has been representing extremist beliefs lately, we are a purple state that represents 5.2M+ democrats.

  37. I love how Texans bring up their proud history of once being an independent republic, but don't know that they begged to be part of the United States that whole time.

  38. There’s times when I think, shit, I’m just going to leave. Then I ask, why do I have to leave, they’re the assholes.

  39. Could you imagine all those electoral vote that always go red just up and leaving lol GOP might not ever win the white house again

  40. Texit, have fun with that increasingly extreme weather and worthless power grid. Privatize everything, make Christianity the law of the land, let the rich run everything while paying no taxes, bring back child labor and legalize discrimination, gut public social programs and use harvested personal data by corporations to hunt down minorities shove them into re-education camps. Lift any food and drug regulations, more guns, more guns, more guns. Do all the things the rightwing insist is the "rational" decision. In less than a year they would sabotage the entirety of Texas then do what they always do and blame someone else for everything falling apart. When disasters strike and their privatized emergency services only help those who pay they will be told that it's just the price of the free market and they are going to have to just deal with it and be grateful.

  41. Let the fuckers secede. Hopefully Mexico will invade and annex them. I’d be happy to sit back and watch that. Though we would have to repel caravans of Texans “pouring across our border.”

  42. If they really want to go there, what’s stopping America from reinvading, taking the state capitol by force, and installing US friendly governance?

  43. Let them go, then invade and take their oil and have the federal government rewrite their state constitution. Texans should be fine with this, to the victor go the spoils and all that

  44. Let them go. People are talking about invading them after but I say don't invade as long as they keep Ted Cruz

  45. Texas threatening to secede is like Kim Jong Un low-key threatening to nuke the world…it’s happened so often that at this point it all just feels like BS.

  46. Secession was tried, a lot of people died. While the legislature is free to try it, it will mean absolutely nothing. Their national guard will be federalized and any armed forces member thinking of raising arms against the union will either be dead or rotting in Leavenworth.

  47. I say let them go, NASA gets moved, all military bases get moved, Texas Oil and Gas loses all Federal subsidies, all the medical research dollars going to other schools and hospitals, it will free up a ton of Medicare funds as well. Even better 2 less asshole Senators, 30+ less assholes Congress.

  48. Last time they were talking this crap it wasn't but a few weeks later they were begging for FEMA help....

  49. What possible gain could they have to split now? Would they not instantly become a failing nation with garbage infrastructure that no one wants to ally with?

  50. Do they understand how fucked they would be without the backbone from everywhere else? They can't even maintain a power grid alone.

  51. Please let them, Texas sounds like a hellhole anyway. I’d love to watch their little GOP country collapse on itself, we don’t need em

  52. What the fuck does Texas think they’re gonna do without the rest of the country. They’re practically a 3rd world country with the help of the federal government. Good luck without the other 49 states

  53. Honestly if Texas wants to be their own country let them go they can figure out how to be their own country im sure, turn it into their own little mother Russia cause that’s what GOP is going for anyway lol ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  54. If Texas goes, I vote that we grant Puerto Rico stateship. DC too, probably, if you don't care about having an odd number of stars on the flag

  55. i say let them and we will pay the moving expense to relocate all GOP members to move there. then we can build a wall around Texas to keep them in.

  56. As a Texan this is why it's SO IMPORTANT TO VOTE. Usual voter turnout is only 15% and it's often difficult to be able to get out and vote because of intentional acts to make polling places inaccessible.

  57. They really wanna seceed after the whole goddamn state shuts down when the temparatures get more extreme than they're used to an they beg the government for aid every goddamn time their shitty power grid shuts down because Texas thought privatizing everything made sense?

  58. This is what happens when instead of executing all the tratiors at the end of their failed insurrection you just let them go home to breed another few generations of anti American filth.

  59. Secession - would that mean they don't get to bother the rest of the country? And they can't request help? Like... They'd be their own place?

  60. I swear Texas does this every other year...You would think that with a failing power grid that's independent from the rest of the country would make them think twice....

  61. How delicious would it be if they seceded, Then the rest of the U.S. set up border crossings, and denied texans from entering the U.S. Hey, they are no longer U.S. citizens, remember?

  62. For a party that wants small government, they sure waste no opportunity to goad the government into regulating what the can be taught in schools, bodily autonomy (i.e women uteruses and gender reassignment) and infiltration of Christian ideology onto anything political to name a few.

  63. Their state is turning blue and the fascists are desperate to stop this. So repeal the voting rights act that has already been gutted by a right wing activist SCOTUS

  64. Texas can't secede, but wouldn't it be fun. Trade Sanctions, Businesses leaving because states would give those companies tax break to get the hell out of Dodge, all the gun nuts would swarm in, all the sane people would leave. THE BEST Part 24 republicans would get the fuck out of our government.

  65. I say go for it. Then we wouldn’t have Ted Cruz to worry about running for president again. He wasn’t born in America and if they secede he won’t live in America.

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