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  1. We have a 4 month old and we are using formula. My wife nursed for 2 months while she was off work but when she went back her supply dried up quickly because she wasn’t able to pump at work. Went to get formula last week and we were lucky to find a container. Today I went to 3 stores in my small town and they were all out. No off brands either. Just out.

  2. I'm a guy. When my daughter was born back in 2015, she had problems latching to breastfeed. We used the stick-on that we were told would help, but it really wasn't much help. My wife pumped and pumped. After a couple of months, she just stopped producing, so we went through what breast milk we had saved in the freezer and moved over to formula. My wife thought she was a failure as a mother. It was soul crushing.

  3. Oh my goodness I feel this so hard. My supply was jacked up so I had to literally pump, feed, pump, and by the time I was done pumping he'd be ready to eat. The farthest I ever got ahead was like 4 bottles.

  4. Wait wait wait, there are guys that think breastfeeding is easy? I'm a guy and my mom tells me stories about how me and my brother were little shits when we were breastfeeding. Plus I can imagine it probably hurts pretty badly having a child trying to eat from such a sensitive area of the body.

  5. No one is talking in mainstream media about the shortage being caused by one company refusing to replace a faulty machine that periodically would spew out deadly food. Instead of replacing the machine they decided a stock buyback was more important. Now babies will almost certainly go hungry some may starve. Its time to eat the rich I figure we will only have to eat a few before the rest fall in line.

  6. Meh. I've had women who had no particular or specialized knowledge about condoms tell me they were all the same size and its just a marketing gimmick. I had a different woman tell me male circumcision should be promoted because she thought they looked better.

  7. I don’t think the point was “women smart, men stupid,” I think the point was men should shut up about breastfeeding. The same way women should shut up about circumcision in your example.

  8. Not defending what the men are saying in this situation, but I struggle with the implication that women never comment on things they don't know anything about.

  9. One the hardest things I’ve done was learn and teach my newborn to breastfeed. In the hospital I had a lactation consultant teach me, then my baby cluster fed- meaning she nursed all night (I had been a wake at this time 3 or 4 days). I was hallucinating because I was so tired. The next day I got my milk in and she couldn’t fit her little mouth around my engorged nipple. I used a shield, different positions, but ended up pumping mostly. Worked on it for 6 weeks. Then my Obgyn gave me some tips on how (I over produced too-meaning I had clogged ducts and had to massage them often and pump to avoid infection). I had to wake up and nurse plus pump twice a night for three months. Finally my milk regulated. She did pretty good by then I was able to stop pumping mostly by 3.5 months. She nursed every two to three hours until she was 5-6 months old (around the clock). Then after that she started eating solids and nursed less and wanted to play so much during the day she caught up on her nursing at night (yay). And by 9 months I had enough. I hated it. Oh and for some reason all of my joints hurt constantly until my milk dried up and then it went away. Babies suck everything out of you, it’s not easy at all!

  10. Oh fuck off, Caitlyn, you have not. There’s not a single woman at the “apex of her field” that doesn’t jump at every chance to tell people how much she knows.

  11. JFC you couldn't sound more ignorant. A lot of the "pill poppin" that prevents breastfeeding are prescription meds, such as antidepressants, anti-anxiety, lithium, blood pressure meds, etc. If my stepmom stopped her medication regimen right now she'd need to wait 30 days to breastfeed her newborn, but she'd probably need to be admitted to a psych ward in the meantime.

  12. What other reason? Most breastfeeding women just finished months and months of sharing their organs with another person. No decision was just about them. Monthly to weekly doctor visits, blood tests, laundry lists of diet changes and sleeping position changes and changes to their activity levels, all to benefit someone else. And the PAIN.

  13. Hmmm... don't know much about it tbh. I remember there was a kiosk in the ATL airport. Maybe they have posted instructions.

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