Leave people alone

  1. The first colonists were Puritans who were “escaping religious persecution”. They were religious nutjobs that nobody else wanted to deal with. That’s the founding of this country and we’re still dealing with it today

  2. Lol where are you from? Americans, particularly in the American South, are some of the nosiest, most busy-body people I've ever met. You can't even stand in your front yard without the whole neighborhood getting 3 days of gossip out of it.

  3. Yep. I absolutely hate that we have to have so many fucking labels on people. I don’t care if your gay, bi, trans, anamorphous, atheist, born again or whatever. What I DO care about is are you a decent person that treats others with respect? Are you trustworthy and compassionate towards others?

  4. also hard to "leave them alone" when they're picking on everyone. bullies don't magically go away if you leave them alone. they go harder when there aren't any consequences

  5. I’ll agree to disagree if you leave me the fuck alone. I don’t care what you believe but I do care what you do. If you actively try to make my life harder, it’s no longer agree to disagree. That includes tying to elect people who will put those things you believe into the law.

  6. Problem is they the Pro-birth people also think that should apply in matters that impact others such as mask wearing or lockdowns during major pandemics.

  7. “Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect.”

  8. There are certain disagreements that cause me to not respect the other person simply because their way of thinking leads to suffering. "Agree to disagree" is a cop out and shows you have no real passion for the subject and have given up trying to make a change in the world.

  9. No, I’m not going to respect Nazis and white supremacists. I’m not going to respect people who think women should avoid sexual harassment by not wearing lipstick to the work place. And I’m not going to mind my own business when that sort of bullshit comes up.

  10. Yeah, you lost me at I'm pro-respect people even if you disagree with them. Not happening! I'll leave them alone, but they'll get no respect from me, simply for the sake of civility.

  11. So you're also pro-people who want to rule other people's lives ? See ? It gets complicated quickly. This kind of statement makes you seem cool, but it's just cowardice. Liberty of one stops where liberty of the others begins. All this libertarian crap means nothing. You need laws to limit liberties so that liberties stay guaranteed. That seems paradoxical but it's called the social contract.

  12. But if everyone was a grown up and minded their own business that wouldn’t be needed. I can see your point because most adults (Christian adults) haven’t actually grown up.

  13. Exactly, plus if this logic is applied during the years leading up to the civil war, would you still respect inhumane slave owners and treat the issue as merely an ideological one, and not one of human rights and dignity?

  14. I’m pro-get the fuck outta my life. Just because YOU believe something, DOES NOT mean the rest of us have to follow it. Got damn Conservative taliban.

  15. Sounds great until you meet someone who is pro trying to control others lives . When someone is in your business it’s hard to just mind your own.

  16. Kind of the same for me, except I just simply hate everyone. Idgaf about any of you or your beliefs or what you do. Anyone outside of the people I love can fuck off

  17. This is weird bc people could say : "be a Nazi or against it" and mind your own business and day that's okay ....

  18. Depends how far you take the "even if you disagree with them" part. If I got pregnant (extremely unlikely but possible as a heteroflexible trans man), I would want an abortion. Someone else would have wanted to keep it? Go ahead with the pregnancy, by all means, I've got your back. That's what being pro-choice means.

  19. This is some peak enlightened centrism energy here. If you don't respect human rights, bodily autonomy and science, then I don't respect you.

  20. "Respectfully disagree" is for when we like different pizza toppings, not for when you support people who want to classify me as a subhuman.

  21. Really bad take. I disagree with racists and I sure as hell don’t respect them, respect should be earned not expected.

  22. “Is there anyone who ever remembers changing their mind from the paint on a sign? Is there anyone who really recalls ever breaking rank at all for something someone yelled real loud one time?”

  23. This is a great take for everything except for abortion. Pro-life people think abortion is killing a baby. You would never say “let’s make killing someone a choice. I personally wouldn’t, but you can if you want to”. That’s why they’re so adamant about their stance.

  24. im probably gonna get hate for this but i, like everyone else respect other religions. they're all valid as long as they dont control the government, which is why i dont think islam is that good. its a fine religion with good principles of discipline, friendliness and acceptance. the problem is that the government is dictated by quran law and women arent respected. ive been told by a person who works in a school that there is a muslim child who doesnt listen to the teachers if he misbehaves, and if he does they have to get the principal, the only male authority in the school (its a small school). his mother carries his bag and has to walk behind him, regardless of the fact that he is a literal child. women are oppressed under islam in certain conditions and it should not be law

  25. Muslims believe in the same God you do. Christians, Muslims, and Jews are all part of the same basic belief system. All “people of the book” have some serious misogyny in their religion. Muslims believe both in the Bible and the Torah, as well as their own book.

  26. What happens in other countries is what happens in other countries. In the US, where I live, people are so up each other's asses that I'm surprised we still need to get colonoscopies. And the US is built on leave everyone alone. Live and let live. Don't tread on me and a million other bumper stickers. Pretty sure no one here is advocating for a country that still literally is ruled by royalty...

  27. if your neighbor is beating his children, leave them alone. If the neighboring state has slaves, leave them alone. If someone is lying in the side of the road, hit by a car, bleeding, leave them alone. Libertarianism is lots of fun until you think about it.

  28. I know, how weird is that? When I was growing up in the 90s, it was the conservatives that were self righteous. Now it's the progressives.

  29. Do whatever the fuck you want, as long as you aren’t hurting anyone I don’t care. You can be racist, but the second you let it ruin someone is when you’ve gone too far. I don’t care what you think as long as you’re respectful

  30. I’m pro-“I don’t give a shit”. Not in an offensive way, but if you’re really not hurting anyone then I don’t mind what you do. But, that comes with the exception that you don’t try and make me care.

  31. Sounds good until you run into the tolerance paradox. Only works if everyone does it, and obviously with recent events in the US, some people insist on the opposite.

  32. Issue with leaving people alone is sometimes that a bad ideology is like cancer if you don’t cut it out, it is going to spread so fast that before you realise you had to do something it would be pretty late.

  33. If I apply this logic in the 1800s, that would mean respecting a slave owner, who prolly routinely used torture methods like pulling eyes out, nails out, whipping on his slaves. Would you still respect this slave owner?

  34. I live in Australia. ‘No religious affiliation’ on last census (2020) was 45%, 2016 = 30%, 2011 = 22%. Huge swing in 1 decade! US is trying to pass laws that in 10 years literally every person in the world would disagree with.

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