This is my Great Dane Fiona. She does this when you slap her butt.

  1. I call this "the happy love roll." My Mantle does it when she's getting scritches. Same with my Husky/Golden/Corgi mix, but it's so much weirder and more amusing when my Dane does it!

  2. A lot of dogs will lick their noses continuously if you scratch the right spot just above their tail, something to do with the nerve endings there. I assume this is the same kind of thing just more derpy.

  3. My cat goes on a licking spree if you scratch just the right spot on her neck. Usually she’ll manage to reach your hand or wrist (human flesh is what she wants!) but if she can’t then she just wildly licks the air and frantically swings her head around looking for anything in the immediate area that can be licked. Silly derpy girl. Love her.

  4. More familiar with seeing dogs legs go weak or the kind of phantom scratching with one of their back legs. This looks like less of a nerve response and more of a goofy behavioral thing

  5. Dogs are the best (my opinion) SO loving, fun, & faithful. I have a pit bull that always swings his ass sound so you can message it. After all that’s where all tension goes, right? Thanks for sharing

  6. Don't mind the trolls. Humans have the same thing right at your tailbone, sometimes if you scratch it right you can feel 'that feeling'. Not sexual by any means, if anything is kinda like a tickle that doesn't feel bad.

  7. I'd say it's because it might tickle all the way to her face or she might get like a nice tingle through her body and then deals with that by rubbing her face?

  8. My Dane does this too, and it’s not the first time I seen other Danes do it. Pretty sure it’s a Great Dane thing

  9. My girl (mutt) does this thing where she gets on her elbows and gives herself a self noogy when I scratch her bum.

  10. I adopted a great Dane, boxer, sharpei mix from death row when he was three or there abouts. He was the best dog I ever had. His name was Duke because that was his name when I adopted him and he wouldn't be called anything else. Butt scritches and ball throws were his life. I only got to borrow my poor buddy for eight short years before he bounced across the rainbow road. No doubt chasing that damn ball.

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