this came crashing through my roof. its solid metal, but I have no idea what it is.

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  2. Definitely not a fishing weight. Most fishing weights are comprised of lead or tungsten, using stainless steel would be too expensive for the average fisherman, that weight would cost too much.

  3. Other comments stated that a lawn mower could have flung it which is plausible, especially when you take into account the massive gash on the left side that looks like it could have been hit with a lawn mower blade

  4. Once upon a time, their roof was solid. Then one fateful day, this unknown object fell from above and, with such drive and power, punched straight through their roof. Upon finding it, an inquisitive OP posted a picture of it on Reddit in hopes to identify the object that so rudely compromised the integrity of their roof. The end.

  5. Whatever it is, it had the terminal velocity to go right through your house. I'm glad it did that and not through someone's skull!

  6. This didn't fall off a plane. The most common reasons that objects crash through people's roofs is either it got thrown by a wood chipper (not usually enough to go through a roof), or some construction "thingy" was under a lot of tension and broke sending heavy parts flying.

  7. I’m guessing someone intentionally dropped it as a prank or something. I would report it. It’s the same as shooting a gun blindly without regard for who it might harm.

  8. I'm probably wrong but it looks like a massive fishing weight. Do you live near the shore by any chance? Maybe someone was learning to cast for the first time or something.

  9. 304 is stainless steel, I’ve never seen a stainless steel one that looks like that, even with a quick google search

  10. The ring on top looks to be a separate part from the ball. Not sure if that's helpful. I think the "304" refers to the grade of stainless steel.

  11. What also makes sense is the dent on the side. Something broke under great force and hit this, and it flew up, and landed through the roof

  12. Good job on the identity. I was going to comment on the eye bolt, we use a wide variety at my work place. No idea why it seems to be attached to a ball bearing of sorts.

  13. The big dent in the side makes it look like it was hit (and launched) by a lawnmower or something similar rather than dropped from an aircraft.

  14. That circle piece on the top looks like a lifting eye; used in rigging and hoisting, think crane on a construction site. My guess is they were lifting something and whatever it was have way and shot that what didn’t break at a ballistic arc right at your roof. I would suspect any heavy construction or industrial activity within a few miles of your house

  15. Looks a bit small to be part of a crane. Maybe part of some sort of tiedown that broke, wound up in a ditch, and then got hit by a mower?

  16. Doesn’t the picture of the whole in the roof looks old a little burnt around the edge like it was hot when it crashed through?

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  18. These are on Amazon, but the sub won’t let me send that link. I think someone must have used them as a tie down on a plane:

  19. Nice find. Totally plausible that this was being misused under high tension ratchet straps, rigging, or something similar; the housing (socket) catastrophically failed and the side of the ball got gouged by the ripped metal of the housing as it was ejected.

  20. Looks like a chrome plated brass ball with a lifting eye. Really weird. I wonder of someone was messing around with some kind of home made launcher. Doesn't look like any kind of fishing weight.

  21. But they would have to shoot downwards? Or maybe up so damn high it had enough velocity to smash thru a roof???

  22. It had to come from very high to punch a hole through your roof. Just speculating, but perhaps from a plane that was towing a banner? The piece that the banner rope is tied to?

  23. Went down the plane banner rabbit hole. Just from a cursory look I didn't see anything like that on the banner unfortunately. I thought that was a good guess.

  24. A lot of people have said this, but it's not necessarily true. It only had to be on a ballistic arc while moving at a high rate of speed to pierce a roof like this. The uneven shape would mess with this a lot though, so it probably wouldn't have come from miles away or something like that. How it could have happened is still anyone's guess, but it's not any less probable than somehow falling from a plane (and honestly more likely)

  25. Counterweight of a spaceship, It probably should have lost his ballast. Awesome find! And free air circulation true your house in this hot summer

  26. How angled is it between the hole in roof and the one in ceiling etc? Might give a bit of context of the direction it was moving in before impact

  27. Good shout, if it went through multiple layers you could figure out if it's dropped from above or was on a ballistic trajectory.

  28. I wonder if it’s a piece of space junk that re-entered the atmosphere? Whatever it is,it would have to be traveling extremely fast to go through your roof because it doesn’t have enough mass to do so otherwise .

  29. The above part is a "Stainless Steel (304) Lifting Eye Nut". The lower part (spherical) I would say a "Spherical Eye Bolt Stop"... Does the sphere has an hole?

  30. Good guess I think, maybe would be good to look for a loose dog xD. Anyway that would explain the cut on the side!

  31. It appears to have a cleave mark also, indicative of a blade strike. OP should measure the angle of the cleave and seek out all mowers within a reasonable distance and match it up, maybe with some microscopy to check for matching indentations.

  32. Great question on the mower. I live in an almost perfectly flat area of land with houses and trees surrounding. I think it would be hard to get it outside the lawn mower guard to get high enough to hit the house. It also appears to have fallen into the roof not through the roof at a horizontal trajectory.

  33. Well here’s and out there thought on it having velocity to penetrate your house, as teens we built these home made cannons. We’d shoot whatever in them, they were powerful, they were also noisy. Perhaps you heard a boom?

  34. I wouldn’t necessarily discount the mower theory though I live fairly close to a golf course and I have gotten golf balls that got hit by a lawnmower launched through my shed roof before and left holes that look very similar I also happen to be a welder who does a lot of work with 304 stainless which is what the ball is made of and that gash really looks like it took a mower blade to it I would like to see some pictures of it up against stuff like a mower blade see how that gash matches up

  35. You really need to report this to the FAA (or equivalent for where you live). That is part of a tie town system that (judging by the gouge torn out of the side of it) was wrenched from its cup and fired out of an aircraft by excessive load. Its extremely lucky it didn't kill someone when it landed.

  36. are these ever used in plane tie downs? could the gash somehow be from a non-catastrophic prop strike that provideed downward trajectory and velocity.

  37. Im in the flight path of two large airports so this may be the reasoning but I have no idea how long ago it happened

  38. Are they doing any brush clearing in your area? Being that this is a common tie down device it could have been picked up and thrown by a brush mulcher a considerable distance and velocity. (Ive seen them throw teeth off the implement hundreds of feet)

  39. I reckon it was tied to a plane and got dragged into the air on takeoff, hit one of the engines and flew straight into the roof

  40. It's a 304 stainless lifting eye attached to what looks like a chromed brass ball. What it's purpose would be is much more questionable. Possibly a small counterweight for a cable end that ended up getting "Schwinggggged" into a sub orbital flight.

  41. I magnet fish and the eyelet is the exact same as the ones that came with my Brute Magnets. I checked their website, but didn’t see any round magnets like posted by OP. Regardless, so you can see the eyelet for comparison, here’s an example:

  42. Dog tie down swivel as mentioned. Mower or wood chipper makes the most sense. Outer edge of mower blade can travel 200mph, and edge of the brass ball looks like it was struck pretty solidly. It could have launched horizontally, hit a root or anything else, and gone airborne at an arc. Hurricanes can send things through plywood at speeds around 135mph.

  43. Now that it’s pretty solidly identified, maybe contact the engineering department at your nearest university- they may have fun calculating force/velocity (knowing weight, size of object plus density/thickness of your roof material and estimation of direction ) to solve the mysterious origin

  44. The ball looks like it’s from a ball and socket swivel base with a lifting eye but attached. There is another piece the ball pulled out of.

  45. Looks like someone clever has figured out what this was, the mystery of how it came to shoot through your roof is still open. I think someone (probably a male aged 11-28) who has a powerful slingshot found this thing laying around and couldn't resist shooting it straight up in the air.

  46. It looks like a fishing weight thingy. My dad has similar to this, but I can’t imagine that would be something that could go through a roof… weird.

  47. I may have an idea. Its an eye bolt threaded into a ball knob. I bet there was a plane pulling one of those long advertisement signs, and one of these was used as weight to keep the bottom side down.

  48. Did anyone else notice the impact marks next to the entry site? I wonder if the half moon impressions were caused by an additional piece that perhaps wasn’t heavy enough to bust through the roof? Maybe bounced off and landed in OP’s yard… 🤔 If the projectile OP found in the attic originated from a stake out, I think these other marks could have been made by the outer base. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  49. Do your neighbors have a dog that is tied out in the yard? My dog’s tie-out has this. I’m wondering if some sort of lawn equipment smoked it, then sent it flying.

  50. It’s clearly the dog tie out but I wonder if it was being used off-label, so to speak, on a hot air balloon, plane, para glider, etc.

  51. Have no idea what it is, but that gouge on the side of it, it was probably hit by something like a lawn mower blade, enough force to make a dent like that could have easily flung that thing with enough force to go through your roof.

  52. Thats a stainless steel lifting eye nut. 304 is stainless steel, but I am unsure what the ball is used for. Still reverse image searching for you because bored

  53. Someone trying to set their drone up to Ukrainian standards. Funnily enough, my wife and I had this same thing happen a few years ago. We were sitting in the living room and suddenly large THUNK. I walk to the back yard. Find an unidentified plastic object that I had never seen. I went inside and told sweety I put it on the plant stand, I'm not bringing that inside. Five minutes later, two neckbeards show up knocking saying that their drone was on our roof and the battery had fallen out..." At 400 feet dude". I told them to go get a ladder and I would retrieve their battery as long as this did not happen again. No roof damage thankfully.

  54. Judging from the gash, maybe a riding mower hit it and launched it. Was there a lawn crew nearby when this happened?

  55. People seem to be fixated on it coming from very high in the air. Once an object reaches terminal velocity 32 ft/sec squared it doesn’t matter how far it falls. It comes down with the same force from 100 ft or 100,000 feet

  56. This is very interesting. How did you happen to notice the hole and the object if you didn’t hear it hit? I guess you were having water damage?

  57. I'm suspecting that may be off of a cargo container loaded onto an aircraft although it does nt directly resemble what I am finding -just a thought.

  58. That’s no fishing weight I’ve ever seen. However I have cast a line and the weight disappear into the sky before.

  59. From the wear & damage on it, I'd wager that it is the (ball joint) part of a light-medium duty swivel swing hanger like this one

  60. Okay maybe I’m crazy but that thing had to be going RIDICULOUSLY FAST to punch a PERFECT CIRCLE through that OSB those shingles, insulation and anything else in between like dry wall. Space junk is a huge problem, as far as I know there’s a lot of scrap metal and other junk just orbiting earth like lil satellites. It’s not entirely uncommon for shit to fall back to earth and if that metal has a high melting point and was maybe encased by some other metal (maybe this is a piece of a whole unit or just inside a unit??) I could see it breaking off/out and falling through your roof. When thing fall to earth they often scatter and break up or burn up. If you have or can rent a metal detector maybe u can look for evidence? If there’s a solid reason y I could be wrong someone lmk. If things fall from space it’s definitely not gunna reach the ground in one piece.

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