Sitting on a wild animal, WCGW?

  1. Had I been shown that man bag and ankle socks previous to the video I could have told you something like this would happen with him in charge.

  2. Holy SHIT they are so lucky this guy didn't just chomp down on their kid's face while they sat there like idiots.

  3. Parents probably told her to sit on the animal. I bet they have a YouTube and TikYok channel where they exploit their children for views.

  4. That looks like Hout Bay harbor in Cape Town, South Africa. Unfortunately, people interact with the seals, often feeding them and irritating them. After a while, the seals get aggressive when they are not given food or people harass them, as in this case and the local authorities have to come and put the seal down. There are even one or two instances where the harbor locals have tried to style themselves as 'seal whisperers' to con the tourists into parting with their money and the seal ends up suffering. All round its a bad situation.

  5. This looks more like the parents told the Child to do this for some awesome pics. Why else would they already be filming and the father runs with his phone in his hand.

  6. The man says "guys it's ok" as if he is charging for people to take pictures with his pet. This is not the dad..this is a douche selling peddling his ""pet".

  7. This is Hout Bay, South Africa and you are completely right, unfortunately. They charge people to take photos of the seals and to feed them fish.

  8. If I've learned anything from my time on Reddit, I'm pretty sure that's a Sea Lion since it supports itself on it's flippers, except for the odd cases when a Seal looks like a Sea Lion, and vice versa.

  9. Right? Seals have sharp teeth like dogs, only bigger! She really could have gotten hurt badly. The seal could have rolled over on her and smashed her to death. Stupid parents

  10. I almost lost a finger to infection and the doctor was really hesitant about going more than 7 days on antibiotics. The longest was h pylori at 14 days and that fucked me up. Antibiotics are no ho.

  11. My uninformed opinion is that there is almost no way you'll need antibiotics for 6 months. You either get rid of the bacterial infection before that or you switch to something broader/narrower or more powerful.

  12. This is Hout Bay, South Africa just FYI, there are some fatties there all the tourists love to pose with.

  13. that dad is so useless. the way he daintily ran but didn't even put his body between the sea lion and his child. what a fuckin pile

  14. You see how stupid that guy is? Some woman said to herself "I want to have a baby with this man". Good luck little girl.

  15. Isn’t this the same place where two seals are fighting and the dude just jumps in the middle and makes them stop? I wonder if they are the same seals. They deserve names if they’re the same ones.

  16. If I am not mistaken but the seal was not completely wild. It waa fed by a fisherman for a long time and would pose for pictures with people for fish. So it makes sense that the girl didn't completely lose her face.

  17. Now that kid will fear animals. Obviously some animals are to be feared, especially wild animals. You will never know how they react. But yeah, way to almost get your kids face bitten off.

  18. The seal’s reaction was actually pretty crazy given that it didn’t bite a chunk of flesh out of the girl and run. They need to watch some Ocean Conservation Namibia videos on YouTube.

  19. What were the parents expecting to happen? What like the poor seal would just tolerate having a kid tossed on its back? Hell no honestly the amount of parents I see doing this shit is terrifying, these ones might need to be sealed… away if this ends being a recurring theme.

  20. The worst part is that the parents would blame the animal for not allowing their kid to sit on them.

  21. Poor seal. People need to learn that their crotch goblin is not the center of the universe, and they are not allowed to do everything...

  22. In my state they just take your kid and give it to a family that rapes them or kills them. It's actually really bad and a bunch of the contracted facilities and homes got shut down over the last couple years because of it. They'll take your kid away because you got caught smoking pot or something at work and stick them with a serial pedophile that somehow gamed the system.

  23. Humans like to downplay the intelligence of animals because of the way we treat them and eat them, but most animals are actually pretty smart and know how to read the room fairly well. That animal had no reason to hurt the kid. It just needed to show the parents that it was out of patience and it was very effective.

  24. Perhaps the kinder approach for the people involved (including the kid) would be to have the parents (If those are the parents) forced to do some parenting education?

  25. You say that as if every generation haven't been dumb assholes sometimes, millennial generation [and the subsequent ones] just have it filmed more often

  26. And if that seal or sea lion bit the child, they could be at serious risk. Google Seal Finger. It is serious and could mean amputation. Can you imagine a small child having to be treated for this?

  27. What horrible people to put a little girl at risk like that. She could’ve been seriously disfigured or even killed. Not to mention the animal would’ve prob been put down just for trying to protect itself. Selfish adults.

  28. For real. I cannot stress enough how dangerous seals can be, that girl is lucky he didn't latch his teeth into her neck. Boom, dead child. This girl is one of the luckiest children imaginable, and the parents deserve to be charged with reckless endagerment.

  29. Even the best parents sometimes looser their kids out of sight. I was almost run over by an angry goat because I was a stupid kid.

  30. "It's just a big water dog! Go pet it honey." Domesticated family dogs have ripped apart children and killed people plenty of times too, Susan. You try to give a milk bone to a wild wolf at Yellowstone?

  31. There has never been a single reliably documented case of a healthy wolf attacking a healthy adult human. Not a single one, ever. Sick and starving wolves have attacked humans, and wolves have attacked children or injured humans as easy prey, but humans are large and dangerous enough and wolves are smart enough to go in search of easier prey.

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