China Tiger Attack Kills Woman at Drive-Through Animal Park

  1. We went to a drive through animal park once, there was a little pond with a few lions sleeping around it. I was joking to the kids about how lazy they were. Just then a duck flew in and landed in the pond. I saw one lion raise his eyebrow and in a fraction of a second had covered the 50 feet between him and the duck, swatted it, and was then joined by 2 more lions who proceeded to rip it to pieces. The speed of the attack was incredible.

  2. I'm pretty sure it was the second woman who died. The young woman got pissed off and jumped out. The husband and the mother-in-law tried to rescue and the mother-in-law died.

  3. They have a big ass sign telling you not to get out of your car. Im pretty sure they have a speech about it before you go in. Its like the only rule.

  4. Wife: “Hey hunny i wanna drive, get out the driver seat” Husband: “no, women no good at driving” Wife: (gets snatched by lion) Husband: “see..”

  5. Darwin Award memorable mention. People are such idiots: that tiger is now probably dead thanks to an idiot who can’t follow instructions

  6. The woman who died, is the third individual that hets out of the car, her daughter is the one who gets snatched by the lion. The mom, tried to save her daughter. The daughter was throwing a hissy fit and was arguing with her husband. She then tried to sue the place, for her stupidity.

  7. So the one we see getting taken did not die. Her mother tried to save her and she died. The original takee is suing the park to cover up her prime role in her mother's death. I know it's china, but welcome to Murica

  8. Everyone who watched this video died too. Some of them just dropped dead moments later, a few managed to grind out another 70 or 80 years. But everyone who watched this video died, and now that I’ve seen it I fear the clock is ticking for me too.

  9. OK so she was getting out of the car, bad move, but we accept this. What I don't understand is how nonchalant she was about it. If your getting out of a car in dangerous cat territory, you need to move with purpose. And check your God damned six... don't just stand there with your back to 800 pound apex predators.

  10. Wow imagine having to live with the fact that your stupidity got your mother killed. Probably killed the tiger too.

  11. Nah. The last person to leave the car died. By a second tiger. According to the article. But still… damn.

  12. If ur stupid enough to open ur door in a drive through zoo then u deserve to be food cuz u ain’t smart enough for anything else… stupid bitch

  13. I'm fairly certain they tell you to STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE at the beginning of the drive thru zoo. It's her own dumb ass fault she wanted to get out and walk around for some ridiculous reason.

  14. Yeah, id be scared facing it..but i also wouldnt intentionally remove all protection i have while being aware of tigers loose nearby. She thought she was invincible and was shown otherwise. Her own fault.

  15. Nobody in this comment section is saying they could take on a tiger. What people are referring to is the fact she put herself and others in danger because of her stupid actions. Don’t know how calling out the obvious is somehow considered dumb. Maybe you should read carefully next time you consider saying some dumb shit like this.

  16. What are you on about? Wym not playing around my man its just a tiger being a tiger. You are told to stay in your vehicle, and with good reason. Do stupid things win stupid prizes, all there is too it

  17. Iirc she wasn't the one killed.. seemingly the husband and her mother in law follow her which you see in the clip. And it turns out the grabbed lady escaped but the mother in law was killed helping her escape.

  18. If there are Tigers roaming around freely I don't need a sign to tell me to stay in the car. More than likely dead before she felt much.

  19. I feel like she felt a whole bunch as that thing was dragging her very much still alive and conscious body into the jungle. what an awful way to die. if you made a list of preferred ways to die I bet tiger mauling would be VERY low on that list.

  20. The family attempted to sue the safari park in the wake of this incident in 2017- does anyone know if they were successful? I cant find any record of thr case past 2017

  21. I believe case got thrown because they were showing blatant disregard for the rules that are explicitly explained and advertised.

  22. Things don't work in China like they do here. They probably got laughed out of the court. She got out of the car at an drive through zoo. Any idiot would know the risks.

  23. Have we learned nothing from the first jurassic park movie? Also, there is nothing you could do but get back in the car. It must have been feeding time😬

  24. The whole family got out like "hey tiger pick me next". They are lucky another person didn't die. I'm sorry if my friend runs into a tiger enclosure and gets taken out that was their choice and Im not going to die as well trying to save them.

  25. Bloody hell. That mum knew what she was getting into and did it anyway. Hope the daughter lives a fulfilled life to make up for the sad loss of her mother.

  26. According to the comments in the original post, the woman that got dragged by the tiger didn't die but it was the woman that got out of the back seat of the car that died. She got mauled to death while trying to save the other woman.

  27. Dude what the actual fuck was she thinking? You would have to pick my car up and move it with a helicopter before I got out of a car in a tiger enclosure. It’s sad she’s dead, but damn she had zero common sense.

  28. The worst part is the woman that got out isn't the one that died. It was the other one that got out from the back and was trying to save the first woman..

  29. I don`t agree with your context but I do with the concept. I think we should send everyone to a tiger park at a certain age. We would have well fed tigers and we would be allowed to have nice things.

  30. The husband planned this premeditated murder. He told his wife he needs to switch driving with her because he has a debilitating migraine and can’t see well. She got out to replace him behind the wheel, and he stayed put. He even held the door from her opening it.

  31. Somebody else said they wanted to switch drivers, the man asked the woman to drive. Her mannerism also doesn't look like somebody who's just been in a heated argument. Not sure though.

  32. When i was in Egypt a bus of Chinese turists stopped in the middle of the desert on the side of the road. Just just walked around. Sat on the road and took pictures. They dident care or look if they were walking out in front of cars or other busses. I am still surprised no one was hit by a car

  33. Nah not really, as it was the old lady existing from the back seat to help her son save his wife, that got killed! The bitch lived however 🙄

  34. I really hope the tiger wasn't harmed. I also don't want to sound unsympathetic but she got out of her car into their area and I'm pretty sure there were plenty of "Do not exit your vehicle" signs. Silly decision cost her life and destroyed her families. RIP

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