WCGW when I hop from one tree to another

  1. I used to do that when I was a lot lot younger. At almost 62 i can still climb a tree....but I don't jump them anymore!

  2. That ending gives me anxiety. Young me once decided to try diving off a snow pile head first, ended up stuck upside down in the snow for 10 minutes until my brother got me out. Thats how I learned I'm fucking claustrophobic

  3. I just got back from my friends and I did a front flip and landed on my head it hurt my chest and my chest still hurts right now and I used my inhaler and the thing I just watched here is probably worse than what just happened to me

  4. I puckered my everything when he started going down headfirst but being stuck upside down in the snow like a cartoon character was perfection lol

  5. There are relatively few humans with sufficient hand strength to catch their own body weight while falling or flying even a short distance.

  6. Looks like the snow was pretty deep. If you're gonna try stupid shenanigans like this, might as well be safe and do it when there's a soft landing to be had when you fail.

  7. Knew a kid in high-school who said that when there's was a few feet of fresh snow overnight he'd climb tall trees just to jump off. Still sounds stupid to me tbh.

  8. My uncle and dad used to do this, they would try to see how far they could go from tree to tree in the woods and never touch the ground. My dad also broke his back doing this as a kid.

  9. There's a video of my friend saying "look what I'm gonna do", jumping between branches of two trees and breaking his arm. Final position is not as dramatic and elegant as here, but also looks much more painful.

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