Totaly not a trap

  1. I wanna know how he got the police to spent an afternoon waiting for a potential thief to arrive. Usually police don't have time for minor crimes.

  2. How dare he fights back when we someone tries to rob him? He should have let them take what they wanted, the same way Ukrainians are letting the orcs take whatever they want and totally not wrecking the Russian "army".

  3. Friend of mine, while drunk, had just taken 300€ out of an ATM. Got held up by a dude with a knife. Gave him the money, then went "no fuck I can't give that to you. That's my rent. I'm just a student. Take 30€ and give me back the rest."

  4. They already failed why did they go back its like being rejected by a girl and going back a few minutes later to ask the girl out again

  5. My dad did the same shit to these guys that were paid to abduct and murder him. Convinced them to let him go so he could meet back up with them later with more money than they were hired to off him for. Both of them fell for it lol

  6. Reminds me of my military interrogation training. The good cop, bad cop thing works. Interrogation shops have hard hitting guys there expecting to not get much intel, its the janitor thats "sneaking" in Jolly Ranchers that gets the good stuff.

  7. Absolutely F*CKING stupid lmao, shout-out to the shop owner! Those robbers aren't the brightest, clearly, he picked up on that and used it to his advantage.

  8. I kinda feel bad that the thieves believed him and got arrested. Now they won't believe anyone easily anymore.

  9. "Rob me later" is up there with messing with the IT guy and telling the chef you insulted to make your food again. It just wont go your way.

  10. I heard a story once about someone robbing a liquor store and the robber demanded some of the expensive top shelf bottles along with the money he took. The store owner said no problem but you have to show me ID for those be cause how expensive they are, the idiot robber complied lol.

  11. The shop guy got them arrested? That's cheating dude, now this raises trust issues in those gentlemen's mind🙆

  12. My Dad was the regional manager of a restaurant chain. At one of his stores was an attempted robbery. The store had a time lock safe. A man came into rob after hours and the manager couldn't open the safe until an hour after the code was entered. The man got scared and left, and the manager called the police. Honest to God, while the police were there, the man called back and told the manager to start the safe, he would be there in an hour. You can imagine his surprise when he arrived.

  13. I’m not sure I would do that and then ridicule a criminal gang… they know where you are and probably won’t be in jail long (that’s if friends and family don’t get to you first).

  14. I can only say from the vid but it looks like only one came back, Id like to think the others realized they were duped but he thought “what if he’s being honest?”

  15. Lol, in The Netherlands we always tell jokes about the Belgians and how stupid they are. Amazing to see this video here.

  16. That’s actually very clever on the owners part and beyond stupid on the thieves part. Stupid ass fools. They were dumb enough to be thieves in the first place but who knew they were so retarded they would walk into this trap hahah. Hope they rot in jail

  17. Damn reminds me of when I worked at Dominos, I was out for a delivery and had to deliver to someone working in a swapmeet. I went inside for maybe 4 minutes, by the time I returned someone stole the dominos car too sign I had on my car. The very next day someone called the store stating he was given the sign by a friend and wanted to see if we’ll buy it off of him since we’d obviously need it. Manager talked to him like he was interested in it and told him to come by around 3pm the next day since he was about to clock out. He had planned to have plain clothes officers nearby so when the dude came in they’d arrest him and figure out if he was the one who stole it. Guys never came probably had a hunch or were just too scared to go through with it. Wish they would’ve came to see the look on their faces. Although before I quit I actually took one of those car tops and gave it to a friend who wanted it to put on his car when he went to car meets

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