WCGW by not paying attention for a huge pole in the middle of the sea..

  1. My favorite part is where the dude looks up at the last possible moment. Just enough time to notice the danger, not enough time to do anything but shit himself.

  2. Dude has a clear view to the horizon, just look up every few minutes nothing coming up in the next few miles ok back to the hub.

  3. I mean. To be fair, why WOULD a pole be there. Yes whoever is there should be at least slightly aware but y’a can’t be like “you should have known that you were in the very specific spot of this mass of water that has one singular pole and should have been more aware for that period of time” I don’t know the situation, we don’t know the situation. Not fair to judge

  4. To be fair who the fuck would be looking for obstacles in the middle of the ocean that don’t have a radar. Like what even is that and what is it doing there?

  5. So the captain is either no longer a captain or not retiring from his position for an extra decade if the insurance doesn't cover that

  6. For a second I thought the boat was going to crumple like how modern cars do. Then I remember oh, it’s a boat. Having thin anything is a terrible design choice for boats

  7. Someone’s getting fired lol 😂. Explain to me how in the fuck you hit the only pole in hundreds of miles around us? Idiot! Lol 😂

  8. It looked like it had 3 people working under the console driving thingy (I am not an expert) my question is just why why did it need 3 people being like ooooo yes this floor is made out of floor 🗿

  9. Oh hey! I got to help with the repairs with this ship, I know it looks funny and stupid but apparently the auto-pilot wasn't updated and the wind turbine recently got built. If you wanna know more, dm me!

  10. I'm surprised there's no collision alert klaxon. It doesn't take a super computer to read the position of the turbines - which are stationary, and the boat itself to determine if they're going to collide.

  11. I don't know why, this reminds me of that one scene where the log falls off the truck and plows through the car.

  12. Navigator, crew and captain all went for lunch, the nodding duck inserting the coordinates was in charge.

  13. Yo, can somebody dub this with Celine Dion: My Heart Will Go On? Y’know, the really dramatic part. I got some coins for a retarded comment yesterday, so I’ll see what award I can afford.

  14. Come on man. At least the titanic ice berg was trying to blend in with its surroundings. How you miss a massive brightly coloured pole.

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