WCGW mixing pool chemicals

  1. by the sounds she made she probably made mustard gas or literally any other gas you make by mixing chemicals

  2. Personally I stick to bleach (chlorine), borax, and baking soda for my pool. A little chlorine stabilizer helps. I avoid all the gimmicky at the pool store. Avoid peroxide shock, never mix it with chlorine shock, and never, never, never add water to a solid pool chemical. Always add the solid slowly to water.

  3. As a pool contractor i can teñl you this shit happens often , customer think they outsmart companies by mixing chemicals at the same time , had a couple of cases were customer killerd his dog by pouring chlorine and acid and another one were they pour algiecide into a koi fish pound

  4. FYI (to all commenters): it's not mustard gas. Judging by the yellow colour, it is chlorine gas (Cl2). Chlorine is added to pools as powder (or liquid), but will turn into gas form if there is a high concentration (like in a small bucket), or when mixed with an acid (e.g. muriatic acid: HCl which is also used in cleaning).

  5. While I appreciate your chemistry knowledge, calcified chlorine will react exactly this way when you saturate the dry chemical with water. It's always (in the US) advised on the directions to pour the powdered chlorine into water, not the other way around, to avoid this exact chemical reaction.

  6. Bro the fact that she picked up the bucket i just - 💀💀 you see it clearly fizzling chemicals everywhere and you think "AH today would be a great day to not have skin on my hands or feet" NO survival instincts whatsoever.

  7. Clean toilets with the strong bowl cleaner, with hydrochloride acid, then use ammonia spray to clean mirrors. Interesting cloud formation.

  8. Heard a news story where a restaurant worker after hour cleaning up mixed cleaning solvents dying because of toxic gasses created. Observe warning labels people. Your life my depend on it.

  9. In reference to those workers, likey mixed bleach and ammonia. I did this by mistake in my kitchen. Window cleaner has ammonia. Large quantity in a small space can kill you. Be careful I think it's the same as mustard gas they used in ww1.

  10. Honestly might've made it worst - it's not a flame, it's an ongoing reaction. Adding it to more chlorinated water probably isn't the move

  11. That dog realized wtf it is and out of there but the woman gets a good big breath out of the chemical gas , lungs damage and breathing failure is immanent. Hope she get a good doctor and recover.🙏

  12. So many people pee in the pool this may not be strong enough. I stopped using public pools when my hair felt like straw due to the university effort to counter the Astronomical urine content. That water was borderline toxic.

  13. I'm here for them and take care of them and raise money for them and secure they're future they are my children now 😌 SADDAM HOSSEIN

  14. Did that women just mix the chlorine and muriatic acid.. Christ! Congrats! You just created chlorine gas. Going to need some nebulized water + sodium bicarbonate

  15. Guessing sodium bicarbonate and chlorine. Maybe chlorine and muriatic. I don’t get why you would mix them together though. Never mix the chemicals. Just one at a time. Sodium bicarbonate or soda ash dissolve in water then add but not chlorine…

  16. I mixed bleach and a non-bleach cleaner with ammonia in a bathroom with closed windows before and immediately realized what I did, opened the window and closed to door to the bathroom and hid downstairs. My nose started bleeding a little and I had trouble breathing all week without pain in my throat / chest . I also was suddenly very very very irritated by anything with an odor (candles) and Lysol would give me a scratchy throat reaction. Those last two things are still a problem for me. No more overly fragranced things for me.

  17. Probably not, but she definitely made mustard gas I'd say lol. At least she was outside and no in an enclosed room.

  18. Makes sense now why my pool chemicals have this written about 15 times on the bottle. Glad I wasn't foolish.

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