WCGW on her 17th birthday

  1. everybody has seen it coming… and why did she not think that it’s a little suspicious when somebody stands right behind her? it’s like they both knew and thought it’s a good idea. 17? jesus christ…

  2. That was so mean and dangerous. I can’t believe someone would actually do this to someone who is celebrating their birthday.

  3. God fucking dammit, I get so fucking pissed every time I see this shit. It’s not funny. It’s basically bullying, plain and simple. Has no one learned that no one appreciates this nonsense? People that do this need to have their head scrubbed into concrete until sense kicks in.

  4. I hope she is ok. A flame to the eye cannot be good. She looked hurt and in pain. As for the guy, all I can say is that he is a flaming [email protected]

  5. I never had this done to me because i dont trust people so i instinctively braced myself before going for the candles. I don't know if nobody ever thought to try or if they saw me bracing for the push and gave up. But the most probable reason is that they wanted to eat the cake without my sweat in it.

  6. Fuck people that do stuff like this. It's never well received and you just look like a twat trying to get a laugh at someone else's expense. Hur hur, it's so funny that I ruined your cake, your birthday and potentially your eye sight. Fucking muppets.

  7. What’s with the dipshit trend of smashing someone’s face into their own birthday cake? It’s fucking everywhere and I hate it so much…you’re literally being an asshole to someone you’re close enough to be invited to their birthday and you actively ruined a cake…it’s such a retarded brain dead douchnozzle thing to do….fuck everyone who does this with a 40ft red hot iron pole

  8. These are not funny, and this is a really fucking stupid thing to do. Anyone who does this isn’t a good person, and doesn’t have a strong sense of empathy or understanding of consequences and how to treat other people. You can’t change my mind.

  9. People just need to stop showing other into cake. It ruins the cake for everyone and 90% of the time it just pisses off everyone the cake if for

  10. One way to avoid some asshole smashing your face into hot wax is to not blow your spit all over shared food. Just clap near the candles to put them out.

  11. It’s hard to fathom that those two giant, spikey candles didn’t register with him, after watching him look at the cake almost continuously. I just wonder, when he envisioned what a hilarious hero he was about to be, exactly how did this all work out in his head?

  12. I think this is more an American thing - over in Britain, slicing the cake and passing it around to the family is half the tradition. If somebody did this and subsequently ruined the cake, they'd probably be kicked out quite quickly

  13. Can we just stop with the smashing someone's face on a cake thing? Seriously, not only are you wasting food, you're going to badly injure someone. I've seen someone's face get a bump on their head because someone thought it was funny to smash their face to the cake. The cake had those metal inside so the cake won't fall.

  14. I knew that was going to happen and I still winced. Hot flame/candle wax in the eye area is gonna be really awesome feeling.

  15. White ppl stealing latin traditions: still ironing out the kinks. Reminds me of the old lady getting clocked when walking up to a blind folded woman during a piñata session. 😆

  16. This is another trend that can die in the abyss of shitty and stupid things to do to friends and family. Not to mention, inspiring more cases of stupidity on the internet...

  17. Which dumbass though “wow, today’s a extremely special day for this person. This day was the day this person was born, a remarkably day that should be celebrated every year……yea let me ruin their day by slamming their face into the cake”

  18. How did she not know he was going to do that? Or mom. Note to you all, if there is someone standing behind you pretty much holding you the entire time they sing happy birthday, they're going to try and smash you into the cake. Now you know.

  19. Burned eyes aside, I really hate that people have decided it's cool to ruin a perfectly good birthday cake to make a video.

  20. You know, not once in the ten thousand times that this "prank" was done was it ever funny. In fact I've yet to see a prank that was actually humorous.

  21. The mother's face at the end says it all! She's spent 17 years telling her daughter to be careful, "You'll have your eye out with that!". In the end someone else had it out for her! >:(

  22. I think this is the meanest tradition. I would beat the living shit out of someone who shoved my face into any kind of food.

  23. I fucking hate, face smash videos. I almost killed my sisters friend who did it to her at her 30th birthday party. That would’ve put a damper on things. But I was enraged.

  24. Like if you want to do the whole cake face thing buy a separate small cake cut a piece out and have it on a plate nearby that you can smudge on them or maybe get some icing on your hand and rub it on their face but for the love of everything people need to piss off with the smashing faces into cakes. They’ve never gone well.

  25. Plus on top of all this fuckery, who wants to eat a cake that now has someone’s makeup smashed into it? That’s a waste of a good cake.

  26. The tradition in Mexico is called “la mordida.” It is performed after the candles have been blown out. The birthday person goes to take a bite of the cake and then people or a person attempt to push their face into the cake further than anticipated. The goal is not to smash the whole cake or injure anyone. It’s a goofy thing akin to weddings/receptions where the couple put cake on each other’s faces. This video is not that. This is pretty heinous. If you want to mimic a fun, lighthearted, and generally safe tradition, please do it correctly so no one gets hurt.

  27. Lol this is what I always thought would happen if people did this to me. Except one of those thin candles just impales my eyeball, in my imagination.

  28. If anyone ever did this to me that would result in a instant walk out and refusal for any future birthday parties.

  29. I'm getting so tired of this trend, STOP WASTING CAKE!! It's the only reason us fat people show up at your party.

  30. That girls eyes could've been poked out. Bad parenting on the moms part, just standing there watching.The brother is uh poor extra from DUMB & DUMBER. & if that girl is smart, I'd start looking for uh NEW FAMILY! asap.

  31. I don't know which one I should surprise, the fact that this stupid tradition is still going or how strong that cake is.

  32. I fucking hate these people. This is such a waste. People are excited to eat some cake, and someone always has to ruin it. This sucks

  33. Why would that moron push her head into a cake with candles, regardless is they were lit or not? Damn eye poke one way or another. She needed to kick him in his baby nuts to prevent any future offspring from that guy!

  34. So, when did this become a trend?, why do people still do it? Its ridiculous, you waste food, you have a chance of severely injuring someone with it and ruining the celebration for such a stupid "prank"

  35. why and who started this cake face smash tradition? destroying a cake and someone's face - just silly and juvenile.

  36. I don't get how anybody thinks this could possibly be funny... I'm pretty sure anybody who tries this in Germany would get flak from everybody present

  37. Can we as a society make this a crime? Nothing funny or good ever came out of smashing a cake with someone's face. Plus if you smash the cake, no one gets cake. You know how much cakes cost nowadays with inflation? Not to mention you burned her fucking eyes on her birthday, add another $2000 for a hospital visit.

  38. Can this shit stop? Seriously, the best outcome is you ruin someone’s birthday on video. That’s if everything goes well and it never seems to.

  39. And this is why I hate Tik Tok. Fucking kids just do anything these days to get internet clout from other idiots. Fuck anybody else's feelings or safety. Fuck someone's special day or their memories.

  40. Let this be a lesson to you: if anyone pushes your face into a cake, hit them in the face as hard as you can. Then make it clear that you will keep doing that to anybody who ever does that again.

  41. What a small cake. Then these losers ruin it. How lame they are. Not cool. This girl only has 2 people here and they both seem to be AH's. Mom and Bro or BF are huge AH's. If this is the BF and family, break it off and find people who are not into humiliation.

  42. What is it with pushing people's faces inro cakes? I just don't get it (the burning candles just make it hazardous too, but that's beyond the point I'm trying to make)

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