WCGW with Joyriding in the Freeway

  1. Why are they yelling “River Dance”???? Weirdo Irish people coming to America and endangering lives smh. Send em back. Ima tell my boy trump they next on list. No River dance on highways

  2. These dumbass assholes deserve to never drive a car just for the shitty broccoli hair alone, let alone this dangerous stunt.

  3. Now imagine you after your 12 hours are all done and squared away you’re driving home and be smacked with this hot steaming pile of bullshit.

  4. Yup, seen this happen as it happened. Wishing it would happened and it did happen. Made being late all worth it cuz dumb fucks wanna slow down traffic . It’s a sayin where we from. “I’m doing 80 on 80”. Go fast or crash you beezy.

  5. This is why teenagers shouldn't be allowed to have cars that are capable of spending tires they all deserve late '80s through mid-90s Honda Civic hatchbacks that have slightly blown head gaskets and compression issues

  6. In the words of my friend Kenny Hooper after he wrecked his mom’s corvette, “it’s all over but the cryin’”

  7. Why do all these kids have the same weird poofy haircut? Asking for a friend who thinks iis absolutely ridiculous.

  8. These pieces of shit make the car community look bad, they’re just an example of what happens when you give an absolute numbskull idiot a car

  9. Im sorry to actual US carguys, but this is why im glad some cars werent sold in the USA... Poor beemer though :(

  10. if you’re going to go crazy trying to drift on the freeway, traction control off at least… or or or or OR-> drive safe

  11. So this is the full clip! I’ve only ever seen the in car footage. Makes it better knowing he made himself look like an idiot in front of his “friends”.

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