Riding a motocross into your wedding, WCGW?

  1. You wanted a moment you won’t forget for your entire life’s, now you got two: 1 this fall, 2 your divorce.. muhaha

  2. Ouch! I hope he still has some teeth left after that incident. He’ll need to keep smiling till the very end for the cameras.

  3. He didn't even really do anything wrong. His front tire just hits gravel and it throws him off in an instant.

  4. As a rider I'm really sorry for that guy, he just wanted to have something nice and probably forgot the fundamentals about of sheer excitement.

  5. I think he was trying to hit the back brake and skid in but he’s to dumb to know that you don’t have to steer into it to make it slide

  6. Fractured skull on your wedding day … you know what they say perfect wedding shitty marriage. Shitty wedding perfect marriage…. They will last a lifetime 🤣

  7. I’m getting the feeling it wasn’t meant to be …he should probably leave that was definitely a sign to not get married

  8. Well that is one way to get out of getting married, I mean look at the wedding party and how fast he was coming it, there is no way he would have stopped before hitting them

  9. actually both my parents entered their reception on a motorbike.. just that it was in a wedding hall and they rode for like 2 seconds across the red carpet thing and were moving as fast as you’d walk from the bed to the toilet in the morning. so it’s not dumb or impossible to do this, THIS person is just dumb for trying to race in. wouldn’t slowly cruising in be just as, if not more cool? like a slow motion movie or smth. idk. just spending my honeymoon being able to walk sounds more appealing than having a 5 seconds cool entrance.

  10. That fucking sound is killing me. The doots from the horn, the smack on the ground, the audible gasp. If you let it loop enough it becomes and fucking beat

  11. Aside from the fact that we just watched his forehead grind onto the asphalt, and probably has bone showing, anytime a video cuts of that suddenly, somebody got seriously hurt!

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