WCGW trying to cause a riot

  1. I really like how they all chose to wear the white balaclavas, it really helps the general public correctly associate them with hateful terrorist groups such as the KKK

  2. I know that one makes me laugh because it’s in almost every video that you see about it. Just one lone guy yelling loser! He’s living his best day

  3. I think they could all use a couple bottles of water. And you can leave their masks up, because in their world waterboarding isn’t a crime.

  4. The funny part of this to me is that the reason they are all being kept there is because they didn’t have enough vehicle space to take them all alway. Like they figured there couldn’t possibly be that many of them in 1 van.

  5. Let's face it the minute you decide to ride around in the back of a U Haul voluntarily a lot went wrong.

  6. Any time a bunch of sweaty dudes are packed like sardines in a UHaul they are either extras in a nasty porno or gonna do something that pays less and is more dumb.

  7. The only time this is ok is when it’s a downhill skateboarding event, and they are hauling everyone to the top. That said, I normally see more collective intelligence at the downhill events.

  8. A group of friends and I once rented a U-Haul, bought a keg, put a couch in the back and had another buddy drive us around the beltway to see how fast we could finish it. I can confirm that a lot, in fact, went wrong 😂

  9. IDK why they bothered to pull them out, just pull it over, arrest the driver, haul it straight to county.

  10. Get in the zone! This month we’ve got half off incendiary devices and as always, our free borrow some artillery and program.

  11. Do you know how much a decent pair of work khakis cost these days? You can’t afford different pants for work and white supremacy on a retail worker’s salary.

  12. I like how one guy is wearing a reflective vest. Gotta be safe while on the street I guess, wouldn't wanna get hit.

  13. When white supremacists decide to match why do they always pick khakis?! It just makes them look like they all work at some big box store

  14. Basically the same thought process as the klan. Really nuts how the klan is back in force in 2022.

  15. It makes it harder to target individuals for arrest. If you cannot identify individuals coordinating arresting a specific one of them is difficult. Tracking then on CCTV is harder. Makes everything more difficult. Only downside is it makes it harder to blend into the crowd if needed

  16. My best friend is a married Gay man and even he said that riding in the back of a uhaul in matching outfits in the heat of summer with a bunch of other dudes is too gay for him

  17. There's something homoerotic about this group of men. I'd find it hard to believe that they don't do gay orgies.

  18. The resident that tipped them off needs to be praised beyond words. They stopped a lot of people from being hurt or killed.

  19. Hey folks look! a police department DID act when appropriate evidence was presented. And no one was harmed in the process!

  20. I live in CDA and it’s not nearly as bad as people remember it being. It is still heavy republican, BUT it is not nearly as racist as most claim. All but 1 of these guys were from out of state, it was not locally organized. No one here is applauding them that I know of and everyone is applauding the cops.

  21. Haha yea. Extremely surprised Idaho cops just didn't give them the red carpet treatment.

  22. For those curious, this was at the Spokane/Cour'd'Alane Pride. A supremacist group tried to show up with riot gear in a u-haul and harrass those attending the Pride festival that day.

  23. Hey fellow cda person, is it also cracking you up that everyone on the Facebook posts are screaming it was a fake fed event now? Lol everyone on like north idaho news won’t shut up about it

  24. Or they live a middle class suburban life and feel threatened because they watch too much fox news and fear mongering propaganda. They don't want to end up being one of the poors and they think the the gay pride parade is going to increase the gay population.

  25. It’s worse than that, tribalism is so engrained that they believe the only way their god emperor trump lost must have been a conspiracy. They are legit beyond help at this point, and should be handled as what they are, terrorists.

  26. They look like they wanna be a militia so bad. Give em some empty guns and drop em off in hostile territory. See how they like that.

  27. I bet these idiots whined and pouted about Covid-19 face mask requirements and called it tyranny that violated their freedoms and rights.

  28. These men wearing matching outfits reminds me of that scene from Django Unchained. At some point they agreed on what to wear. Wonder how that conversation went. Do we wear khakis? Ya. How about matching ball caps? Perfect. Who's wife is in charge of the white face ballaclavas? It's so ridiculous.

  29. Sad. Some of these guys traveled almost 1000 miles to attack people that have mostly just asked to be allowed to live their lives in peace.

  30. Kind of wish this was a scene from RDR2. I’d know what to do now they’re in handcuffs. Give ‘em lasso and take ‘em on tour.

  31. Wait till they find out they just arrested a whole ass police department from a different county..

  32. Aren’t those the same pussies that got chased out of Philly when they tried to protest on behalf of one of their stupid ideas?

  33. Here's the same group being chased out of Philadelphia last year. They couldn't handle Philly so they tried to be tough in a small town in Idaho!

  34. He’s right. It’s clearly clan hoods. Remember that when dealing with people defending these assholes. They are defending 21st century klansmen.

  35. I now officially see those outfits as the new modern day KKK Klan robes. They’ve simply replaced the pointy hood with a tan baseball hat.

  36. These fucknuts and others like them have ruined enough things. The goatee. Pepe the frog. Wrap around mirrored sunglasses. The OK symbol. Red baseball hats, polos and kakhis, camo, tiki torches, FFS, I cant wear anything anymore.

  37. Why are they wearing masks? I thought those were democratic fascist mind controlling suffocation devices. Suddenly they're on board?

  38. "Reclaim america". I don't even need to talk to these guys to know they want to get rid of blacks, hispanic and other non wasp groups.

  39. This is what Trump and Carlson breed. White males with everything that think they deserve more. This is the Republican party. Vote democratic while you still have a vote becuase the Republican party wants to take your vote by force! You can't be on the same side as these thugs and be for America. These are Russian commies forcing their will on others!

  40. I've found it interesting how these people believe things like "Reclaim America" like the guys shirt says, and somehow they're not terrorists, but the brown people in the desert that say/do the same for their country are.

  41. That's the beauty of the "us vs them" mindset. "Us" is by definition the good guys, so it doesn't matter what horrible tactics they may choose to employ.

  42. Chicken shits. I thought they were full of white Pride. Yet they all hide their faces in case someone sees what you're doing.

  43. I love the masks and the "operator" gloves. If they are so "proud" of their extreme racist, homophobic garbage, why don't they want to be identified?

  44. They all got bailed out this morning and are hanging out in the same town passing out flyers. Lol. Source: I live here

  45. Their families know. They're the ones at the family BBQ that everyone avoids cause they won't shut up about their latest grievance, especially after 6 beers

  46. People still don't understand how serious this is. If they were middle eastern guys this would be headline news, people would be going nuts.

  47. “Reclaim America”? I didn’t know they were fighting to give the land back to the Natives, interesting.

  48. The Utah men arrested included Jared Michael Boyce, 27, of Springville; Branden Mitchell Haney, 35, of Kaysville; Cameron Kathan Pruitt, 23, of Midway; Alexander Nicholai Sisenstein, 27, of Midvale; Dakota Ray Tabler, 29, of West Valley City; and Nathaniel Taylor Whitfield, 24, of Elk Ridge, according to an Idaho jail booking report

  49. This is so scary. Almost didn’t go to my local pride today because of this. It’s terrifying to think I can get killed just for spending time having fun with my people.

  50. This is why the justice department has to follow through with what the Jan 6 committee puts forth, these people will not stop if there is no accountability, they think they are in the right here and they will not relent.

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