WCGW leveling concrete using a sentient machine

  1. There is a centrifugal kill switch on these it case it gets away and starts spinning. Every one I’ve ever used had it disabled or it was broken

  2. That's maybe where the fault was. My man flicked the kill-switch and the machine took the sentiment literally.

  3. Impressive ass clench power to have held that thing though, too bad he used the power to just throw the machine towards the fallen guy.

  4. To be fair, he’s looking the opposite way concentrating on what he’s doing, and that machine would be very loud. All he can hear is the same loud hum of the machine he’s heard all day behind him while he’s doing his work the other way

  5. We should have known. When Skynet was first reaching out, first understanding what it could do, strange things, little things happened that made no sense but weren't worth thinking about deeply. There were odd electrocutions, plane crashes, network failures, machines that seemed to come to life and thrash and buck only then to suddenly stop and wait dumb and ready to work as they were constructed to be.

  6. I love how when the machine got loose from the first guy it smacked the other one in the ass like "What the fk are you looking at Jimmy , you want some too?!"

  7. What the fuck is with that red shirt guy’s situational awareness? Fuckin Shemp is flailing ass over tits splayed across the concrete and a furious machine is hurtling toward him, yet Moe only budges when the thing runs over his foot?

  8. Anyone notice the dude in the foreground watching his friends get beat up by a power tool while laughing? If your friend does that, you need to reevaluate your friend choices...

  9. you have to admire the work-ethic of the red-shirt guy...he kept working despite the colleague being already on the ground getting run over by the machine

  10. How is this "Title Gore"? The machine is sentient in this case as it's moving around on its own, and it's leveling concrete.

  11. This title is fine. It's obviously a joke. It doesn't become gore simply because lots of people are illiterate.

  12. I thought those type machines were required to have a safety grip switch which would stop the machine if the operator let go of the handle. Must have been disabled for the sake of making the video.

  13. Using one of those machines is honestly incredibly tough. Its heavy as shit and has a ton of torque as you can see in the video. Granted, this shouldn't happen often at all but it's not something that can only happen to unskilled workers.

  14. That is honestly terrifying. That machine has blades very similar to a fan, that slide along the top of the concrete. Because of that motion and abrasive nature of concrete, you quickly end up with a very sharp fan.

  15. When he goes to therapy and is talking about how the machine repeatedly tried to hit him, the therapist will say “ It’s not your asfault.”

  16. A simple cutoff switch with a rope attached to the handle like you have with outboard engines would make these things much safer.

  17. Sentient machines? Lol, that’s funny. I showed this to my wife who was making breakfast and she laughed then the toaster did a spit-take and laughed too, flopping a couple of slices of brioche out onto the counter. It was hilarious.

  18. "The Sentient machine" Has a random chance of turn to a boss when used .700000 health, 40000 Damage. Treat as a machine type monster

  19. Why are people so desperate to make things a what could go wrong, when there are so many subs to put this on?

  20. See their problem is they didnt realize you gotta treat machines nicely if you have a sentient model or they do this.

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