Christmas One Chip Challenge

  1. Ok I bought this for my nephew and figured I’d tell him to just try a very small piece but now after reading these comments I’m thinking I should probably just not give it to him. He’s 13 and loves spicy stuff but people in here are talking about throwing up later and hurting for days or even going to a hospital :/

  2. I've done the Death Nuts challenge twice with just pain and misery. Got through the Quaker State wing challenge with just pure pain. That one chip put me in the hospital. My vomit was BLACK. It was so bad I had trouble breathing. It took me an entire week to feel human. Now, I did exactly what I did with every other hot thing. I had milk before, but that chip is something different.

  3. You’re definitely not gonna want to eat more than one. Even if they didn’t try to kill you, they taste like a musty chunk of cardboard that had been used to wipe the devils butthole.

  4. I did this then two hours later got massive stomach/chest pains and threw up in a grocery store parking lot, resulting in a 2 day migraine. Good times.

  5. I refused to let it come back up. If I throw up it always comes out my nose and I couldn’t let that happen. Hurt like hell in my stomach, much much worse than the mouth.

  6. I eat a lot of spicy food and have done a lot of challenges over the years, and this chip was the absolute worst! It was just pure pain! And, the pain didn’t stop on the lips or in the mouth, nope, I felt that junk in my chest, stomach, intestines, and going out my ass! It was horrible!

  7. My mouth took it pretty well. It hit my stomach like a nuke though. I tried to tough it out but after 45 minutes I caved in. Funny thing is everything I tried to eat or drink made my stomach want to vomit. I had to fight it and the misery because I didn’t want to barf it

  8. Me and my wife did this. Was not fun. Back of my throat hurt real bad and sharp pains in my stomach for a couple hours. No intestinal issues though. We eat a lot of spicy food but this was terrible.

  9. We had her eat a banana and a PBJ to try and minimize stomach pain and it seemed to work (she doesn’t really eat spicy food)

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