WCGW trying to drink alcohol from strangers one story above you

  1. that horizontal velocity looked awfully calculated. delayed Austin yell seemed suspect as well. No 'are you alright?' confirmed this is the Beta Beta Beta fraternity.

  2. Oh man, not only did he hit the hot chick that gave them some attention in the head, but then lost all there drink!

  3. If this were reversed roles the guys would’ve laughed it off and used it as way to get into that party and successfully, cause everyone would be happy cause they were cool about it and brought the cooler back upstairs.

  4. She got really lucky, if the liquid had started before the drop she would probably have closed her eyes and not moved her head at all to deflect. Now it just glanced off her instead of possibly breaking her neck.

  5. Why do people close their eyes when an object is coming their way? Just look at it and avoid it instead of closing your eyes and hoping it misses.

  6. The title suggests it's her fault. But Austin ia just an absolute moron. She walked it off like a champ.

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