Poledancing in the living room WCGW

  1. You’re not meant to screw it into the ceiling joist unless you really want to, it’s pressure mounted

  2. eu não só a unica que esta achando q no final a mãe da garota levanta a mão pra bater nela? hehe :) ver pessoas se machucando as vezes e MT bom

  3. You know, saw it coming, as I think we all did, but the added layer of hitting the table first just made it infinity more funny than I thought.

  4. Almost too good. She hit the table in the best possible place to do most damage. The sound of the dishes crashing was so good there could have been a mic nearby.

  5. Maybe is the family business and the mom are still teaching the daughter, other way, I don’t know why the mom are around

  6. It's not secured at the bottom or top. I think it's like a shower curtain rod where you twist it and it expands. Pretty fucking stupid but seems like they needed to clean off that table anyway.

  7. See i wondered if that was just an extended reverse full scorpion, but i see where you are at with the helpless turtle. I have so much to learn.

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