I’m going to smash my brothers face into the cake, WCGW?

  1. This is annoying right up there with a bride and groom, that meanly smash cake into each other’s faces, after cutting it. Just why?!?

  2. Can someone explain to me why smashing someone’s face into a cake is funny? If someone did that to me when I was a kid I’d lock myself in my room until people left.

  3. Some of us do, the reactions go either way. I actually recently found out it’s a Mexican tradition. Didn’t know it was our own little thing.

  4. It’s been a trend for long time, coming from mexico we do this all the time and its just a small joke, yeah this dude went out of control but its not like this normally, only a small push on the head and everyone laughs.

  5. I just saw this happen a week ago. It was either on Yahoo fantasy sports or an ESPN broadcast. The broadcaster smashed his own face into a cake using wooden dowels

  6. This is pretty normal in hispanic families. Lol. Pretty much every hispanic family we know does this. The kids will often lean back while blowing out the candles. My guy is very untrusting when it comes to cakes!

  7. Right? Glad I don't have a prick family like this. However, I did have a "friend" like this, once upon a time. He'd pull odd stunts like putting powdered detergent in a pancake (he's cook into the bottom of the pancake so you'd start eating it before you'd realize what he had done) or shove a thin plastic piece into a slice of pizza so that you choke while you're eating it.

  8. mad would be an understatement for me. the rage would be pretty fucking intense, especially if this was done in front of more people than immediate family I live with...

  9. my sister put trick candles on my nephews cake one year. he blew and blew and nearly cried. she was the only one laughing. very disturbing incident.

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