not looking where you walking WCGW

  1. i kinda did something similar, i got checked out walkin past some girl and when i went to check her out back, the 80 pound backpack full of groceries i was carrying shifted to the right just a liiiitle bit too far and i had to snap my body forth to catch myself... i ripped the shoulder strap, sounded like a huge fart and she laughed her ass off and i was embarrassed. fun times.

  2. This is the second "woman walking and not looking where she's going" video I've watched today. It's liable to become my new fetish ...

  3. I wish there was a counter upload of a view from the bikers. Probably would've been 100 times more funny than this

  4. I am skeptical. There's a video of a lady falling into a bush while doing a video selfie like few days ago (which looked planned, since she apparently fell, but she still held on to her phone at a perfect angle, no selfie stick) got viral. Since then, I expect there's gonna be a sudden surge of "pretty girls hitting/falling while selfie-ing" videos also trying to get viral.

  5. Ok, o.k... I'll say it. Thank you for this repost. I sincerely had not seen this and genuinely lol'ed. This makes up for my previous bitching about reposts.

  6. This reminds me of back when people would video stuff all the time in the hopes of catching something funny to send to America's Funniest Home Videos

  7. I did this exact thing at Disneyworld, got a black eye (well, bruised yellow) and got to be the butt of a family joke for a LONG time!

  8. I walked into the ladies restroom at Walmart yesterday while not really paying attention. As soon as I saw all stalls, I did a 180 and quickly walked out.

  9. For the record I phrased this like a jeopardy answer. Sorry, I'm weird. I included a link for the lmgtfy on what is a petextrian. They are a major problem here in New Jersey. Don't be a petextrian.

  10. Several years ago I was speed walking down the street absolutely devouring a sandwich, trying to get home and bang my wife on my lunch break. I did this exact thing. Almost knocked myself out. My sandwich went flying out of my hand. I looked around for witnesses, but nobody saw. It felt like a good waste of slapstick. Didn't matter. Still banged.

  11. A lot of my friends from china and other east asian countries tend to wear their backpacks like that. Harder to steal shit off it in the streets.

  12. Because she is streaming? Y'know, a lot of people walk around streaming irl. Ice_Poseidon is one of the popular ones. Also, the sub you linked is ruined tbh :/

  13. I wouldn't mind hearing the version with sound. The bong noise from the pole would be interesting to hear.

  14. I think the running into the pole was on purpose. But she didn’t mean to whack her head that hard. She’s known for these clumsy videos.

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