Didn’t get a wink of sleep last night, not making this mistake again

  1. Yeah but not with the near exact same packaging. Normally it's clear which ones have caffeine. This is a very poor design and OP isn't the first one to make this mistake.

  2. Caffeine doesn't give me any energy like it does most people, it just gives me a killer headache for some reason.

  3. Thankfully I don’t get headaches from it! I can throw back 5 cups of coffee and feel fine, but I’m with you- I get no energy at all. I’ll sleep immediately after no problem (well, no problem that I don’t have with sleep compared to no caffeine)

  4. Seriously impressive how well Excedrin works! I get migraines that are not extremely severe, but if I take just acetaminophen it'll dull the pain temporarily but the headache will return as it wears off. Excedrin just wipes it away.

  5. I saw this on our bottle the other night before I took it. But I have done this with Excedren Migraine and I was not happy.

  6. Ha, as someone with adhd, the only amount of caffeine that could keep me up would kill an elephant. My wife takes one of these and gets the jitters while I shot gun two 5 hour energy and 2 Monsters just to finction.

  7. Honestly its crazy how it affects different people. My sister can't drink anything with caffeine after about 3PM or she'll be awake all night. I can chug a Rockstar and immediately go to bed without the slightest loss of sleep.

  8. That’s interesting. I also have ADHD and smaller amounts of caffeine are stimulating, but higher dosages make me sleepy. Similar to prescription stimulants

  9. Yeah, I've drinking coffee as long as I remember (I don't know why my grandma allowed a child to drink coffee) and now I can drink coffee all day long or even before going to bed.

  10. I hear a lot of people with ADHD say that (I have ADHD as well), but it makes no medical sense because the pharmacodynamics of caffeine work in no way at all like amphetamines or other ADHD drugs. ADHD is linked to issues with the way body produces or uses dopamine and norepinephrine, neither of which caffeine have any appreciable effect on. By far the vast majority of caffeine's stimulating effect is caused by adenosine receptor antagonism (it basically "blocks" adenosine). Put as simply as possible, adenosine is one of the main chemicals in your body and especially the brain that makes you tired/decreases alertness. It's commonly given to people whose hearts are beating too fast temporarily. Adenosine and its receptors in the body are a completely separate thing from dopamine and norepinephrine.

  11. Have you tried Celsius Heat? It has 300 mg caffeine. And, it hits different from other energy type drinks. I worked with someone like you and I told them not to shotgun it when I gave them one, they didn't listen and they chugged it quick... he never asked me for another one because it gave him the jitters. I drink them (somewhat) slowly and they truly give you heat on the inside.

  12. I did just the opposite. Took Tylenol PM in the middle of the day thinking it was regular. Didn't get a damn thing accomplished for the rest of the day.

  13. I wish it gave me that kinda of energy. I’ll pop a few of those with a red bull and still be asleep in no time. Side note, that combo of caffeine, acetaminophen, and aspirin is the only thing that helps my migraines. I need that stuff to survive.

  14. Sleep would be the least of my problems if I accidentally took that. That’s a 100% chance of an anxiety attack for me.

  15. Ya know I’ve never had an issue with caffeine messing up my sleep. I feel like I’m the only one that can down two cups of coffee then 10 minutes later sleep a full eight hours.

  16. I have made the opposite mistake with generic ibroprofen (blue capsules) and diphenhydramine (blue capsules).

  17. prolifetip: if you can't sleep, stop trying to and just do something else at night. forcing yourself to stay in bed is a waste of time.

  18. I wish cafeïne worked for me. I can drink 1L of coffee and still be tired. Plus side is, I can drink a coffee and go straight to bed afterwards.

  19. It's much more effective than acetaminophen alone against headaches, especially migraine. The brand name Excedrin has been a combination of caffeine, acetaminophen, and aspirin for decades. The caffeine works as an amplifier for the pain relievers. Many migraine sufferers have symptoms that occur before the actual headache pain begins, also called prodrome symptoms. These medications taken during the prodrome phase can greatly reduce the severity and duration of the migraine headache.

  20. I take 1,000mg acetaminophen + 130mg caffeine for daytime headaches when I need to actually function (eg can’t leave work), and it works way better than acetaminophen alone.

  21. The amount of posts I see about people not double checking the drugs they put into their body is surprisingly shocking to me. No medication should be recklessly consumed without double checking.

  22. The green labels are for the regular Excedrin/Generic, and the red labels are for the Migraine/Headache Relief versions, even though the pills are exactly the same.

  23. I do not drink coffee, energy drinks or very much soda. So I get almost no caffeine in a usual day. I do however get debilitating migraine headaches. I suffered through them for years. Then a girlfriend told me about excedrin migraine, the ones with caffeine. I can feel a migraine coming an hour or so before it fully sets in, as long as I take 2 of these in that window the migraine never comes. This has literally been life changing for me, I keep them in my house, car and work bag.

  24. Talk to a doctor about a triptan based medication (Rizatriptan for example). It works great for me and actually makes me a bit drowsy.

  25. Let me tell ya, that stuff works wonders for Migraines. But yea, if you aren't used to caffeine it will give ya the jitters and keep ya awake.

  26. WHOOPS! I would get some paint or washi tape or something and color the bottles different colors for good measure, but I get extra special stupid when I have a migraine and you might not need to go that far

  27. Talk to a doctor about a triptan based medication (Rizatriptan for example). It works great for me and actually makes me a bit drowsy.

  28. When I had nasal surgery they said I'd only get T3s. I inquired if those had caffeine in them. They said yes. I told them there was no way I'd get any sleep at all if they gave me those. I got T4s (which I didn't know was a thing).

  29. The ones I have are 15mg of caffeine. So maybe around 1/6th of a cup of coffee. Not very much. Maybe it's a different amount with other brands

  30. Yep, that's the generic for Excedrin on the left and Tylenol on the right. As you sadly found out, Excedrin adds aspirin and caffeine in with the acetaminophen.

  31. TBH when I have a headache bad enough I’ll make a cup of coffee, IDC if it’s 2AM, not sleeping with the headache anyway and the coffee usually does the trick.

  32. Worst is the brand of eye drops that I like also sells ear wax drops in the same bottle and dropper. You only make that mistake once…

  33. I've been taking the one on the left for 15 years. Two every morning and one at night for bad neck pain that nothing else really works on. Pretty sure I am immune to caffeine at this point as I immediately go to bed after taking the one at night and sleep like a baby.

  34. I don't get how caffeine effects people that much that you don't get a "wink" of sleep...I feel like people get in their heads


  36. How is it caffeine affect s your sleep? I can drink 15 coffees and go to sleep 15 seconds after 15th cup.. how does it work? Are you sleeepy but can’t get unconscious or just full of energy?

  37. Super tired but just can’t fall asleep. I rarely drink anything with caffeine because my adhd meds do more than enough to keep me awake in the morning

  38. There are caffeine pills. The ones shown are for headaches, so they also include acetaminophen, but plain old caffeine pills also exist. I used to take them in college, back before energy drinks were a thing.

  39. I get pretty bad headaches, so if I wake up with one, I’ll take two of those and go back to sleep. I guess years of caffeine abuse has left me with more tolerance than I wish I had.

  40. I'm impressed by all the people who get a buzz from the caffeine in Excedrin Migraine. Meanwhile I'm here popping two of them during a major migraine episode and taking a nap, hoping that by the time I wake up the pills have kicked in.

  41. I wouldn't be surprised if the other one also contained caffeine - listed under 'non-medical ingredients'

  42. If you take a double dose of Enieffac it will counteract the effects of caffeine and put you right to sleep.

  43. One time I mistook my Adderall for my Cymbalta (an antidepressant you take at night because it makes you sleepy.) I was awake until 8 AM researching the Japanese names of Pokemon.

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