I slipped while i was in the shower and grabbed the curtain. Fuck

  1. It is best to first wipe with a stovetop grease remover, and then wipe with a rust remover. If you use only one of these tools, nothing will work. But these funds are antagonists and should not be mixed.

  2. I think the sad thing is that for some people, this is completely normal, so there isn't a hint of inhibition about sharing. I get not everybody cleans weekly, but this is months of neglect. How?!

  3. The worst thing I saw was a pregnancy photo shoot in the bathtub and when you zoomed in you could see all the nasty grime and bits of hair on the sides of the tub. Everyone was complimenting the pictures, but I couldn’t get past the fact that she had a photo shoot in the tub without cleaning it first 🤢

  4. You'd think the hardened calcium, mold and grime would've provided enough texture to avoid slippage. So sorry your skin touched the tub. Get well soon!

  5. Trying to help you out- use Barkeeper’s Friend! Often times stains like that seem impossible to beat, but BKF is my secret weapon. Get the surface wet, dust on a thin and even coating, and then scrub clean. You will look like new! Sorry you slipped in the shower. Hope the rest of your week goes a little better!

  6. My magic weapon is magic erasers. It’s one of the only thing I buy brand name every time. Only thing to get that stuck on discolored grime off

  7. Not going to roast you because everyone comes from different environments and it's not uncommon for people to get to adulthood and not know what clean actually looks like.

  8. If you don't get the Comet, soap scum remover (the kind that burns your skin on contact), and fucking S.O.S. pads right fucking now...

  9. I personally would let it be and convert the whole room into a natural fungi/mold cavelike enclosure - It’d be very cool

  10. Go get some Zep Tub and Tile cleaner with a good scrub brush. It will just melt all that grime off the tub. You’ll want good ventilation when you’re using it because it has a strong chemical smell.

  11. Absolutely no judgement, I have family that for one reason or another can’t clean well, some physically, some mentally, some just don’t want to. If you cover your mouth & nose, put works toilet cleaner (I believe the blue bottle) in spray bottle, let it soak for a few minutes & rinse. Build up like that will usually come right off, no scrubbing. For a few years I had really hard iron water & had to clean my shower every other use or it’d start to turn orange. Does suck you slipped though.

  12. Imagine a dude trying to hook up, and he sends me a video of him in a similarity rusty dusty crusty musty shower.. my only reply was "do you have any CLR?"

  13. Lol everyone’s just roasting you for the condition of your shower/bath, which lets be honest, is atrocious.

  14. This is what happens when you just HAVE to post something on Reddit that no one cares about. You forget that you have a dirty ass tub 🤦🏾‍♂️ just delete this crap

  15. the bath isnt the only dirty part - ring in the toilet, grime along the edge of the floor and top of the tile line above that. OP, you may need someone to help you out. This kind of filthy dirty doesnt often happen without some kind of mental illness (esp depression..you kind of stop noticing the filth and if you do you simply cannot care enough to put the energy in to clean it). Take care of yourself and maybe ask for help if you can.

  16. First step: mix equal parts warm white vinegar, hot water and blue Dawn dish soap. Spray over entire shower and tub, wait 10 minutes, and wipe off. Next if you have yellowing from your water, coat with toilet bowl cleaner, any brand and your tub will look brand new again!

  17. Why would anyone post a picture of the shower looking like that? I would be so embarrassed and I’m pretty lazy. Lol.

  18. I was in the early stages of dating somebody once and went over to their place and saw that their bathtub looked something like this...never saw them again.

  19. Could work in 100 degree heat all day, come home and shower, and still get out the tub nastier than you were. Nasty af

  20. 1:1 blue dawn and white vinegar. Spray and rinse No scrubbing needed. Well in this case maybe a little scrubbing.

  21. I will admit to peeing in the shower once or twice before when I really had to go, but you aim it at the drain while being strategic with your water as to wash it all down and eliminate spray. This mf be writing their name on the wall daily for 40 years.

  22. Please, please, please, for the love of God, clean your bathtub! If you can't clean it yourself, you can pay someone to do it for you. I'm worried for your hygiene 🫣😨🤯

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