Last night my gf gave me a gift in my brand new car.

  1. I threw up in my mothers car after her wedding. Charming, I know, my aunts and uncles got me at 13 way too intoxicated. Which we were able to remember every summer when it got hot and we were treated to the light smell of vomit. Trade the car in.

  2. You can get a box of those sick bags they give you at the hospital at most pharmacies. I have 3 kids, I always have one of those leakproof blue deals in my glove box. A box of like 10 is only $8

  3. I can explain from personal experience. She tried puking out the window while on the freeway at speed. The wind circulates and fans out the puke. My wife, myself, basically the whole car just covered... with an hour left to drive. And she was to hungover to help clean.

  4. I understand getting sick but how did she manage to throw up around the entire car? Couldn’t she just picked one spot? Seems like she was throwing up like a mf sprinkler!

  5. Was driving on the highway while she was sleeping. Suddenly she started puking like the exorcist. I was at a point where i couldn't pull over and she opened the window to puke. By the time i pulled over i got a vomit shower and she was still puking.

  6. Guy I was with one evening did something similar on a late night London bus. He put his hand over his mouth as he went to throw up and his hand acted like a kind of sprinkler and it sprayed absolutely fucking everywhere. On a packed night bus on a Saturday night, full of people heading to a club in east London. I’m still not sure how I got him off the bus at the next stop without being lynched.

  7. I’ve seen this happening when someone opens a window to throw up and the back window is also open. It’s comes back in.

  8. I don’t know why, but at first I read this as “Last night my gf gave birth in my new car” and was horrified at the area of effect damage she inflicted.

  9. After a night with drinks and snacks? No, but rather have the bowl of cereal less of mess than this and easier to clean.

  10. I puked in my moms van when I was a kid, I was in the back seat in the middle spot. Direct blast to the radio, splashing my mom and sister with puke.

  11. It never happens in the 20 year old works truck does it :( condolences on the loss of your new car smell

  12. This exact thing happened to me about 6 years ago. My (now) ex sprayed it everywhere. Inside the door panel, swirled up the headliner, even in my ear. The brand new truck I just bought had less than 50mi on it. You definitely have my sympathies.

  13. Nooooo. That’s not what I fear it is, right? RIGHT?! Tell me it’s not. I may have dry heaved just looking at it. I can smell it through the screen.

  14. First i thoight it was glitter (might of watched too mutch mark rober) but then saw the comments and well

  15. Hey OP. Buy an ionizer. The plug in kind. They're used to deodorize hotel rooms to get rid of smoke smell, to clear up mildew smell after flooding in houses, smoke after fires, pretty much anything that stinks. I got one on Amazon to clear the smoke smell from my car before I traded it in. $40 to get rid of the smell, and it's usable hundreds of times (according to manufacturer.)

  16. Prolife tip. Always give drunk passages a bag to barf in. Your car looks like my car when my friend tried to barf out the window while going 50 mph!

  17. My now wife’s friend did this in the back seat of my then new car…in front of a police officer while I was stopped at an RBT. I wasn’t even mad, this story came up at our wedding as the guilty party was the brides maid.

  18. Haha it's our favorite food but we didn't eat it this night thank God. image ruining your fav food with an experience like this.

  19. Hopefully you didn't have too much longer to drive after that happened? That's insane how it's everywhere. The smell gross, you're going to need like 10 of those little tree, air refreshers.

  20. LPT: Pull over when someone is throwing up out your car window. Keeps most of the vomit outside and mainly on the door. Definitely prevent this.

  21. I was a victim of a puke shower sitting the in the backseat of a coupe once. Stomach chunks flying at 65pmh straight into your head was memorable.. sorry this happened to you my dude.

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