Spent days trying to acquire this chair and it won’t fit in the room.

  1. Ha. From years of experience I find most furniture will fit in a room. But you have to be creative to get it in the room. Or sometimes you just have to be like a league of of their own said. Use your head. That’s that lump 3 feet above your ass. 😁😂

  2. My first apartment had a narrow diagonal hallway. It was on the second floor of a late 19th century building with two landings to get up. I’m would have just hired movers when I moved out.

  3. Yes and at one point it was completely jammed in the doorway and damaged the siding a bit. A tape measurer would have been the simple answer here, but this is how a lot of my home projects end up turning out due to shit planning. Yet another lesson learned..

  4. I mean OP spent days on the process of buying a chair, are we that surprise they stalled out on being able to get it inside their preferred room?

  5. I face palmed when I saw their comment about how a measuring tape would have helped. Common sense would have helped a lot more.

  6. Nice job, glad you got it into the room. Although you had to endure typical Reddit, at least you asked around and got help.

  7. It took more time to stop what you were doing, take a picture , then post said picture to Reddit then it did to just rotate the chair with narrowest part first…

  8. I feel for you! I put together my son’s crib in the living room them tried to push it into the bedroom, but it didn’t fit thought the doorway. AAARGH! I guess I could at least take it apart. Hope someone here has some suggestions for you!

  9. Was reddit really the only way to figure this out? Or is it 'oh shit it didnt work immediately better tell reddit' you didnt flip it around before asking reddit? Im so sad about everything

  10. I tried to see where I could get to a screw but i can’t see it without ripping the upholstered fabric. It’s a well put together chair, that’s for sure. 😣

  11. Thanks, that’s a little rude, but it’s the clawfeet that are getting stuck no matter which direction I position it.

  12. the good news is, you'll be able to get the door in just fine while you have the jambs off to repair all the damage you've cause. The bad news is, the chair is gonna be a permanent fixture of the room after that.

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