i ordered something from McDonald's. they fucked up my order the fucking closed ON MY FACE. this is what my burger looks like.

  1. Former employee here: If you show up at close, they do in fact, fucking hate you... Don't drag their hours on late, if they're closing, welp, you missed them. Make your own sandwich. Life goes on.

  2. I almost got hired to work at McDonalds before I decided I'd better not based on what I've heard of their employee service. I'm glad I did because every time I go there everyone seems so busy and stressed.

  3. I have mixed feelings about ordering near closing time. I've worked in fast food, and I know how you just wanna get things done and leave. Heck, pretty much everyone at every job everywhere wants to get out quickly at quitting time. But I also know that the store is open until x time and that means you may need to make food if it isn't x time yet.

  4. If the sign says open till 11 , the store is open. I hate this don’t come in when we are closing attitude. I hate it too but straight up , the doors are open .. the. We are OPEN.. I’m sure u are scheduled after closing to do closing procedures so don’t shit on customers who come in close to closing, not because you are gonna stay late, it’s because they are preventing u from wrapping up early. Speaking from experience

  5. I live off of college funds. I don't even have a job cuz i'm too stressed out. I'm not really as mad as i may seem. I actually thought this was hilarious and made video about it. But i still would rather eat what i payed for.

  6. Or if your restaurant is still open, make sure to give the same quality service to someone who orders near closing time as you would to anyone else during your shift.

  7. As much as someone wants to close down, clean up, and go home, they are still supposed to do their job. It shouldn't be expected that ordering fast food 10 min before closing means they will do a subpar job.

  8. Once in a blue moon you’ll find a McDs with quality control, but the vast majority of the time these places are filled with disgruntled workers that quite literally fuck up every, single order and don’t give a shit about their job.

  9. Hey man I see you got the opposite of what I got from McDonald’s the other day. Kid you not my burger came with all the ingredients… except for the meat.

  10. Everyone getting angry on this thread would be pissed off if their fat, greasy, musty ass got shitty food cuz I know you're all shoveling cheap, fast food in your hatchet wound of a mouth

  11. So if they had put cheese on it, that means they just slightly dislike you and only wish you get maimed somehow?

  12. Mcdonalds in the US is mad. I see loads of posts about it, many showing fully raw burgers. Pretty sure but not 100%, in the UK you can't get raw maccies as its pre-cooked and frozen?

  13. Had this happen to me except the chicken wasn't even warm. It's like they spooned it out from the bottom of their cold deep fryer and slapped it between 2 stale buns. That location is no longer in operation lmao

  14. There’s a McDonald’s by me that’s 24 hours. When 10 pm rolls around they just won’t answer the speaker in the drive thru. The workers are in the building fucking around and don’t give a shit that there is a line of cars waiting to order. Lights are on, sign on the door says 24 hours, google business hours say 24 hours. so unreal.

  15. People saying he got what he deserves for coming BEFORE the closing time are fucking pathetic and absolutely brain washed. It's a McDonald's, even if i come there 10 minutes before closing it should still make me time to drop a douce and get a sandwich. Opening hours means the time i can order food. If you don't like it, find a better job or unionize and strike. Every normal business has opening hours but then employees are still there for cleaning, counting, closing and they are compensated for that. Some of you would be fucking stoked living in a disctatorship and you don't even know it, that's how brainwashed you are.

  16. Maybe that or they are actually the "redditor" stereotype. And i mean THE stereotype. This whole thing was supposed to be comedic i fucking swear to God. But they just went guns blazing for some fucking reason.

  17. Stopped going to McDonald’s because of the service I got as a paying customer, it’s ok, they sent me a free dessert coupon after I complained, have not used it, have not gone back, my 20,000plus points not getting used, oh well

  18. So they just forgot condiments & veggies? Hell if I’m hungry I go home & fix it up my way. Probably just me but I wouldn’t bitch about it unless they forgot my fries or gave me the wrong order completely

  19. So what I'm getting is you were too bothered to make your own food so you rolled up to a place right before they closed and then unfortunately got a sub par result from a fast food joint?

  20. You went to McDicks, what do you expect? They work at mcdickheads, they don’t give a shit about nothing, they gave up on life.

  21. Ngl, thats how i order my burgers from mcdonalds, that shit is tasty. just a bit of ketchup, and stack some fries on top? Golden.

  22. Be careful when you post about McDonald's! U posted a pic of a really fucked up order I once received on another sub and got permanently banned!

  23. But did they have you pull up to the time out spot?. I spent ten minutes in time out the other day waiting for my food, they were not busy at all. When I got my food I learned why it took so long. Apparently They were just waiting for it to get cold

  24. That’s the you came in 1 minute before closing burger. Yea they closed down after you ordered that wasn’t a “accident” lmao.

  25. You eat from McDonald’s then suck shit. Ffs they shouldn’t even be allowed to call their products “food” with the shit they do to it.

  26. Yeahp don’t shop where the phrase “I don’t get paid enough for this shit” is spoken lol. No amount of complaining will ever change that. You’ll learn to avoid fast food eventually if you’re person that hasn’t worked a job like that ever.

  27. A McDonald’s in Michigan gave me a raw patty (literally frozen raw beef) and refused to replace or refund. In a fit of utter Karenism, I threw it at the building as I drove off.

  28. Wondering what his intentions on recording himself checking his McDonald's order in this first place, almost sounds stagged to make content 🤔🤔🤔

  29. I don't care about reddit points. I was genuinely hungry and shocked to find my order....extremely lacking. And i thought of posting it here for people to laugh at it. I saw so many people saying that i'm faking it for whatever reason 😂. Bitch, i block people who follow me on twitter. I don't give two shits about points 😂.

  30. You should’ve gotten ketchup and smeared it all over the windows, they would’ve had to stay extra time cleaning it up. Write on the windows, get my order right next time. lol or you could’ve gone to another place that’s open 24 hrs.

  31. I remember my dad telling me a story where a Jack in the box did this to him same scenario but they didn’t put the patty in the bun.

  32. They closed, bruv. + I literally told them to remove tomatoes and lettuce. They removed everything but those two.

  33. Take yourself somewhere else or make your own sandwich. Don't go to some place thats closing in 5 minutes. We are only hearing one side of the story.How close was closing time? Yeah the sandwich looks shitty-which isn't cool, but you decided to go to a place that you know is closing.

  34. Also I see a comment from OP saying they were in the drive thru before closing but the line was long. They are trying to finish serving people. Closing time isn't closing time when people keep gathering and driving in. It was near closing time. You still joined a que. Even if this is suppose to be a funny post- these workers get so much mouth from people who are serious about this stuff.

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