My delicious chicken sandwich from Wendy’s

  1. Used to work there. It's their hamburger patties that are never frozen.. Not the chicken. And honestly... All the chicken comes in pre-cooked and we would just throw in the deep fryer to flash cook it again. Soooo... I'm called BS here.

  2. Actually everything is frozen. Wendy's just stocks everything enough to last like maybe 4 days(?). Its around 3 or 4 when the truck comes in with new food.

  3. I'm not going to lie, I've always found this a bit weird lol. I don't care if it's frozen as long as it's not super old

  4. Only if the salmon came from the region of Ella, I hate that people don’t know this and it needs to be common knowledge.

  5. I know this sucks, but if this ever happens to you, please call the place you got it from. Not only will they likely try to do something to make up for it, but more importantly, it will show them that there's a problem they need to check on immediately, because someone less observant than you could get seriously sick. In this case, they need to check the fryer that thing was cooked in; either the oil isn't hot enough, or it wasn't left in long enough, and that needs to be addressed.

  6. Sounds like McD's to me. I guess thankfully, at all the ones I worked at, our managers of the day always had to take internal temperatures and look at the meat when it switched from breakfast to lunch to ensure the meat was cooked to standards.

  7. Oil is too dirty, makes the outside look “done” even though it isn’t. On top of this, fry cook is timing things visually instead of trusting the timers.

  8. I could be mistaken, but isn't temp checking part of the process when switching between breakfast and lunch? Like the first batch you make, you literally stick a thermometer in and check it?

  9. I worked at a fast food place, and my manager gave out undercooked chicken on purpose as he was an ass.

  10. Yeah I brought back a sandwich that had a small chunk of bone in it to a Hardee's. They refunded the order and said that it comes from the process of removing the meat off the bones (it was one of those prime rib things)

  11. This is true! I worked at a TGI Fridays and they took that so seriously that we were told if you served undercooked chicken once, just clock out and grab your stuff because you were done there. Never saw anyone fired for that because we all took the time to make sure every piece was properly cooked.

  12. I've worked at Wendy's and the breaded (homestyle or spicy) chicken isn't cooked on a double sided grill. That's for hamburger patties. It's cooked in a deep fry, pressure cooker for approx 6 minutes. You close the lid, tighten it, and set the timer. It will beep when it's done.

  13. Definitely. Lots of people, especially kids, have died eating fast food. The sooner the alarm is sounded the sooner action can be taken.

  14. Was inside a McDonald's end of 2019, guy flipping burgers in the back shoved his hand down his pants and itched his nuts, pulled his hand out picked up the spatula and continued on flipping burgers.

  15. Luckily, fast food hamburger patties have been pre-washed and sanitized in ammonium hydroxide solution for your hygienic protection.

  16. Wendy's is probably my favorite fast food restaurant but it's very hit or miss depending on location. You honestly have to check the reviews before hand before you go. The same thing applies to Popeye's and KFC.

  17. I've worked at Wendy's for over a year in the past and I'm not saying this wasn't intentional, but it can definitely happen. Sometimes the fryers will break in the middle of rush or something and be just at the right temperature to cook the outside but not the inside. So you toss the chicken in and it's hot enough to boil and everything but during the five minutes it's in there it cools down and doesn't fully cook. Normally you can notice it pretty easy if you're paying attention, but if it's rush shit like this can definitely happen.

  18. Fun fact, there is a type of chicken in Japan that they eat raw. Not sure if it’s as sushi or not tho.

  19. Step one, eat the sandwich. The whole damn thing. Step 2, gel salmonella from disgusting Wendy’s sandwich. Step 3, nearly die. Step 4, survive and sue Wendy’s. Step 5, profit.

  20. While there is photo proof, the unfortunate part is they’ll ALWAYS point somewhere else. My best friend got E.Coli from McDonalds once and she called just to let them know and they were like “Well, if you’ve eaten anything else, there’s no way to know it was us.” “Well, I haven’t eaten anything else.” “Well, we still don’t know it was us.” She didn’t even want anything from them, just to let them know to maybe swap out their lettuce.

  21. I've had the misfortune of eating undercooked chicken and getting extremely sick as a result. It is not an experience anyone should want even for a payout. I was blowing liquid death from both ends for three days and bedridden in between.

  22. Unless you end up like my friend who contracted E-coli from McD's and lost both her kidneys and had to spend the next 20 years on dialysis until a donor came through. Not worth it.

  23. On paper that sounds good, but you'd be hard pressed to prove without a shadow of a doubt that it was the fault of a place you ate at. Even a mom and pops. Then you throw in the multi-million dollar litigation team Wendys has on retainer and best case scenario you don't run out of money by the end of the process and maybe win a few thousand, realistically though you lose most of your money in drawn out litigation.

  24. I’m not sure, but I thought it was about 125k slaps to fully cook, looks like it could use at least another 50k

  25. Honestly the most surprising thing about this is that any fast food was so recently raw. I assumed everything was pre-cooked (though I know the whole never frozen schtick)

  26. I worked there for a while and never knew the frozen chicken wasn’t already pre-cooked lol. The patties are actually not frozen though

  27. I thought of this but maybe it was undercooked at a meal prep plant before it arrived to the actual Wendys location? Either way someone messed up!

  28. I work at a whataburger and can confirm for at least whataburger that all the food comes in raw(the chicken is still frozen but raw). It should be checked with a thermometer to make sure it's cooked all the way, but idk l. I'm just the guy that puts it into portion bags so the people at the fryer have an easier time grabbing the right amount.

  29. I had the same exact thing happen to me at a Wendy’s about 15 years ago. I realized it was raw when I bit into it. Super gross.

  30. I like to cut my sandwiches and thank gosh I do because I think it was a couple years ago I got a sandwich that was raw exactly like this. Surprised it happens so frequently...

  31. Best joke of Ramsay’s, “Why did the chicken cross the road? Bc you didn’t fucking cook it!”

  32. Wow I want expecting this to blow up. I guess I should try to answer questions and elaborate on what happened. I’m not going to pursue legal action because the manager was really good about the whole thing. I took it back to the store and they replaced my food, gave me a free frosty, and gave me a full refund. The manager was very apologetic and everything is chill. However, I won’t be returning to Wendy’s probably ever.

  33. Call me crazy, but this makes me want to get Wendy's. Undercooked food definitely happens, even in sit down restaurants. It's horrifying, and unacceptable, but it happens. I never thought this would happen at a fast food joint though, because I never expected them to actually be cooking a legitimate piece of chicken.

  34. Both Wendys in my city are top game for fast food. Hell, last time I went my fatass ordered a triple baconator and those stoned fucks hooked it up with 4 patties instead of 3. Top game

  35. Was that cut by you or the store? I'm struggling to imagine how it could've gone out of the door like that if the latter!

  36. Another fun fact about chicken and salmonella: The US pretty much invented intensive farming of poultry to such a degree that it lead to trade wars with Europe and ultimately the creation of the "

  37. Worked at a Wendy’s. Either the dude who was working the fryer decided to pull it out 4 minutes early or this is faked. Everything is timed and everything cooks for the same time as every other location in the country

  38. I had this happen at checkers two weeks ago even worse, who the hell would fake this and why....

  39. You ain't getting a payout from this... meal comped and maybe some additional free food but nothing substantial.

  40. That's how majority of the meat was at a Cancun all inclusive resort. No wonder why people get sick there.

  41. That's hard to screw up. I worked there, Wendy's, in the 90s and I don't think the process has changed. Frozen chicken patty goes in to a Henny Penny machine I believe it was originally developed for KFC or at least because of KFC), it's a pressure cooker filled with oil (about 50lbs worth but I think the newest models hold 30lbs) and it pressurizes and cooks on a timer, it's kind of dangerous to interrupt the process and I'm not sure you could interrupt it very easily. The machine releases pressure when it's done cooking and the chicken is perfectly cooked every time. An idiot could do it, I watched a few and they never messed it up, it wouldn't let you. This looks like someone didn't cook enough chicken while they were cleaning the Henny Penny and just dumped some chicken in a regular frier thinking it would be good enough. It wasn't, you can't cook frozen chicken that way. While I can't say for certain this is what happened, this is my best guess.

  42. Not sure if anyone’s said this, but Wendy’s freezes all of their chicken. Literally impossible to see that.Like this is a meme right? They make it at a factory of hundreds and stuff them into boxes and freeze them before they fry it at 400 degrees. This shit looks like they fried a skin onto a raw piece of chicken at home.

  43. Post it on their Twitter page and wait for a response. They have an answer for everything on there- I’d like to see what they have to say about this!

  44. I had some delicious shrimp from Cracker Barrel last night about the same level spent the night vomiting with a side of explosive diarrhea and muscle spasms but the manager completely took care of a $40 bill so I got that going for me.

  45. I never understood why people choose to trust fast food chicken; like the people cooking it give a fuck about making sure it’s cooked properly.

  46. It amazes me that with all the automation and safeguards in place, people can still manage to do this. They must be actively trying to cook badly. On the bright side, it does look like they are using actual whole chicken breast in their sandwiches and it isn't precooked either.

  47. Ever look at most of the people working at a Wendy's? Take a close look at hygiene and the floor, etc. One thing I can thank the pandemic for.....completely ceasing all fast food and losing mad weight.

  48. As a competition cook I’m literally freaking out. 🤮🤮🤮🤮. This is why you check if your food is cooked all the way through

  49. "I'd like a crunchy fillet of salmonella please, and can I get extra mayo on that - oh and uh....a large fries"

  50. Had this happen to me at a workplace cafeteria with chicken parm once. The weird thing was the breading was cooked just fine and crunchy. But the texture of my first bite did not seem right. So I looked and sure enough chicken was raw. I did not get sick and told them right away.

  51. Wow I’d bring that to management and threaten a lawsuit. You can get seriously ill. Not just for 24 hours either

  52. Oooh, I can relate to this. I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago. I was driving as I took my first and only bite. I thought, the texture feels funny and kind of chewy. I looked down and almost barfed. Pulled over, got out of the truck, spit everything out and made myself puke. No sense getting salmonella. The store wasn't even sorry for it. I've hardly eaten Spicy Chicken Sandwiches since.

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