Stop darkening when grinding

  1. I turn the sensitivity down on my digital elite and just keep it on weld. Never had a problem with that but I did have problems flashing myself forgetting to change modes lol. The blinking red light didn't help me because I'm an air head

  2. It should have a grinding mode. Mine does. I don't use it though because I forget to turn it off then start welding again.

  3. Get yourself a flip front. There’s attachments you can use to make your hood a flip front. Sellstrom has one but that one is heavy, outlaw leather has one that I have on my welder nation pipe liner hood. And weld tube has a nice slim flip front adapter that I’ve been looking at🤙🏻

  4. Get the weldtube adapter. It's super easy to install, and you dont have to use a zizz wheel like you would with the sellstrom flip. I've had it for about a year, no complaints yet. Their HD true color lens is pretty awesome too...i can see levels of detail that i couldnt with previous lenses.

  5. Yes, it’s extremely light weight I love it. However thinking about putting a flip front in it from weld tube

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