why do my welds look like this?? 0.045 wire

  1. Other than that it looks nice and uniform. A look at the back will tell more about penetration but by the way the slag settled on top it looks correct as well.

  2. Its silica. Skim over it with a wire wheel. Also the metal your working on isnt clean at all. You want to clean your metal and have it nice and shiny beforehand.

  3. that's actually a really nice weld. dont worry about the shit floating on top. hit it with a wire wheel before painting.

  4. I guarantee you there are holes inside your welds, which makes it not approved, clean the area you're gonna weld on

  5. The brownish stuff if the covering of the steel wire you’re using. The quality of the weld is done. To your material being dirty

  6. It's silica in your wire and it's rare that it ISN'T floating on top of your weld. Won't hurt anything. Everything else looks consistent and repeatable, so do that. Keep a wire brush handy for any haters in the area and keep doing what you're doing.

  7. 100%, silica deposits are very common for ER-70s wires. The best you can do is clean the material as best you can, especially in between passes in a multiple pass weld

  8. Dirty metal and silica in your wire. Grind the mill scale back at least a half inch from the weld joint and most of that will go away. There is silica in your wire so your still gonna get some of that.

  9. Looks to me like either you could be long arcing a little or your gas coverage isn't set right. You should be able to burn the impurities out when you weld. Especially with something as stout is 045. I used to work in structural steel with 045 spray arc. Material comes in material got to get out! No time for prepping the material like some of these others are telling you to do. Maybe turn your heat down a little so you can run a little slower. Might help burn some of that rust out.

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