Hey everyone. I'm starting welding school on August 16 and my instructor just emailed me this list of items that students are responsible for obtaining before class...I am very short on cash right now and was wondering if any of you could help me pri

  1. Day one show up wearing boots, safety glasses, a long sleeve cotton shirt, thicker is better, and jeans. Have a good auto darkening helmet and at least stick welding gloves. If they won't let you weld without the rest of the list day one, walk out, drop your classes and find a better school. You don't need cutting glasses, use your helmet on the lowest shade. Same for a face shield, use your helmet's grind mode. Is this an accredited tech school or just some guy with a welder scamming you? If the school doesn't have grinders, chipping hammers, torch cleaners, they don't care about their welding program. You're paying the school to provide you a service, you shouldn't be buying supplies for their program. I'm surprised you don't have to bring your own welder.

  2. This was off to me, too; why I hinted at a Nomex Hood-or any hood, yard protocol is that thing stays on during welds or you get yelled at...this ain't in Bubbas' Back alley Garage Lesson, is it? DO NOT let Bubba shut the garage door. And his wife does laundry out there, don't make eye contact.

  3. Couldn’t have said it better myself. The shade of a welding helmet when it’s not darkened is shade 2 or 3 I think which is fine for cutting unless you’re doing it a ton which I doubt, don’t need a striker, face shields are nice for grinding but the welding helmet or safety glasses work just fine. Any thick flannel is fine as a welding jacket for now but eventually get something better and don’t get a wire brush. If you get the grinder get the $30 one from harbor freight with a wire wheel and lastly forget the chipping hammer. Use the wire wheel or anything for that matter to chip slag

  4. Community college welding programs always require these if not more . Likely school is free if he’s low on money as financial aid will cover classes but not equipment. But I agree don’t buy a face shield use grind mode on the helmet and don’t buy cutting glasses. Harbor freight and Amazon the rest . Don’t cheap out on a hood .

  5. Well those tools are the basics tools your going to need after their class. Show up with what he said and slowly buy the tools through the year. You'll end up using them well after you leave.

  6. Find a better school. Decent school gives you all you need on day 1 with the cost being included in your tuition.

  7. If they don’t supply tools, community colleges do. They’re cheap and sufficient. You should only need a shield, gloves, boots, and clothes. At most get your own pliers. Hell, they should provide glasses and hearing protection too.

  8. I would actually ask when what is needed, Some things are not all going to be done at the same time, IE you not going to be practicing cutting and MIG welding at the same time.

  9. Certainly a bit strange. Instructor wants them to bring their own grinder .. Also they don't have extra soapstone and strikers in the shop?

  10. Mine sent a list like that I didn’t get, I brought my gloves, hood, shirt and boots and it’s all good. They’ll have some in the shop for anyone most likely, not enough for everyone so bringing your own is encouraged

  11. You shouldn't go to this school lol. I was given everything for free besides cotton shirt, pants, and work boots. The fuck kinda of school pulls this bullshit? May I ask what school you are going to so I don't recommend it to anyone?

  12. Show up with the essentials as other people have commented. Youll need to aquire the other stuff along the way. Ive never used cutting goggles. Use a low seeting on your hood if it has the option or just get some safety glasses with a low shade for cutting

  13. The people who seem surprised I’m going to guess didn’t go to school? This is what our school did. Kept tuition lower. SO: go to your counseling office. My school will in fact pay for everything, you just have to fill out some paperwork so they can get the money for you. There’s scholarships that take literally five minutes to do, and are awarded easily. The Pell Grant can cover your tuition, that’s what like 99% of all the students I know do, including me. I even got a term retroactively paid for. There’s loooooots of scholarships for the trades and if you aren’t starting until next year you have ample time to apply for all of them. There is no reason to pay for your own stuff out of pocket, or ask internet strangers. You can easily do this. Go find a counselor. they will have stuff to borrow but they are trying to make it so you have your own kit when you are done at the school

  14. Higher tuition in this case might be better. The majority of our welding students take advantage of scholarships/grants for their tuition. The welding program allocates $300 per student for day one supplies from their tuition. Tuition pays for a helmet, gloves, welpers, eye/ear protection, scribe, combination square, vise grips, soapstone, wire brushes, sharpies, tape measure and a tool bag. I'm the maintenance guy who gets to buy it every couple semesters. Op's school is mismanaging their program funds.

  15. Third worlder here, get a quality auto-darkening helmet and eye protection, the rest can wait. I've yet to have an accident because I am twice as careful.

  16. Welding jacket is optional is my opinion. In 19 years I’ve never worn one. Just an old sweatshirt from goodwill.

  17. And what about dust, fumes, toxic gases ?I think you would need some kind of respirator, or silicone face mask with a N100 dust and gas charcoal filters

  18. Forgot your Black Stallion Nomex hood- for a classroom I guess thats overkill but you'll want a handful in your welder box for when your hanging off scaffolding upside-down, you don't want hot metal finding its way behind your jacket

  19. Email your teacher and tell them your short on cash and ask what is essential for day one and what they could possibly help you out with. Other guys here have good ideas too. My welding class we had to buy some ppe and that's it. Good luck.

  20. Similar to what others on here have said, my school provided most of this stuff. There are still items I chose to purchase, because sharing jackets, helmets, etc. is just nasty.

  21. See what you can get away with at harbor freight. I’m with what one dude said, show up with helmet and proper clothing in day 1 if it’s all you got, that and the right attitude, the rest will fall into place as you go.

  22. Look at Harbor Freight for most of the stuff and get jeans and shirt aat walmart (about 12 for a pair of heavyweight jeans and the same for a 100% cotton dickies shirt.) I personally wouldn't buy the cheapest helmet i could find, i would go with the best helmet that i could afford. I have a miller helmet that has all the adjustments you could want. Keeping your eyesight is definitely worth it. Also i would look for kits for sale by Lincoln Electric or Miller Electric.

  23. Walmart herman survivors boots to start if u want cheap footwear,. The best option is to see if you can find a discount boot store. I found a pair of boots at a place that retail for $240 and i paid $185 for them.

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