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  1. Those pinholes are porosity in the weld. Porosity is a major defect. Your most likely using an E7018 electrode. If your getting random porosity using E7018 it's probably because your pushing the rod. Try dragging it and see if improves. Best of luck!

  2. Porosity has always been a long-arcing issue for people in my experience. Make sure you’re keeping the tip of the electrode close to the base metal. Long arcing makes the arc and weld pool hotter which makes it more prone to bubbling and creating pockets of air in the pool as it cools.

  3. That guy nailed it. If I ultra-sounded that for a survey, I could probably see a micro balloon land of porous metal, almost going to say turn your voltage up a little but, agreed, pull your welds, like a paintbrush line. This is an art- you are very close. Keep it up.

  4. Do you know why you’re getting random porosity? Are you long arcing it? Are your rods trash? Was there junk underneath? In general it looks ok, but I’d keep stacking welds until you can troubleshoot the porosity.

  5. Ah yes, you shall now be referred to as “captain porosity” (don’t worry, my booth partner was also captain porosity, it’s just part of learning)

  6. The first 2 welds you did, on the left make them all look like that 2 maybe 3 out of 22 stringers have no porosity. That's not a good percent.

  7. You didn’t bother grinding out that porosity while you were going? That’s lazy and would fail any visual. Try grinding it out now and fixing it. Will probably look even worse. And that’s why you grind it out while you go

  8. The biggest issue I’m seeing is the porosity. I didn’t see you weld it, but if I had to guess, I’d say you’re probably long-arcing. Try to be very conscious of your arc length as you weld. You’ll be able to tell you’re long-arcing when you see the arc all of a sudden get brighter and then go back when your arc length is corrected. Make sure your hands are steadily feeding the rod, and that you’re positioned in a way that will allow you the range of motion to feed the rod effectively. Other than that, you’re doing good. Keep it up and it’ll feel like second nature in no time.

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