How do these welds look?

  1. Cold and full of porosity, turn it up and get some fusion. I would grind all of that and start over.

  2. Whack that upright a couple of times with a 4lb hammer and let us know how it holds up. As cold as that bead looks and with how much porosity it has, I don’t think I’d hang much off of it.

  3. Yo did this guy learn from those 5min craft videos? It looks like he just tacked it all the way across. Get them to come back and do it right man!

  4. Friendly psa. Carbon arc rods are really cheap when you need to remove bad welds. Once you factor in time and grinding wheels carbon arc wins hands down.

  5. If this is the damage they can do with welding rod, I wouldn't want to see the damage they'd do with a gouger. Probably better just grinding it out.

  6. Yeah that unacceptable. Even if it were free I wouldn’t accept that. The only fix is to grind that shit off and do it again, except have someone else fix it.

  7. Fellow newbie, when I see beach that are very tight like that I increase my feed rate as well as increase temperature.

  8. This is for a ceiling mounted fireplace that’ll be holding ~1000 lbs of weight. How are the quality of the welds and how can they be done better?

  9. This is absolutely not in any way shape or form safe. The person who did this honestly should not be trusted to fix it if they were willing to call this “done” those welds are not even in a challenging position or anything there’s no excuse for this anywhere especially any structural or load bearing application. Was this done with a very small welder running 115v and on a long drop cord? If I had to hypothesize I would imagine this was the case, they probably tried to run a 1/8 7018 or something the power source couldn’t properly handle and whatever dickhole did it just said fuck it not my problem that’s the best the machine will do. Whether you can get your money back or not do not use this get somebody else to weld it and maybe even have them demonstrate to you beforehand on some scrap of comparable thickness that they have the proper skills and equipment to on hand to do the job.

  10. If this is your standard for welds then PLEASE get a professional to do it. Even if you manage to improve, it is unlikely your welds will have improved enough to be trustworthy with that weight

  11. Hey man, if you're using mig which is what it's looking like, turn up that gas. You've got little coverage. If your welder is underpowered, do multiple passes too. If it's a beginner machine like the Lincoln weld pak 125 or 140 read the chart inside and measure the Guage of steel you're welding. It might not even be possible to do single pass with those machines.

  12. Like a dog that had diarrhea scooting it across ur freshly laid carpet with its back paws tilted skywards

  13. I am really not trying to be rude, but there is now fusion there. You definitely have a solid basis though. Crank up the amperage a tad and possibly the gas as well. Have a good day bro.

  14. Looks like he did it with 100% argon and very low cfms at that. Refund refund refund. Maybe report to whatever county or city oversight org you may have.

  15. At least the picture is of a quality that you can zoom way in on the porosity. But seriously if your using a machine that seems to only be capable of that clean and preheat your material. And protect the weld zone from wind.

  16. What everyone else is saying about porosity, that’s what’s gonna kill someone. Sure the weld looks like absolute garbage and there’s very little penetration but I’ve had welds with porosity before. They would look decent but when I broke it and you look inside it looks like the inside of a Cheeto. Just no steel inside, the holes will be all the way through it

  17. What process did you use? If SMAW, crank that amperage up based on the wall-thickness of the tubing. If MiG, I suggest 25v minimum and a WFS of around 475 ipm ( if you’re using .35-.45 wire. Also, it’s highly recommended that you have scrap of the same thickness and steel type and do a test run to make sure you are making the parameters for penetration before welding on the actual pieces.

  18. Take your time and practice on two pieces of metal the same thickness making a similar joint even if it's scrap. Adjust your power till it makes a more blended edge between the base material and weld. If your wire starts stuttering or you're gouging the material with heat up wire speed

  19. Too cold, the toes (sides) aren't wettted in at all so lots of cold lap. Not only is it likely not a strong weld, but all those sharp corners add structural weaknesses and areas where cracks can form easily.

  20. We had a weld like this break on one of our robots support frame and fucked all kinds of shit up. Almost killed someone.

  21. We had a weld like this break on one of our robots support frame and fucked all kinds of shit up. Almost killed someone.

  22. Im no expert so im not gonna try and give advice but these welds look very poor. Way too many holes in the weld. Im seeing the phrase cold weld thrown in and i think it is a correct observation. Keep practicing and don’t be happy with average or poor welds. Strive for better welds. Not trying to be an ass but find a welding class and study hard because this wont cut it in the field.

  23. Way too much porosity and overlap definitely turn the heat up slow down a little bit and what are you using to weld with is it almost looks like you're pushing slag into the weld the only time you should be pushing on a weld as if you're doing Mig stick or flux core unless you're doing a vertical up you should never push into the weld also check your traveling angle and you're working angle

  24. Not to be rude. But I’ve seen guys get fired for better welds than this. I know it sounds dumb but there is an app Miller weld settings. which is good for reference, has material thickness and adjusts settings to get you into the ball park. I believe it even has position or joint type. Then grab some test material and try it on that not the job!!!! Again I’ve worked for some real hard asses who would literally freak out for something like this. Not to mention there is the porosity issue if that made it to paint then who knows probably be fired.

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