Last couple of weeks on my commute to work Ive noticed an ever growing quantity of (mostly unopened) Arizona Tea jugs. It started out as one and now it’s FIVE! Who’s doing it? Why? And most importantly should I drink some? (I love Arizona green tea and can’t stand it going to waste!)

  1. That is for sure Piss. If there’s a construction site near by it’s probably piss from the drywallers. They have a history of pissing in bottles and shoving them in the wall.

  2. One time when I was a kid my family went to the park and there was a fountain soda left on a picnic table and I took a sip.

  3. I was in Boy Scouts as a kid and we routinely did service projects like cleaning up trash on roadsides. Once when I was about 10 we were cleaning a stretch of road and one of the kids found a half drank bottle of Pepsi and said “looks good still” and drank it. Turns out there was a cigarette butt wadded up at the bottom of the bottle. Vomiting ensued.

  4. Unless maybe there is some kind of bus stop near that sidewalk, and someone has a reaallly long bus ride and can’t hold it the entire ride, and happens to piss out a jug worth of urine after each drop off.

  5. This is the hidden dark art of Pissmancy. That sun bleached piss is the most effective anti badger and goblin liquid available. Also great for drinking.

  6. It’s probably piss jars from wherever the person lives and doesn’t have a restroom . That’s probably a weeks worth that he’s throwing out

  7. He better start drinking water and see a doctor if his urine is orange. It’s ideally almost clear.

  8. I don't know where you live but this is not Arizona tea from where I come from. Looks to me like someone doesn't know what a toilet is.

  9. I get what you mean but my question seriously is this: One of those jugs is not like the others, it’s the white “Sweet Tea” jug second to the left in the row.

  10. I use to work in a gay club. The House DJ would come in and find Pepsi, Coke, Gatorade bottles full of piss in the dressing room. He would be so fucking livid.

  11. Um that's not tea, those are piss jugs filled by someone with kidney problems or dehydration. Drink at your own risk as it's probably riddled with drugs and STIs

  12. Prob piss, but maybe not. Those bottles are awesome for hauling water or Gatorade on trips like multi-day rock climbs, rafting trips, etc. the molded in handle makes them really easy to tie off to something. They’re durable, wide lids so easy to fill or mix drink mix into, can be carried easy. I can’t really say enough about how great they are for lugging fluids. So, they could be someone’s hydration cache.

  13. Your comment is like a mini-odyssey. Took the reader on a journey through rock climbs, rafting, talked about the benefits of molded handles, durable wide lids, and hydration caches. And ended right back where it started: it's probably piss. Excellent!

  14. I definitely don't think that you should drink it. Never accept anything from strangers. I had a stranger offer me something and I said no thank you.

  15. A mother load of fuckin’ piss jugs. Ricky’s dad probably got drunk as fuck and left ‘em there. Piss jugs.

  16. It’s obviously pee but the real question is who is leaving those? Is it just one person? Has this become some kind of trucker pee shrine?

  17. If you’re bored on a road trip, keep an eye out for piss bottles on the road. Once you start looking, you see them CONSTANTLY.

  18. If you zoom in on that first jug of Arizona Green Tea, it looks like the plastic ring has been removed from underneath the cap. Definitely looks like it’s been opened. Can’t tell if the others have been opened too

  19. Definitely piss jugs, take a look near your on and off ramps near the highways/Interstates lol truckers aren’t gonna stop just for a piss. You’ll always see bottles of fermented piss at the ramps

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