Number 2 appeared on my wrist and I don't know how it got there. It's probably a dumb reason and just a coincidence, but I'd love to hear theories about it.

  1. If reddit has taught me anything, and it hasn't, it's that you need to change the batteries in or install a carbon monoxide detector in your home.

  2. For context, I was at work last week, looked at my wrist and my skin was a little scratched, shaped like a 2, like when there's some dead skin. I took the dead skin away, and the 2 has been there ever since. I honestly find it pretty cool lol.

  3. You died. Luckily they had prepared a clone of you and loaded your memories into it. You HAVE to complete your mission. Be more careful this time.

  4. That's not a 2, that's half of an omega. Find the person with the other half and you will acquire the answers you seek.

  5. Looks like you scrapped your forearm on something in just the right way that it resembles the number two.

  6. When I noticed it, it was a little scratched with some dead skin which I removed, but I'd like to know HOW I managed to scratch it in that exact perfect 2 shape

  7. I tried washing it, but it just doesn't come off. It's been there for almost a week, and I don't recall any occasion where any kind of ink was placed there.

  8. You have been marked. They will come for you. Take only what you need and leave before they can find you. Use only cash, don't bring your cellphone, and don't contact anyone. Keep moving until you reach as remote of a community as you can find. Change your name. Start your life over and never speak of the one you left behind. With luck, they won't find you. If they find you, you'll know them by their lack of a shadow. If you see them, run. Be safe, be vigilante.

  9. Mabye you knocked on someone's door or something that has a 2 in the number. If the number is metal it could have heated up in the sun and burned your skin.

  10. Yep, another escapee from Hawkins Lab. He surpressed the memory of being there due to the trama. Poor dude.

  11. It is the Reunion from Final Fantasy 7, you are now required to don a black cloak and rock back and forth mumbling about Sephiroth

  12. Well it's probably just a pareleody (when human brains associates things to already know things) but i want to believe you're now one of the numbers

  13. This looks like a burn. My guess is that your wrist came into contact with something hot, that was able to make that #2 shape. It wouldn’t even have to be a hot, metal #2 that burned you. Could be the edge of a cooking pot/skillet, etc. it’s possible to burn yourself without realizing the extent. I caught a lit cigarette the other day between two fingers, was so fast about it that I didn’t think I burned myself super bad at all. Lo and behold, two blisters a day later on the inside of two fingers. Didn’t hurt when I caught it, didn’t hurt afterward. But there the blisters are.

  14. Aliens typically abduct people in pairs. Then they measure the penises of course. The longer subject is given a 1, the small penis subject is given a 2. 2's have their memory's erased and are dumped back home. 1's are given the secrets of the universe and an alien vageen to have fun with.

  15. Looks like a slight burn, like some flying oil zinged you, or your arm hit a hot pan ata weird angle.

  16. When you scratched yourself at work, it was actually fatal. Your workplace just cloned you, copied your memories over and marked you as the second iteration.

  17. It's actually not a 2. It's half of an Omega. You now have a quest to find the person with the other half so you can unite and release your full powers.

  18. i recently dreamt of #2 and had to google the meaning of #2 in dreams. it’s pretty cool. so if you search angel #2, you might find your answers.

  19. Sir you have been chosen to go on a new game show called The Chosen as there are 20 more contestants who have been chosen to play in this game and there is no refusing this offer because you already have the mark meet us at the subway at midnight and you shall make it to our destination the winner of these fabulous games wins power upon your wildest dreams

  20. I wonder how th it is very visible and looks like somone typed it even handwriting is not as good as this one

  21. Kids magnets that stick on refrigerator and he put the number two on and pressed hard into his skin. Case closed. Dudes a liar imagine that...

  22. Man is 5…man is 5… and the devil is six . The devil is six and GOD IS SEVEN, this monkeys gone to heaven.

  23. There is a sale in the Steam store for Age of Empires 2 DE content. I think that it's a sign you should get into the game.

  24. Number one died in a freak accident. You are the replacement clone with the implanted memories of number 1. Welcome to the world, number 2.

  25. You fell asleep with a refrigerator magnet on your wrist somehow, and you had a skin irritation/reaction to it.

  26. Ok here's a serious response from a random scientist. Do you sleep with your hand tucked somewhere? If you slept on a belt buckle, for example, maybe that would press the skin enough to kill the outside layer? Idk, this is my best guess. I had a very weird and red mark once on my skin that lasted over a month. Best we could figure was I got lightly touched by one of those poisonous jelly fish when i dipped my hand in the ocean waves for a moment, then following that when we were eating, some lemon from my meal splashed on my forearm (I was probably eating fish, being on the coast/beach in Mexico), and the hot sun like, seared it in/burned me and it sort of gave me a custom scar that was red instead of white like usual. Still not sure, just like 85% comfortable with the theory... it could have happened, it's somewhat plausible for the circumstances. Your #2 shape probably is coincidence, or is it possible you leaned on something with an embossed or raised #2? I was young when I pinched my right palm with a wooden clothes pin, but it didn't take but ~5 mins to leave a permanent scar on my skin.

  27. My friend leans on the door while talking to people. He accidentally stabbed himself and got a number 1 on his wrist.

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