Ranting about the weather for my wedding

  1. There are plenty of restaurants that open before 4! What area are you in specifically? (I live in Columbus but have friends in Cleveland, Akron, and Toledo). And what kind of food do you want?

  2. We're not trying to go very far, Cleveland is about 40 minutes away from me, I live in a pretty small town. We're not trying to do anything really fancy, and we did reserve a party room for lunch (wedding is at 12) but the owner said he'd make an exception for our party, but they don't actually open til 4 and I feel guilty about that.

  3. You can’t control the weather, so try not to stress about that. I would suggest coming up with a backup plan though in case it rains. Having a plan = less stress. Like can the ceremony be done inside? Does anyone have a canopy or pop-up tent you can borrow? Everyone brings umbrellas? There are options. Instead of going to a restaurant for lunch would it be possible to get party trays for everyone with sandwiches? Or have appetizers and finger foods before you go to the restaurant to fill the time gap? Can you have the ceremony closer to 4:00 so there is no time gap to go to the restaurant? Even though it isn’t ideally what you wanted, you can still be in control here by making choices to alleviate your stress.

  4. It can't really be done inside, our house is tiny. We could be under the patio if it's raining too hard. We could definitely move the ceremony up, I just know we will both be pacing around stressed until the ceremony is done (we really don't like being under the spotlight) so we were trying to do as early as possible, 12 is earliest our officiant can come out. I'm confirming everything with the restaurant today, so I can at least quit worrying about it.

  5. I felt this in my soul. My parents live near Columbus and my dad isn't doing so well health-wise, so we're having a small backyard wedding in their yard next weekend. We don't live there but we've visited in November and usually the weather is pretty mild at least until Thanksgiving. Next weekend? As you know, we'll be lucky if it reaches 55 degrees, and we might get rained on. We scrambled and managed to rent a patio heater and tent walls (originally we didn't want tent walls for the tent we rented but with a threat of rain, it feels like the right thing to do).

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